Questions to ask before renting a storage unit in DMV area

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You figured out that you need more space to hold all your belongings. Some people use their basement, garage, or attic, but such practice can clutter your space even further. While others decide on renting a storage unit in DMV area. This is a lucrative and affordable way to keep everything and gain additional space to accommodate all your needs. So, let us help you and point out a few things you should know before you rent one.

Research online before renting a storage unit in DMV area

The best way to obtain all the knowledge related to storage units Washington DC is to browse online. Most importantly, this way you’ll find a reliable and affordable storage unit provider. So, your prerequisites are in place and you are ready to begin your search. In the beginning, you’ll find hundreds of websites offering all kinds of services. Narrow down your search and inspect the top five even further. The common deciders are the price, services, and location. Also, you want to read a few reviews posted by previous or current users. This way you’ll know if the unit you are about to rent is of a higher quality and if your provider is reliable.

renting a storage unit in DMV area is easy if you browse for it online
The easiest way to find the right storage unit is to look for it online.

Note that many companies offer storing services but we recommend sticking to the moving companies and legit storage facility providers. But whoever you choose, make sure you inspect their business thoroughly to ensure you are purchasing the real deal. Read about them, check if they are registered online, and if they have permits and licenses to operate. Once you are sure your choice is legit and you’ll receive a fair service, give them a call.

Perks of a good storage unit

Before you decide on renting a storage unit in DMV area, first you must have a clear picture and an idea of how to use your unit. Some people rent storage units simply to get rid of the excess junk or they have an idea to use it for something more complex. Whatever is the case, you must know exactly what it is so you know which kinds of space you are looking for. So, the size of the unit is the first step. You can rent a fairly smaller unit that can fit only 20 cardboard boxes. Or go for something spacious where you can fit the whole apartment along with your personal vehicle.

Two surveillance cameras on the wall
24-hour surveillance is available if you wish so.

Possibilities are there, you just need to figure out if you need them. On the other note, some perks are just too good to be neglected. For example, 24-hour surveillance, reinforced steel door, climate-controlled storage unit, and much more. Therefore, you must plan out how you’re going to use your unit before you rent one. Or even before you start searching for storage units Sterling VA. Figure out the perks, size, location, and how you are going to use it. This info will make your each easier and you will be able to calculate your renting price and budget more precisely.

A storage unit is usable by anyone

Now, we will explain in detail some of the popular perks you can find in a storage unit. Consider the following:

  • Size – There are small, medium, and large size units. Again, depending on your needs, you’ll browse your options here. Mostly, medium-sized ones are used often, while big ones are used for storing a vehicle or large pieces of furniture.
  • Climate controlled storage units – This one is extremely lucrative and often used when storing delicate items. People usually rent these units when storing valuable art, antiques, memorabilia, family photos, etc. This unit will keep your items protected from humidity, mold, pests, and rodents.
  • Security – We all want our belongings to be safe. And not against environmental threats, but against thievery and misuse. Therefore, you should know you can have the highest level of security if you wish. Some units are a part of a larger facility that has a guard on site all the time with 24-hour surveillance. If you are storing valuable stuff, this one would be the best option for you.
  • Location – Easily accessible storage is valuable. If you want one that is located near your home, you might have to pay a bit extra or to spend a bit more time searching for one. Either way, keep in mind that storage units outside the city area are much cheaper than ones located inside the city.

Are you ready for packing?

Now when you decided on renting a storage unit in DMV area and you found the right one, it is time to think about packing. Packing for storage is a bit tricky because your items will stay packed and stored for a while. This means you must protect them adequately. Therefore, the proper packing material is what you need. You can easily use all the moving materials you would use for your relocation. So, you should obtain cardboard boxes, packing tape, corner pads, blister packs, and labels. But if you are packing electronics for storage, fragile items, or valuable ones, think about using higher-quality packing materials. You have plastic bins, metal containers, or wooden crates. And for cushion, you can use packing peanuts, Styrofoam, and bubble-wrap that we mentioned earlier. Packing tape should be a better one by default either way you go.

Remember to label your boxes the right way.

But know that people usually rent storage units when moving home. It is a smart way of keeping and preserving all your items. Especially if you are moving into a smaller apartment and you cant bring everything but you want to keep it. And if you are packing for moving already, you should do the same for your storage unit. Just keep in mind that all your boxes should be covered with sheets, blankets, tarps, or something similar. But if you want to skip the whole packing process, you can always purchase packing services northern VA from your moving company. Let movers pack you for moving and storing cheaply, safely, and professionally.

Use your storage at any time and keep it clean

The amazing thing is that the moving boxes northern Virginia you purchased can be reused for storing. So, if you are moving and you were asking yourself how to cover it all, this is the answer. Simply reuse most of your packing materials for storing. Or pack for storing beforehand while packing for your relocation. Either way, your gain will be doubled. Your moving boxes are reusable as long as they are stable and in one piece. On the other hand, you can’t reuse packing tape because it will lose the bonding power. But pick only clean boxes for your storage.

The goal is to maintain hygiene and clean each time you visit. This way you’ll keep the dust and bad smells out of the place. Therefore, let the fresh air in, each time you stop by, or you can introduce an air moisturizer and be done with it. And yes, do a broom swipe now and then and your storage unit will shine.

Declutter your home and sort your stuff out before renting a storage unit in DMV area

Now, the main reason for renting a unit is the lack of space. But to make it all much easier, you should declutter and downsize as much as possible. You are moving anyway and this would be the best time to do it. Hence, inspect all your items and figure out what is outdated and what should be stored. It is a good practice that will provide more space, make your relocation cheaper, and your packing much easier. And if you are wondering what to do with your excess items, this is the thing. Apart from simply throwing everything away, you can organize a garage sale, donate to charity or a shelter, and sell online. Or you can give it to a friend or a neighbor. Some people can find your items useful still, which will make you happy for sure.

And now you know what to look for when renting a storage unit in DMV area. Hopefully, we answered your questions and now you are ready to pack, store, and move your items to the storage unit. All you must do now is to find the right one. And you know that part as well. Good luck!

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