Reasons to Use DC Climate Controlled Storage to Preserve Memorabilia

Moving day tipsSeptember 24, 2022

Are you supposed to store your items for a longer time? Do you have a lot of valuable but fragile items that need special attention? If you have to use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, let us help you make up your mind. A good climate controlled storage can do wonders for your memorabilia and will keep your art pieces safe from any harm. Let’s dig into the reasons why and how renting storage units in DC metro area benefits you!

Find a company that can provide you with the right services

Many people tend to look for a company only based on the price of their service. That can is the wrong way to do your research, and it can backfire. First, price isn’t everything and is only a part of the bigger picture. If you find a company that offers affordable storage units, you are in a good situation. To get the best possible services, ask them about the services they provide and explain your situation. Once they know what they should be looking for to accommodate you, it will take them no time to get you a good storage unit. Just take your time when doing your research and start searching on time. Some people start searching even a few months in advance so they can reserve a storage unit for the date of their relocation.

Record books stacked in climate controlled storage
Paper-like documents and books can be damaged by too high and too low temperatures.

Pay attention to scammers

Before you pick a company and decide to use DC climate-controlled storage to preserve memorabilia, you should know there are many fraudulent movers in the relocation business. They might offer you a great deal on a storage unit, but if it seems too good to be true, you can be sure it most probably is. They will offer you a storage unit but it probably will not have AC since most fraudulent companies can’t afford to provide a good climate-controlled storage unit.

The best way to protect yourself is to ask your friends and family to recommend you some storage units Washington DC has to offer. You can trust your friends to give you the best advice. If none of your friends ever used a storage unit, there are other ways to find good company and stay away from sketchy ones. You can check internet reviews. If a moving company has no reviews on its website, it’s a huge red flag, and you should avoid it since every legit company will proudly show reviews of happy customers. Also, check your area’s business register. See if the business you’ve encountered is registered properly. If it isn’t, you shouldn’t use their DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia in their facilities.

How does climate controlled storage work?

Climate controlled storage is almost always indoors. You will never see outdoor climate controlled storage units. It would take much more energy to keep those at a certain level of temperature, so they are usually inside. These storage units keep the temperature at a specific level, which means that humidity increases or decreases, depending on whether the air is too humid or too dry. Also, the temperature can rise or fall. These units are designed to keep everything you own at an optimal temperature. This sophisticated technology keeps mold, frost, and many other harmful things away from your possessions.

Climate controlled storage units use some of the most advanced technology to keep the temperature at a certain level. That does mean you will have to pay a bit more for the energy consumed by the heating and cooling systems. However, it does pay off. With the level of security and conditions each of these storage units provides, you won’t have to worry about the state of your belongings.

A CD on a white surface
Use storage to preserve memorabilia such as CDs and vintage records.

Use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia

Some things require specific conditions such as specific temperature. These items should be put in climate controlled storage. Here is a small list of all the items you should store somewhere with lower temperatures:

  • Books can be fragile
  • Visual and audio media needs special conditions
  • Artwork like paintings, especially if painted with oil
  • Pottery should stay in a cool environment
  • Documents with ink can be ruined by excessive heat
  • Delicate china can end up damaged without AC

Use a climate controlled unit to store your books

While it might seem strange, books are much more fragile than you think. There is a big misconception that the only thing that can damage them is fire. If the temperature is too cold, the book gets damaged. The pages can get brittle and even break under pressure. Also, book covers become stiff, and if you apply enough pressure, they can break. That kind of damage is usually unrepairable and that’s why collectors tend to use DC climate controlled storage to preserve their memorabilia.

High temperatures can do the same to the books. Maybe pages won’t get stiff and break, but there are other ways your books will suffer. There are specific types of ink that don’t do well in high temperatures. The ink tends to deform and turn from letters into stains. Another problem is mold. Paper is not resistant to mold, so it will probably be heavily damaged even with a hint of higher humidity. Some people think putting the books into a plastic container is good protection. Unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite. If humidity is high, the atmosphere inside the container will make the pages thicken, and the spine of the book will become mishappen. The only real solution is to use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia.

A painting kit
If you have paintings containing oil and other sensitive colors, you should get a climate controlled storage unit.

Make sure your old records are safe

Maybe you have some old records, CDs or even cassettes that you want to store. The temperature rule applies to all of them- If it’s too hot, the fragile magnetic element can be weakened, and you will have a harder time loading the CDs. The same goes for records. If it’s too cold, they can become brittle. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know this. So, when they get their record from the storage, they are usually so brittle that they break in their hands. You can avoid all of this if you pick a storage unit with climate controlled storage.

Ordinary packing supplies are not enough against the heat

While it’s normal to put your coins, stamps, or other valuables in cardboard boxes before storing them, it’s not enough. Items like stamps will warp even in packaging if the temperature is too high. So, no plastic or carton package can stop the heat from causing damage. Moreover, your packing supplies can even break. Once they break, the package will be open, and your items will be prone to damage. Storing your valuables in regular storage instead of climate controlled ones can lead to serious damage and make you regret not hiring a good residential storage unit with climate control. Only a moderate and well-adjusted temperature can keep your stuff intact.

Clothesare hanging on coat hangers
Clothes can last much longer in climate controlled storage than in a classic storage unit.

Use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia like artwork

While books and media are important, some of the most expensive belongings people tend to leave in storage are paintings. While your stuff is safe if you leave it with moving and storage Washington DC, art pieces are a bit more fragile and need special treatment. Many people don’t want to spend more money on a storage unit and find it unnecessary to use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia. However, temperature changes can lead to paintings getting damaged. Oily colors melt, and precious art pieces get destroyed. So, why not give a few extra bucks and have a guarantee that your items will stay intact?

Use DC climate controlled storage for storing pottery

Pottery consists of many different types of clay. Some pottery is made from firm clay, a clay that can withstand big amounts of pressure, heat, and many other factors. However, a more fragile type of clay can lose its shape due to high or low temperatures. If it’s too cold, the chances of your pottery breaking become much higher. Just a small move of force, like pushing the pot can make it fall apart. So, if you want your pottery to stay in shape, use climate controlled storage.

Even documents can be fragile

People tend to make big mistakes and treat their documents just like any other paper. Documents have crucial stamps, seals, and signatures on them. Leaving them at high temperatures might end up melting the seals or destroying the ink. If that happens, your documents will become just a pile of paper. So, it’s always better to use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia. Otherwise, you are leaving things to a chance, and that rarely ends well. Cold can also damage documents. If you leave the paper in low temperatures for a prolonged period, you will have big problems with how stiff the paper becomes. If you have sensitive belongings, you can opt for onsite storage units, but getting climate controlled ones is much safer.

A bunch of photographs getting prepared for climate controlled storage
You can keep your photos intact if you use DC storage to preserve memorabilia.

People often store clothes this way

Clothes are not usually stored in climate controlled storage units. However, if you have some valuable or sentimental pieces of clothing, you can leave them in climate controlled units. If you leave your clothes in storage with no climate control, heat will damage the clothes pretty soon after that. Humidity is the first thing that can get your clothes. They will shrink and become smelly. Not to mention cold can make the clothes stiff. All of this can be avoided if you Use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia and clothes. The clothes retain their freshness if you keep them in a temperature-controlled environment. So, if you have lots of expensive clothes, the best thing to do is to rent this kind of storage.

Use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia and photos

While people don’t think much about this, photos are quite fragile. If you don’t have proper conditions for keeping them, they can easily fade. The older the photo, the bigger the chances it will fade due to too much heat or cold. So, try to store old photos in optimal conditions of climate controlled storage, just like all previous types of items. Old photographs worth a lot of money such as those from The Civil War need special packaging at optimal temperatures. If you leave old photos in a storage unit without climate control, you will either lose a lot of money or lose precious memories. That is why it is recommended to use DC climate controlled storage to preserve memorabilia.

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