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Onsite Containers
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Onsite Containers

Get the perfect blend of convenience and functionality! Zippy Shell Storage and Moving's onsite storage units meet the needs of both homeowners and businesses.

  • storage-checker Suitable for placement in tight spots and tough angles.
  • storage-checker 16 ft. containers.
  • storage-checker Ground-level design.
  • storage-checker Barn-style doors for easier accessibility.
  • storage-checker Weatherproof design and security locks.

How it Works


Delivery Right to Your Door

We deliver a storage container right to you – they can fit anywhere and take up just one parking space!


Convenient Loading

Take as much time as you need to load the container. If you need help, our team can do the packing and loading for you.


Secure Storage

Store your items in the lockable, weatherproof pod, and leave it on your property for as long as you need it.

Are you in need of reliable and affordable solutions to storage needs in DC? If you are looking for a safe place for your items turn to Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV. We can take care of all your demands, and we offer various convenient options when it comes to choosing the best storage Washington DC offers. We care about each and every one of our customers and you will know right away that you picked the best of the best. With us, you can be sure that all of your belongings will be safe as long as you need them stored with us. 

storage Washington DC- storage units
We will make sure you get the best storage units in Washington DC!

Why is a storage unit always a better choice?

The most common reason that people need a storage unit is getting rid of the items in your home that you don’t really need anymore. This also means that you have items that are cluttering your home. Making sure that they are out of your house as soon as possible is a must. You can decide what to do with the space you now have later on. Until you do, you should inform about all the amazing services that we have to offer to you. Our storage facilities Northern Virginia residents have been opting for are something you don’t see every day. There are many different types of storage and services we offer, but the most important thing is that you get your free space if you let us take care of this.

We will make sure you get a storage unit and have all the time you need to use it

Just providing you with a safe service is not enough for us. We wanted to make sure we go one step further. And that one step is what makes us the best company for storage Washington DC has to offer. Once you realize that you need a storage unit, you don’t have to pack all the things into your car or get a moving truck. We will deliver a storage unit right to your door. Once you get your onsite storage units, you will have all the time you need to pack your belongings and load them into a storage unit. We will then pick it up and take it to our storage facility. Once you need it back, we will make sure you get it. And, no extra costs as well!

storage Washington DC- storage containers
We can offer you on-site storage units.

Choosing the best storage Washington DC has to offer means choosing Zippy Shell

There are many reasons you might need a storage unit. And it doesn’t matter why you need one – we offer the widest scope of choices you can make. Once you realize how simple, convenient, and affordable our storage units Washington DC are, you will surely choose Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV. And here is why:

  • We can offer a plethora of storage services
  • Our movers are experienced and will take care of your unit at all times
  • If you are in need of a climate-controlled storage unit, we will supply you with one in no time
  • Get our free moving estimate – you will see that our prices are best as well
  • Getting ready to move to college and need student storage in Northern Virginia? Our company is the best choice
  • Our customers’ service is here for you at all times
  • You can be sure that your belongings are safe in our storage facilities
  • With us, you have nothing to worry about

Once you make your decision and call us, we will be there in no time. It doesn’t matter what kind of service you might need, we will make it happen as soon as possible. That is just one of the reasons why so many people turn to us. Whether it’s a move or they need a storage unit. Our main goal is a satisfied customer.

We offer a solution for students

One of our specialties is student storage. We understand that when you are in college you have to pack and move a lot. Some dorms require their student to empty their rooms when the school year is finished. And returning all your stuff home over the summer is out of the question. Or you are maybe between two apartments. Regardless, if you are looking for a solution Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is here to help. We offer a quick and easy solution for your student storage, whether you want onsite storage to be delivered to you or you want to get your stuff directly to our facility in Washington DC. And we offer some of the best student storage units Washington DC has to offer at affordable prices.

storage Washington DC- a student
We have student storage services as well, and they are a great choice.

Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV provides military storage solutions as well

We are aware that there are many military families coming in and out of the Washington DC area. And we know how difficult it can be when you have to move that often. If you are in that situation and you do not know where to keep your items when you are between two homes, or you are moving to a smaller place, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV offers military storage in Northern Virginia that will keep your items safe and sound until you need them again. Your items will be kept in a climate-controlled, clean, and pest-free environment. And since we want to show our gratitude to our military we offer military storage at some very reasonable prices.

Choosing the right storage unit in Washington for yourself

When you realize that you need storage, it’s time to choose the one that suits you best. What does it mean to choose the right for you? This means that we have storage units Washington DC of different sizes and depending on your needs when talking to us we can come together and choose the one to suit you best. This does not mean that at some point when your needs change you cannot take a smaller or larger storage unit. Of course, what we are proud of is to offer different types of storage depending on your needs from Residential storage to Commercial storage.

If you need to relocate, we are there for you once again

In case you need a storage unit because you are relocating, we are there for you. We have an amazing moving service as well. If you choose to hire our movers, we will make sure you are moved as soon as possible and without getting any of your belongings damaged in the process. Your relocation will be completely stress-free. We can offer you:

We have many amazing services, and in Washington DC, you can get anything you need. Making sure that you enjoy your city is really important to us and that is why we choose this place for our business. As we pack and move you, you can enjoy your city and even get to do the best things to do in Washington DC. We really do stand out every single time.

an apartment
Residential moves are easy with our moving, packing, and storage services.

Pros of renting a storage Washington DC

The benefits of renting storage are numerous. If you want to be better organized, that is a reason to rent a storage unit. It will also save you time, and time is money. You will not have to look around the house for the items you need once a month or a couple of times a year, instead you can store them and always know where they are. Since the conditions in our storage facilities Washington DC are excellent, you don’t have to worry about damaging your belongings.

Rest assured all your belongings are safe. You can also store seasonal clothes in the storage. In any case, when you rent a storage unit, you will have more space in your home for the things you need every day. Indeed, the reasons for renting a storage unit are numerous and varied depending on your needs. We are certainly here to help you and find the best solution for you. Just contact us.

We strive to make the process of storing items as easy as possible for our customers

We know that putting your items in storage is a difficult and tiring process. That is why we offer different types of storage solutions depending on how much help you need. If you want we can send you a portable storage unit that you can slowly load up. Or you can ask our professionals to help you with packing and loading. If you do, know that your items will be packed in quality packing materials and loaded into your storage unit with utmost care.

boxes and a packing tape
If you choose our packing service your items will be packed in high quality materials

Also, you can decide to keep your items in our storage facility. In that case, you can also decide to pack on your own or to call our professionals to pack your stuff, load them in our truck and take them to your storage unit. You have plenty of available options. It all depends on whether you are willing to invest in this process or you want someone else to do it for you.


Your items will be kept in a climate-controlled environment

If you decide to keep your items in our facility, know that your items will be perfectly safe. Our facilities are climate controlled which creates a perfect environment for all types of items. Climate control means that there are no moisture issues and that is something that can often be seen in many storage companies in Washington. Your electronic equipment is safe and you do not have to worry about your wooden furniture as well. Our storage is clean, pest-free, and regularly sanitized. Using our storage service means that your items will remain in perfect condition even if you are keeping your items locked long term.

We pay special attention to safety in our storage facilities

We know that there are many situations where someone might need storage. But we also know that in most cases, people use storage for keeping their excess items. Still, regardless of whether you are keeping some unwanted stuff or you are keeping something really valuable to you, we want to make sure that your items are completely safe. If you decide on keeping your items in our storage facility, know that they will be under 24/7 surveillance. And constantly under our reliable staff’s watchful eye.

surveillance camera on storage Washington DC
Your items will be safe with us

Zippy Shell Moving and Storage are leaders in this business

If you want the best storage units we are the first to provide that for you. Our long tradition and satisfied customers speak for us. Precisely because our services are the best, that is why we are leaders when it comes to moving and storage units. You can expect only understanding and a great will and effort from our employees to help you. As we have already said, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage exist to help you. You will not have unnecessary stress if you opt for our services, because each of us does his job in a professional way.

Contact Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV

Choosing Zippy Shell storage solutions means you are able to enjoy your relocation or decluttering process every step of the way, knowing your items are safely stored at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are moving your home, your office, or you just need a storage unit, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV provides storage Washington DC for every occasion. Call us right now and we will take care of your belongings. Once you try us, you will make the same choice over and over again. Check our moving reviews and you will see that all of our customers have a great experience with our amazing moving crew. Our only goal is for them to be satisfied. That is why we do our best to meet all your expectations. Rest assured that you can always rely on us.

During a home renovation, I needed to get a pod onsite within 24 hours. After calling several places, zippy shell was the only company able to accommodate me. The customer service is fantastic. The office is responsive and helpful. The guys who delivered the pod and then delivered and picked up a second pod were so nice, very professional. Highly recommend!

- Joanne Lauder

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