Reasons to be careful with cheap self storage deals

Storage preparationApril 24, 2021

People move frequently and now is time for you. You must organize, prepare for packing, and find adequate Northern Virginia movers to assist you. Maybe you’ll need to rent a storage unit as well. All those tasks require a lot of patience, time, and money. So, you’ll probably want to cut costs wherever is possible but before you do, you must be aware of cheap self storage deals and what they bring. Let us explain thoroughly why you should be careful when choosing a cheap storage unit.

Check your options and consider cheap self storage deals

If you want to find a great moving and storage Washington DC company, you should begin your journey online. Browse a bit and in no time, you’ll find a match. You’ll get there by comparing prices, services, and feedbacks. It is important to read reviews because you can compare previous experiences and figure out if this is the company for you. Once you evaluate and inspect your company, schedule a visit. You surely want to inspect your storage unit before you rent it.

Find a good moving company and utilize cheap self storage deals
Find a good moving company to rent your unit from.

When you find the company you like, check out their moving services Northern VA and you’ll find storage services there. You can browse through your options and realize from the start if your storage provider has what you need. More importantly, you can calculate the renting price already. But probably the best thing would be to give them a call and check out the cheap deals they offer. And remember, you can always negotiate and try to obtain a better offer or at least a discount.

What are you using your unit for?

People use storage units for many reasons. Apart from the obvious one where you just need extra space, users can rent a climate-controlled unit to keep delicate belongings inside. Others rent one to obtain more space to use it as a second garage, a workshop, extension to their work, or to cultivate a hobby. Also, there are specific needs such as military deployment. In this case, people rent units from military movers who know how to handle this situation and always provide a discount to military personnel. Therefore, figure out your needs and requirements and try not to cut costs where it will hurt you. If you have specific requirements in mind, it is better to invest a bit more and receive the service you desire.

What is the renting price?

There are many situations where storage can cost less or more. And you must have a clear picture of what you are getting for the money you are investing. So, communicate with your renter and make them list down all the perks you are getting for the said price. Then you can figure out if something is missing and if this is a good deal or not. Consider the following mandatory perks a good storage unit should possess:

  • Climate-controlled storage unit
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Guard on site
  • Reinforced steel door
  • Maintenance crew
  • Electronic lock
A high security door with a lock and key
With better security, you’ll have a higher price. Realize what you need and go for it.

If you evaluate the list, you will realize that instead of an electronic lock, you can compensate with a simple lock and key. Of course, depending on the items you are storing. If you have valuable possessions inside, the safety aspect should be the most important. Also, the location plays a huge role in this story. Remember that units outside of municipality areas should be cheaper in general.

If you choose one of the cheap self storage deals you must downsize a lot

Usually, cheap self storage deals are lacking space. You will hardly find a huge storage unit that is meeting all the requirements cheaply. Maybe if you are lucky and the renter is in dire need. But if you are choosing the cheapest deal, you can expect to receive a smaller unit. This can create more problems and the most common one is when you have more items that your unit can hold. So, one solution is to pay a bit extra for the appropriately sized unit, or to declutter before moving and storing. If you can remove some of the items from the batch maybe you can fit everything after all. Therefore, inspect all your items and realize if there is anything not worth bringing to the storage unit.

The space you have

Ok, there is another problem with cheap self storage deals and the space they have. Even if you declutter and downsize you can still end up with a cramped space. You must leave some room to move around and avoid breaking your stuff. Also, cramped spaces tend to get dirty easily simply because many items are stacked together and such a situation is obstructing the airflow. Such an environment is prone to develop mold and attract pests.

Therefore, if your storage deal is cheap because of the location or some other perk then fine. But if you are paying less to obtain a 2×2 unit where you can barely stand up straight, then it is not worth your time nor money. You are renting a storage unit to gain more space after all. So do not cheap out on this one and pay for a large unit and seek discounts in some other areas.

Keeping your unit clean

Good storage facilities have the maintenance crew employed. Although, they won’t be cleaning inside your unit no matter what you do. Simply because if someone else has the access to your unit, it can compromise the safety of the content inside. And you can expect that the reason behind a low price is exactly this. There will be no cleaning crew which means this task falls onto you. So, the trick with self-storage, in general, is that you must clean outside your unit yourself. Simply have a 15-minute dance-off with your broom and you will be fine.

A person suing a broom to clean floors
A simple broom will do the trick. Clean a bit each time you visit.

Then, let the breeze and sunlight in and it should be enough to refresh your storage a bit. You can add scented baggies, air moisturizer, rodent repellants, or anything else you like. Just make sure you are keeping the hygiene levels in check. It would be a shame if you obtained an amazing price but your stuff gets ruined by the environmental influence. Hence, always keep it clean and tidy and avoid such a scenario.

Now you know more about the cheap self storage deals and where to pay attention. As long as you find a legit unit provider you shouldn’t have any problems. And the better price is always included. If it is not, be sure to negotiate a bit and you’ll strike the right bargain. Good luck.

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