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Storages are underrated. They are a very useful thing that people overlook most of the time… until that exact moment when you need something stored and you don’t have the capacity to do so. When those things happen, and we need something quick and temporary, we turn to short term storage. By renting a storage facility for a limited period of time, we can ease any kind of process, be it that it is downsizing, moving, or else. However, if you are a first time user of storage, you might not be familiar as to how exactly things work with usages of storage facilities. Well, worry not, we have composed this short term storage guide in order to help you out!

Short term storage guide – unit types

Before we can go into the details in this short term storage guide we should first cover the basics. Be it that you need the storage for a short or a long period of time, you ought to know exactly what you are looking for. There is more than one type of storage. Therefore, you should know exactly what is on offer in order to make sure you are using the most optimal storage unit possible.

For example, one of the easiest ways to differentiate between storage is to categorize them in to either indoor or outdoor storage facilities.

Now, of course, both will have fully inclosed units, but the approach to said units is what is being discussed here. With outdoor units, you can approach a yard full of rows upon rows of storage facilities. It is a rather convenient thing to be able to go to the storage unit with a car and load/unload everything you need. This goes especially when you are in need of short term storage, since then it is much easier to do things quickly and conveniently.

As opposed to those you have indoor storage. Here units are under a single roof: With these facilities, you are having to walk to storage. However, it has its benefits. Those consist mainly of the fact that you can go to them any time and unload as much as you like. There is no rain or snow to prevent you from accessing your items. Furthermore, they are then more likely to be a climate controlled storage facility. Let us explore this further.

Climate-controlled storage

Is climate-controlled storage worth it for your short term storage needs? Well, depends on what you are short-term-storing.

short term storage guide - climate
Climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storages are a great way to protect the items that you are planning to store (more on this in a bit). However, they are not always necessary. If you are leaving your furniture for 48h storage you really don’t need to be too concerned. Nothing less (in normal storages extremely rare) burglaries are going to damage your furniture while you are out moving your home. However, if you are storing food or anything that will break down from moisture… look to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit!

What are some of the problems you might face

Ok, but why is fighting moisture so important? Well, as we said, burglaries are very rare. All legitimate storage facilities have 24/7 surveillance and on-site security personnel. However, there are more insidious foes that are endangering your student storage. These are:

  • Moisture. Definitely something we have to point out, even in a short term storage guide. While you might have your things in storage for only a short while, you might find that even a short stay at a moisture-rich environment will present permanent damage to vintage furniture, electronics, and more.
  • Mold. An ally of moisture is mold. When it appears in a storage unit, it requires an exterminator to be called in. Do not try to remove it yourself. You cannot be sure that the spores it is releasing are not hazardous to your health.
  • Rodents. And, of course, insects and rats can be a problem too. If there are termites in a storage room, you can say goodby to anything wooden you have stored there just for a short while. Furthermore, if you leave something in a room with rodent infestation and then take it home, you might just create an arc for them to get them to your own home!

If you are moving

So, now that we covered what kind of short-term storage units there are, we ought to ask the question of – why would you need them? Well, you could be doing a lot of things, like decluttering your attic, but let us first consider that you are moving.

two stripes in a highway
How to store if you are moving

This short term storage guide would not be complete without us pointing out just how useful of a tool short term storage is when used in conjunction with a relocation. It can help pull down the price of a move, alleviate the first days of unpacking, and help you settle in before moving all the things. This kind of storage gives you room to maneuver.

What you can and cannot store

However, when downsizing your home or moving, not everything can be just moved off to storage, no matter for how long.

prohivited sign
What can’t you store, even short term?

Ammunition, hazardous materials, and pets and anything alive are just some of the things that are illegal to store. Ask your storage provider for more details.

Pack properly

To pack properly you either need to start by buying packing material, getting it for free, or learning how to make a box of cardboard by yourself. Whatever it may be, there are some basic rules.

  • Heavier goes down, lighter goes on top.
  • Boxes are not to be too small nor too big, and always filled with cushioning materials.
  • Electronics should be cleaned and disassembled.
  • Food and anything perishable should be in a plastic bag as protection.
  • Use original packaging when possible

In conclusion

We hope that this short term storage guide will help you figure out exactly what kind of storage you need and how to use it! Good luck!

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