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Are you a senior in need of moving, or do you want to move your elderly parent or grandparent? Moving companies that offer reliable senior moving services aren’t that common. Because of this, finding one – let alone finding the right one – can be really tough. Luckily, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have just the right thing for you! We are the most amazing senior movers North Virginia has to offer – and we will gladly help you with all your moving problems. If you want your seniors to be happy with moving, then it is Zippy Shell you want in your team! Call us today and let’s start talking about the move!

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Working through the logistics of moving an elderly person

There is a lot that you need to think about when considering senior moving services. Depending on the living situation, it can really go in two ways. Either you need to move an elderly person closer to you for medical care, or you are helping them move into a better community. Whatever the case, this decision doesn’t come lightly. There is a lot of stress involved, and maybe some heartbreak as well.

Because of this, the logistics of the move might not be at the top of your priority list. However, they are very important. Moving an elderly person takes a lot of planning. You will need to figure out how you will help them pack, which routes to take and how to transport their items. At Zippy Shell, we will do this for you! Being very aware of all these facts lets us dive deep into all the details of the move and do the tough logistics for you. With our senior moving services, you will have a strong guiding hand when you need it – or a helping crew when you want to plan everything yourself.

zippy moving truck
There is a lot that you need to do when moving an elder.

Senior moving services require the best professionals

Let’s face it – relocating from one place to another is something that can be stressful for just about anyone. After all, you’re going to be making a huge alteration to your life; that’s something of a shocker even if you’re twenty years old. But if you want to relocate somewhere as a senior or provide help to your senior family member during their move doing it without the help of professionals is definitely a mistake.

And if you want this to be a smooth and safe transition; you can’t hire just about anyone. Instead, you need to make sure that you’re working with the best people in the business. Considering that, using Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV for our senior moving services would definitely be your best bet. After all, we have the most important benefit that any senior could appreciate – and that’s a lot of experience! We have completed plenty of senior relocations more than enough to be certain that we can handle just about any issue or request that any elderly person could have!

For us, there are no obstacles too big or too difficult. We want anyone in their senior years to have the most enjoyable and relaxed relocation they deserve! We will organize the relocation, and we will execute it flawlessly. All you have to do is to tell us what you need!

A pen and a crumpled piece of paper near a notebook
Forget about any other plans for moving, we’ve got the best services for senior citizens around!

Senior moving services you can trust

If you want to have the finest senior moving services in the area, you’re probably uncertain as to who the best people for the job are. After all, there are all kinds of companies that claim to be excellent service providers for seniors. But unlike the others, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have a deep understanding of what it’s like to relocate as a senior.

We aren’t just people who can take care of the heavy lifting; we know that there’s a lot more to moving than that. And that’s especially true if you’re relocating as a senior! You don’t want to be met with any nasty surprises. Instead, you want to be sure that you’ve got people who know how to communicate, listen, and take care of your needs. We realize that seniors often have some needs that aren’t present in the relocations of younger people. And luckily for you, we are more than ready to meet those needs! At the end of the day, we are a moving and storage company that’s dedicated to the well-being of its clients, especially if we’re talking about our senior citizens who deserve all of the respect and care in the world!

senior moving services offer a helping hand
Our senior moving services offer a helping hand!

Go with movers who care!

We can do all of this because we are a moving company with a lot of relocations under our belt. People have been moving their elders with Zippy Shell for quite some time now, and we have always strived to help and learn more. This way, we were always improving our moving services in Northern VA in order to bring you the best move possible. This is what makes us the right choice for your elders – because we are the movers who know their job, but also the movers who care!

Our people know how difficult it is to encounter change when you’re a senior citizen. And there’s no bigger change than moving to a new place! Considering this, we do absolutely everything in our power to ensure that all senior citizens have access to the safe and careful services they need! Here are some of the moving services our senior movers can provide:

Move with the finest and most knowledgeable local movers in Northern Virginia

Moving locally, is usually considered simple and easy – something that you can do on your own without professional help. And that might be the case in a normal situation. However, when you are moving your elderly parents, or you are a senior in need of additional assistance, moving locally can be as difficult as when you are moving across the country. The good thing is that you now have our senior movers at your disposal. Our senior movers will make sure that you move locally in a smooth and stress-free manner, regardless of your condition or the level of assistance you need.

movers providing senior moving services by moving a couch
Move with our senior movers, no matter how far

No matter where you are located in Northern Virginia, when you need to move, you will get a team of the best local movers that are well-acquainted with the neighborhood they operate in and will be able to help you relocate in a swift and enjoyable fashion.

Our senior movers will help you relocate regardless of the distance

A lot of our customers move long distance. We are surrounded by places that retirees love. So we do a lot of long distance relocations from Northern Virginia where we help people get to their retirement destinations. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you are moving within Northern Virginia or you are moving to a different state. Our company has modern and versatile vehicles that can carry your possessions regardless of distance.

Besides, our team of coordinators carefully plans every relocation process we handle. That is how we are ensuring everything goes smoothly and according to schedule. We understand that getting your items on the same day you arrive is important. That is why we make sure that we build a custom plan that will ensure the timely arrival of your belongings.

So what if you are a senior – if you are moving your office with you, give us a call!

When it comes to senior relocations, we know that they are most of the time residential. However, in recent years, we have seen a number of seniors moving along with their small businesses. If you are a senior that is planning to move, but you have an office to move as well, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is a perfect choice. We already have teams of professionals that are specialized in handling residential and commercial moving processes.

senior using a laptop to book senior moving services
We can move your home and your office

Our company is fully equipped to handle all types of relocations. And we can handle your move no matter whether it includes only your personal possessions or some of your commercial assets as well. We handle all types of items including furniture, appliances, electronics, IT equipment, fragile items, and more. If you are a senior moving with your office, make sure that you give us a call.

Let our professional packers secure your items for the move

Packing is difficult for everyone. Even our professionals have a hard time packing. When it comes to senior relocations, however, packing is probably the most difficult problem that our customers need to overcome. That is why Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV organized a team of professional packers that are working with our senior movers. So when you decide to move, you will have a team of expert packers ready to do the most difficult task for you.

By the way, our professional packers can pack a home in a matter of hours. Moreover, they use top quality packing supplies and expert packing techniques in order to ensure the safety of your items. Even if you wanted, you could never match the level of protection our packing services provide on your own. So, if you think that you will need help with packing, give us a call and we will send you a team of pro packers to assist you.

We offer top-quality storage services

When seniors move a lot of time, the process produces plenty of excess items. And that is completely normal. We all accumulate unnecessary items during our lifetimes. Seniors simply had more time to do it. Now, that wouldn’t be a problem if there isn’t a moving process going on. But since it is, dealing with a large number of excess items can be a problem. That is if you are moving with some other moving company. If you are moving with Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV, you will have a number of storage solutions at your disposal. Here are some of the storage services our senior movers can offer you:

storage units
We offer a variety of storage solutions for seniors.

Get superior senior moving services at affordable prices

Senior relocations are not difficult only from a logistics side but from a financial side as well. We understand that relocation can be a big burden on your pension. And we know that most of the time, seniors move because of the unbearable cost of living. That is why we are offering our services at reasonable prices. Our goal is complete satisfaction from our customers. And we know that you cannot be fully satisfied if we leave you with an empty wallet regardless of how professional our services were. To check our rates, give us a call, and our polite employees will give you all the details regarding our services. Or you can simply ask for a free moving quote online.

Contact us right away!

As you can see, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is more than ready to deal with any moving situation for you. We love and respect our elders, and want to take care of them! All you need to do is to pick up your phone, contact us, and schedule our senior moving services! From there, we can talk about your moving needs, and get your elder moving in no time!

During a home renovation, I needed to get a pod onsite within 24 hours. After calling several places, zippy shell was the only company able to accommodate me. The customer service is fantastic. The office is responsive and helpful. The guys who delivered the pod and then delivered and picked up a second pod were so nice, very professional. Highly recommend!

- Joanne Lauder

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