Packing your fridge before the move: a simple guide

Packing guideNovember 4, 2020

There are many challenges during any move. You might be worried about transporting your items. Or, you might think about how you are going to plan the move and tackle the logistics. Some might be curious about finding moving boxes Northern Virginia, while others worry about how to safely pack all of their items. However, there are some items that always cause headaches, no matter how much moving experience you have. Generally, these are your huge appliances – things like your TV set, your stove, or your fridge. When dealing with these, you need special care and preparation to move them safely. Therefore, this is what we address today. In this article, we give you some amazing tips for packing your fridge before the move. Keep reading and your headaches will be a thing of the past.

Clean up your fridge thoroughly

The first thing you will want to do is to prepare your fridge for the trip. And to do that, you need to clean it up thoroughly. So, venture through your home (or into the store) and get some cleaning supplies. You will want to scrub everything up to remove food residue and smell. Then, get some trash bags to keep all the trash in one place.

You will also want to figure out the way you will transport your fridge. This means getting some moving blankets to secure your fridge and a tape measure to ensure you know what you are working with. Get a moving dolly and moving straps, and ensure you also have a vehicle to transport the fridge. If you come up short with these, then Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have just what you need – plus the experience and the equipment for safely transporting your items.

The next step is to empty your fridge. Throw away things that you will not eat before the moving day arrives. Plan your meals ahead so you will not need to throw out too much, though. You should also consider giving away your food if you didn’t open the packaging.

wet shelf
Ensure your fridge is dry before you move it.

Once your fridge is empty, you need to defrost it. Disconnect it from the power outlet and place some towels on the floor. This way, they will soak up the water coming out of the fridge (if there is any), and you will not make a mess. After this is done, it’s time to clean up all the surfaces. Make sure they are also dry. Never try and transport wet items, because they can cause mold or mildew in the moving truck as well as the onsite storage containers.

Ensure you get help when packing your fridge before the move

Once you are done cleaning out your fridge, you will move to making sure that it is safe to move. To do this, first, remove all glass drawers and shelves. They can fall out and hurt you, as well as break during the move. Accidents like these can render your fridge unusable. Therefore, you will want to ensure this doesn’t come to pass. Also make sure you clean each of these loose parts, dry them up and wrap them tightly in protective padding. You will pack them separately from the fridge during the move – but remember where each part goes. Then close the fridge door and tie it with a rope or a strap. This way, it will not open while you are moving it and catch you by surprise.

After that, you will want to grab your measuring tape and figure out the dimensions of your fridge. Then, measure the doorways and stairwells on the way to the truck – as well as in your new home. This way, you will know if the dolly – and the fridge – will fit them. It’s no use moving a fridge if you cannot actually move it into its new home. This applies to all heavy and big items – do not spend time moving them unless you know that you will actually be able to move them.

Another thing you will want to do at this time is to call professionals to help you. We offer many moving services, and they are here to make your moving experience enjoyable. When trying to lift heavy items, you can easily injure your back, knees, legs, or arms. Professionals will have the skills and the equipment you need for this task – and we will make it look easy.

Get your fridge to the truck safely

Finally, you also need to consider how you will get the fridge from your kitchen to the moving truck. Usually, you will use a dolly for this – but you will also want to secure it to the dolly using moving straps. They will keep the fridge safe and in place throughout its trip. First, check whether you secured the doors again, and then slowly slide it onto the dolly. Try to remove as many parts of the fridge as possible to reduce its weight.

a fridge
Keep your fridge upright at all times.

When loading the moving truck, make sure that the fridge is in the upright position at every point of the move. Heavy items can easily throw you off the balance if they tip, so you will not want this to happen. Then, slowly move it onto the moving truck, and cover it with the moving blankets. This way, if something were to fall on it, it will not damage the fridge. Make sure you also put it in a place where it will not tip over and crush your other items. If you followed this guide to packing your fridge before the move thoroughly, then you should be ready for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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