Short-term storage options in Virginia

Storage preparationOctober 27, 2022

To an inexperienced beholder, short-term storage seems like a pointless service. However, that’s so far from the truth. In reality, short-term storage is used by a big number of people for many different reasons. Some people are using it to store stuff while they are redecorating their homes. Others use it during the relocation because they prioritize some stuff over others. All in all, a lot of people find it useful to store their belongings for a short amount of time. If you are one of them and aren’t sure what to look for, this guide is for you. Here are some great short-term storage options in Virginia.

What exactly is short-term storage?

Before you even purchase the service, you should know what you’re looking for. Short-term storage is broadly defined as storage for three months or less. Is that too short for you? Well, there are many different storage units Sterling VA and at least one of them will suit you the best. If you are looking exactly for what we just described as short-term storage, stay with us to find the best option for you!

man using a laptop thinking about short-term storage options in Virginia
There are many different short-term storage options!

When do you need short-term storage options in Virginia?

A lot of people aren’t sure why they would need to use short-term storage. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of cases why you should consider renting a proper storage Northern Virginia:

  • Maybe you are selling your home, so you will want to move your stuff out of it
  • If you are moving into a new home and want to redecorate or declutter beforehand, this is a good opportunity
  • If you are renovating your own home, moving your stuff into a storage unit can be convenient
  • Stash your sports equipment if you need more space for an affordable price
  • You can stash your gardening tools and garden furniture if you don’t have a tool shed
  • Storage can be a great place to keep your camping equipment if you’re not camping
  • Your hobby gear can also be in storage, safe from anyone’s hands but yours
  • If you decide you want to rent out a room or the whole house
  • Students can store their belongings in one of the short-term storage options in Virginia
  • Maybe you are clearing the spare room in your house because you have an idea of how to use it now
  • A start-up business can keep its equipment and records in a well-protected storage unit
  • Any bigger life change like downsizing, a divorce, or anything else can make you rent a storage unit


paint rollers on the floor next to a carpet
If you are redecorating your home, you will love some of these onsite storage options in Virginia

What short term storage options in Virginia are there?

Well, Virginia is a big and developed state. Since there are millions of people living there, a big number of them are using storage Washington DC. Washington is a big place and people are often in need of storage. That’s why there are so many different storage options. Since you need only the kind that suits you the best you should start searching and we are here to help you with that. Now, remember before you see the options, there are two questions you should pay attention to. The first one is, what type of transition are you about to make? And the other is, what do you intend to store in your storage unit? There are some useful services and some pretty cost-effective alternatives.

Why is self-storage great?

The great thing about self-storage facilities is that they usually charge you on a month-to-month basis. That’s a great way to keep your finances in check and be without fear that you might run out of cash. You can move out your stuff any time you want. That’s another reason why this is a really good way to store your belongings and it is one of the best short-term storage options in Virginia. However, most storage companies have strict rules about what is forbidden to be stored. Be careful not to break any of their rules and they’ll provide you with a great service.

Climate-controlled storage is perfect for delicate and valuable items

One thing that people tend to forget (or often don’t know at all) is how fragile a lot of their stuff is. For example, pottery, artwork, and china can be fragile. If the temperatures are too high your precious items will start to melt, break or just heat up. With that in mind, think about what stuff you’ll be storing. If you have anything that belongs to these groups, you should consider getting climate-controlled storage. Although you might need a storage unit in Virginia just for a short period of time, there can still be damage to your items. So, make sure to look for this type of storage unit to avoid any potential damage. This is also important if you have some antique furniture or anything that might be sensitive to temperature changes, humidity, etc.

A thermometer showing the temperature
Climate-controlled storage is among some of the best short-term storage options in Virginia

Don’t be fooled, these aren’t the only types of items that can be damaged by extensive heat. Some people tend to store paperwork and documents that they don’t want to keep in the house. That’s pretty reasonable since storage facilities are often much safer. However, paperwork can also be damaged. The black ink can melt or fade under high temperatures, and you shouldn’t risk that happening. That’s why climate-controlled storage is one of the best short-term storage options in Virginia. In some of them, you can even store some perishable items, that’s how well they are.

Portable storage is very popular among short term storage options in Virginia

One storage option that seems to be the most interesting to people is portable storage. The reason for that is quite simple. It’s literally like having your storage unit in your backyard. And the neat part is, it can stay there indefinitely. You will also pay for it on a monthly basis, and it can make a big difference in your life. Some people love it because they can redecorate their homes quite conveniently. Once the redecorating is over, they just unload the portable storage unit and everything’s back to normal.

A lot of people use it exactly like they would use any other storage unit. Fill it with items that don’t belong in the house and you’re good. It is a really good solution for decluttering. You can put old furniture, tools, yard maintenance items, or anything else in it. It can stay in your yard for as long as you want, and you’ll return it once you’re done with it.

a big house with a big front lawn and driveway
If you want a pod transported to your doorstep, portable storage is one of the best short-term storage options in Virginia

Portable storage has many benefits

Portable storage is very easy to access. It is also great for people who are looking for secure commercial storage in Northern Virginia since security is at a very high level. It also varies in size so you can choose the one that suits you the most. In addition to so many good sides, it gives you peace of mind.

Portable storage is very easily accessible. You can access it any time you’d like, and it gives you a great option to load and unload it whenever you decide to do so. That’s a really important feature. Storing your items in storage that is not easily accessible can be time-consuming and if you could avoid that, you would be doing yourself a great favor. So, make sure your portable storage is easily accessible. Also, they are budget-friendly and always at the reach of your hand.

So, which short term storage option is the right one for you?

While all of these options have some great features, you need to ask yourself why you need storage. Well, there are some things you should keep in mind while you are looking for the most suitable short-term storage options in Virginia. You know what you need best so you will have to answer these questions on your own. Think about your needs and then make a well-thought-through decision.

You need to know how much space you will need

This is one of the most important factors you need to consider when you are making final decisions. So, to do that, you need to decide what you plan to put into climate controlled storage Northern Virginia. If you choose a storage unit that’s too small, you won’t fit everything you have to store. Therefore, it will make the relocation much more difficult.

However, if you choose a storage unit that’s too big, you will have unnecessary expenses. Measure all the things you plan to store and measure the moving boxes. It might seem like additional work, but in the end, you will get the best option for you, and the most efficient storage unit.  If there is one thing you should want to avoid during a relocation, are unnecessary expenses. Since relocations can be quite pricey, every dollar is important.

moving boxes ready to be moved into one of the short-term storage options in Virginia
Before you rent a storage space make sure to know how many boxes you plan on storing

How do I know what size is the right size for a storage unit?

It’s only natural that you don’t immediately know what size of storage you need. However, there are some great ways to calculate the amount of stuff you have to store. Take all the boxes and items you are planning to store and put them in one place. Measure how much space they take. Once you do so you’ll have a good picture of how much storage space you’ll need. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t pile everything up. It’s much better to create a system when storing your items.

Another great thing to do is to ask the company to come and make an estimate of how much storage space you’ll need. Find out if the moving company is licensed and ask them to come over. They are experienced so they won’t take much time to tell you which size you’ll need. Maybe medium, maybe large, or maybe two large storage units.

Storage containers also come in different sizes, but the variety isn’t as big as when using self-storage. In most cases, portable storage only offers 8, 12, and 16-ft sizes.

How important is the location to you when choosing between short-term storage options in Virginia?

There are a lot of different options when you are looking for a short-term storage unit in Virginia. You can have a special storage unit brought to your location or on the other side you can get a storage unit at a different location. And the main factor here should not be the price. It should be the reason why you need a storage unit in the first place. For example, if you are renovating and you need short-time storage you can get storage containers on your driveway and store everything there. It will save you time, and money and you will be able to access them at any time.

A lot of people opt for one company just because it’s close to their home. That’s understandable but it doesn’t make it safer. Safety depends on security measures put in place by the company. So, instead of opting for a bad company just because it’s closer to you, you can just rent one of the residential onsite storage containers. In any case, you have a win-win situation. If the location is so important you can have your storage unit delivered right in front of your door and that way you can feel better about its safety.

Find a storage facility that you can easily access

If you are moving, and you do not have enough space on your driveway you can look for a storage facility. If you don’t have to visit it every day a few times a day you’re good. We advise you to look for a secure location, that allows you to drive to it. It will be much easier to unload all of your items than to carry them around. It all breaks down to the priorities and needs of the customer.

A car is in front of a storage unit.
Look for a storage facility that you can easily access with your car. This way it will be easier to load and unload your items!

You need short-term storage in Virginia that will save you money

A lot of people avoid getting a storage unit, especially when they need it for a short period. But if you know what you are looking for, you can end up saving money. And the best way to get that is to spend more time searching for it. If you are moving, companies like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV can offer you a solution for a storage unit as well. Some companies simply specialize in things like this, and they can offer you a perfect solution. Even if you are just renovating, moving companies can offer you great short-term storage units in Virginia.

Every relocation or redecoration of a home is a pricy project. It will take away a lot of your time and money. So, it’s only natural that you want to save up some cash while you’re doing it. Some people save up more so they don’t have to watch the corners at every expense, but some try to be responsible with their finances and want to save as much as they can. So, if you want to save a few bucks, you should rent a pod storage Northern VA for a short period. Take as much time as you need to research the market. The more time you spend researching, the better will be the offer you find.

Are you flexible with dates?

Even when it comes to short-term storage units in Virginia, you probably do not know the exact date when you won’t need the storage. The best solution to this is to look for storage units that have a month-to-month lease. That way you won’t be stuck in some contract, and you will be able to simply get your items, end the contract, and stop paying. There will be much less paperwork and less hassle.

A man offering a contract to a woman
You pay your fees on a monthly basis and you can break the contract any time you want

Know how to pack for short-term storage

Packing for the short term is overall pretty similar to packing for any other kind of storage. There aren’t many differences. However, there are a few things worth noting so your packing can go smoothly. Let’s see the most important tips.

Gather the essential supplies

Some moving supplies are really important in this process. For example, boxes are a must when using onsite storage containers or other short-term storage options in Virginia. For long-term storage plastic boxes are recommended, but you don’t need the same caution for short-term storage. In that case, you can use cardboard boxes. However, make sure the boxes are sturdy and capable of enduring big weights stacked upon them. Also, pay attention to the size of the boxes. It would be perfect if they were in uniform. That’s how you maximize the space when you store them. Also, make sure there is enough bubbling wrap. It’s a great cushioning and useful for protecting fragile items.

Make sure your things are well-wrapped and cushioned

You might have stuff like china or glassware that you want to store. If that’s the case, cushioning is necessary if you don’t want your things to end up damaged. Some people don’t take this advice too seriously so once the move is over, all of their fragile items end up damaged. Let’s do our best to avoid this when storing your stuff in military storage in Northern Virginia. Use bubble wrap to protect corners and thin pieces and put some kind of blanket or any other proper cover for your furniture pieces. Try to clean and air out all of your stuff. You will be thankful you did before storing them. Even if you are storing your stuff for just a month or two, it will be worth it.

A chair is wrapped in bubble wrap in one of the short-term storage options in Virginia.
Prepare a lot of bubble wrap and use it to protect your fragile items before storing them

Check your boxes again before closing them up

This is an important tip if you are remodeling your house, moving or if you are a student. It often happens that people leave some essential item in a box, store it and later on realize they’ve made a mistake. So, if you want to avoid your essential items ending up deep in some box underneath a big pile of your items, check every box twice before you put it in student storage in Northern Virginia. Open it, look at the inventory and then close it. It’s a great way to keep everything in check.

If you are remodeling your house you will save yourself a few extra trips if you properly check the boxes. There are probably a few items you’ll be using during the remodeling that you would otherwise have packed. Going back to the storage just to get one item is time-consuming and why do it if you can easily avoid it?

Most short-term storage options in Virginia are safe

Even if you are getting a storage container right to your doorstep, security is still an important factor to consider when you are renting a storage unit. Make sure to get a storage unit that will provide different ways to protect your belongings. After all, you are choosing a storage unit that will fit all of your needs and security is an important part of it. A secure storage unit means that you can be worry-free!

It’s very common for people to think that something will be safer if it stays in the house. While a lot of people don’t know this, storage units are one of the safest places for your stuff. Sometimes, they can be a safer place for valuable assets like paintings than a vault in a bank. So don’t be skeptical about short-term storage options.

There are cameras on every corner. Sometimes, there are even cameras inside the unit, but that’s not too common. Also, there are gates at every entrance to the storage facility and you have to identify yourself before coming in. Not to mention paid guards are always patrolling the facility so your belongings are in very safe hands. You can also purchase insurance for your items but it’s not necessary since the company guarantees the safety of your possessions.

cameras on a wall
There are many good security measures implemented to keep your storage unit safe from any kind of harm

Make sure to find a reliable company that offers storage solutions

Moving companies that are only trying to scam you aren’t rare. If you don’t do your research well, you might become a victim of one of them. Let us give you a few tips on how to avoid fraudulent movers. The best way to avoid fraudulent movers is to ask your family for a recommendation.

Most of them offer short-term storage options in Virginia and there is no way to distinguish them. However, if they offer you a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is. So, make sure you avoid that red flag because otherwise, they might kidnap your belongings and ask for a ransom. It’s happened before. Another thing to pay attention to is the reviews. If a company has no reviews, it is a huge red flag. So, go to their site and make sure they have reviews published there. A legit company is proud of its customer’s reviews. After all, you will be giving them a lot of your belongings, and you should be sure that they are legit.


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