Reasons to move to Virginia as a senior

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It is time for yet another relocation. And you already know that you must pack, organize, and search for moving companies northern VA to help you on this journey. You decided on moving and retiring in Virginia. No doubt that the choice you made is a good one. But in case you haven’t decided yet, let us help you with the small guide with the reasons to move to Virginia as a senior.

Cover your moving process first

When it comes to the senior moving services you will find them quite useful. But before you know what’s best for you, you must inspect your belongings and your home. Then, calculate the moving budget and create a moving checklist with all steps you want to take on this journey. As well all the mandatory tasks, chores, errands, and responsibilities. Once you have it all on paper, contact your moving company and work closely with the moving representative to achieve the best possible outcome.

A young lady noting down the cargo
With the expertise and knowledge your movers bring, you won’t have to worry for a second.

Among the notable ones is the packing service where movers bring all the materials and pack you within a day. Also, they will unpack as well and help you set up the whole deal nicely. And if case you have more belongings than you can fit into your new apartment, then storage Sterling VA is the solution for you. Rent a storage unit somewhere in the area and keep all your items safe and intact. You can visit anytime and take whatever you need. Or it can serve as an extension of your business, a second garage, or to cultivate your hobbies. Amazing service and an affordable one. Figure out which services are useful for your situation and make your relocation easier.

Easily accessible medical care is one of the reasons to move to Virginia as a senior

Naturally, a need for a few more routine checkups and doctor visits come with age. All seniors would appreciate it if a doctor’s office is in the vicinity. More importantly, if they can afford it each time they need it. And this is where Virginia excels. With around 90 hospitals in the state, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Continuing your medical care won’t be an issue no matter what your needs are. There are around 130 medical care physicians per 10k inhabitants which is more than the national average. Such a small state offers a lot when it comes to medical care. Hence, the most important aspect is covered if you move to Virginia as a senior. Staying healthy and improving the quality of life in general.

Low crime rates are appealing to everyone

Low crime rates matter to seniors and families with children alike. And when we talk about the overall safety, Virginia is on the very top nationwide. Sitting for years at the fifth place in the entire US. Definitely one of the reasons to move to Virginia as a senior. You will feel more secure and safe if you know that there is almost no chance for an unfortunate event to occur. This is important for you and for your family whenever they make a visit or stay for a longer period.

Virginia welcome sign on the road
Virginia is for lovers, not haters. Join us!

The tax-free country is another among the reasons to move to Virginia as a senior

Whether you are simply changing the pace, moving for business, or for retirement, you should know that Virginia is among the countries with the lowest tax rates in the US. All social security income is excluded from the income tax. Property tax rates are below 1% and grocery tax is around 2-3%. This means that you can prepare adequately for what’s coming. You can set a yearly budget and rest assured that you’ll be able to support it no matter if you have various incomes or a fixed income. Moreover, the prescription drug is tax-exempt completely which is appealing to the senior citizens who need it more than the younger population. A fact often neglected by younger families and individuals.

No matter the income, you’ll find your place here

Yes, we all want to know what the overall cost of living is like. When you choose a place, it is the first question you should ask. And the answer is yes, absolutely. Again, in Virginia overall cost of living is 10% over the national average. But do not worry, it is calculated with all boroughs combined. Some places are below 10% while others around 30%. Yes, it might be expensive for some people but the point is that Virginia can accommodate everyone depending on the neighborhood you choose. Obviously, with a higher yearly budget, you can decide to have additional perks, greater oversight, easier accessibility, easier commuting, and better healthcare. After all, you can stretch a bit and do your shopping at the nearest town or borough where prices are at the lower end.

affordable living is one of the reasons to move to Virginia as a senior
You can support yourself no matter what budget you have with you. But calculate one nevertheless.

There is a lot of history in Virginia

You should know that Virginia is one of the original 13 colonial states. Such a rich history dating from 1607 has a lot to offer to those who are willing to listen. And there are hundreds of museums and historic places one should visit when passing through. Or even better, when you become a resident. And if you are an artistic soul, the first place you should visit is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. From there you can find your way through the amazing history and art Virginia has to offer.

Furthermore, if you are reading this to help your seniors relocate and help them settle in, take this into the consideration. Visiting all the nature, museums, historic sites, and points of interest is a great way of settling in and adapting to the new environment.

We provided a few reasons to move to Virginia as a senior. Hopefully, it is more than enough for you to dig further and realize if this is a place for you. Good luck and stay safe.

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