Packing Properly: How to Avoid Damage During Your Move

Moving day tipsDecember 16, 2021

Moving is always so exciting. It signifies that you are starting fresh and that you have a new chance to make your life even better. But the physicality of it can get to us. Many of us actually don’t know how to manage many tasks that moving requires, so the best idea is to just set aside some money and hire professional help. Find the best moving and storage company in your area to help you with all tasks. Packing properly can also occur as an issue, and you can also ask them for help.

Packing properly

Packing is one of the most important phases of moving. It will be easier for you if you organize items based on functions, size, room use, or some other factors. That way you’ll be able to track your items with ease during a transitional period. You will maybe want to use some storage space, for at least some time, so tag those boxes in a special way. When it comes to using storage, it is always best to find one as close as possible. If you live in Rockville, try to search storage units Rockville MD, and ask them for conditions.

Tips on packing properly

We are here to give you some guidelines on how you should pack properly. The first and most important to take care of is time management. Your life will be easier during the move if you start packing as soon as possible. Sometimes that will mean a few boxes a day weeks before your relocation. If you decide to use storage space, take also some time to check the one that suits you the best. Storage Alexandria VA is an exceptional place to put your items in if you live in the area.

Packing room by room

This is the one piece of advice that your movers will give you. Packing one room at a time can be just an awesome idea. But that is not always possible. The thing you can do for sure is to prevent boxes from different rooms to mix. If everything stays divided, you will know where you can find stuff when you need them. Don’t forget small items, because they could easily be lost. Take them and throw them in paper bags or brightly-colored tissue paper before you place them in a box.

Divide boxes by rooms in which they belong.

Take time to do so and especially if those items are going for some time in storage. Storage units Arlington VA has many different options and will be a safe place for your belongings. Since your beloved things are about to spend some time, during which you’ll be in a rush of moving, you can forget about the right place where you place small things. Labeling is always a good choice.

Packing properly means using labels

Whether you are about to write on your cardboard boxes or you’ve printed them, labels are necessary during the move. They can indicate the room to which the box belongs. Using different colored dot stickers for each box can be a useful and also a fun way of labeling. When you have some very important thing, you can indicate that on the box by putting a sign. If there are many small things in there, make a list of them.

Don’t save on material

The top priority is to move without damaging your precious belongings. That will mean that you must pack properly. This is just not the situation when you should save on material. If you pack fragile items, make sure to put some extra paper around them, so they stay fixed in a box. For that matter use only unprinted newsprint paper. Regular newspaper or tissue paper in color can be really messy and even black ink on your possessions. If you really want to be sure you’re doing it right, use only white packing paper to wrap all your items.

Proper packing means using only moving boxes

This one could look obvious, but it is a common thing that people tend to pack in some kind of boxes they saved from grocery or liquor stores. These are not always clean. They could be damaged even, and they are not designed to withstand the weight of the items you’re putting in them. The size can be odd, which will make packing more difficult. So don’t mess with it. Use only clean and new packing boxes.

man-couple-people-friends- packing properly
Packing properly means using only clean and new moving boxes.

Some things are just irreplaceable.

We all have it. Things that have so huge emotional importance, that they are just irreplaceable. Photographs, things of high emotional value, legal documents (as passports, wills, etc.), jewelry, some collections, medical and family history records – they deserve our special care even during relocation. If you have any way to do so, transport them by yourself. If that is not the case, give that assignment to someone you really trust with your whole heart.

Some things won’t be included in your shipment

When it comes to moving fragile items, you must know that some common household items won’t be included in your shipment, if they are made of hazardous materials. They are considered dangerous goods and any moving company will not agree on transporting those. Some of them are materials that include flammables, as paint varnish, thinners, gasoline, kerosene, and oil, etc.

Your movers won’t include in shipment items made from hazardous materials.

Avoid damage during the move

We already gave you a ton of tips on how to pack properly and try to avoid damage when you’re moving. Do not be afraid, take some time, and use common sense. Use packing material that is new, so it can prevent your items from damaging. Ask for help if you have items of special worth, if they are huge, or you just don’t have an idea on how to approach them. Your movers can do packing and unpacking for you, but this option will come with extra cost. If money is not an issue, this can save your nerves and time and make this whole experience of moving so much lighter and more beautiful for you. Weight whether it’s worth it.

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