Should you tip your movers?

Moving day tipsMay 21, 2022

Finally, you packed everything and it’s the day of the move. While you are there waiting for the Zippy Shell Northern Virginia movers to come and pick up your things you can finally relax. The movers are there to help you out not only with the moving but also with the other services their company provides. So should you tip your movers?

Is tipping okay?

There are many moving services northern VA that are provided to people through the company. Depending on your needs and financial status they can differ. Some of you will use only one while the others will maybe leave all the work to the movers. So is it okay to tip them after everything? Of course! The movers like any other worker in other professions deserve a tip for a good job. So when is it okay to tip your movers and when?

  • How much do people tip?
  • What to consider when tipping
  • In town move tip
  • Cross country move tip
A woman dividing money to tip your workers
It’s best to calculate the amount you want to tip your movers with. 

How much do people tip?

With some things that we do on regular basis for example going to a restaurant or to the hairdresser we are already aware or have our own tip method. On average people give 15-20 percent of their bill as a tip to their residential movers in northern VA. But moving is not something we do on regular basis, so some people would be confused as to how to tip and if they should do it. The general way to do it is to tip 4-5$ an hour per mover or to just pay 10% of the moving cost. So for example, if your move is 1000$ the tip would be 100$. And the workers will divide it by themselves.

What to consider when tipping

There are many things you need to consider when tipping. First how many services are they providing you with, are they packing as well or just driving? Is there a long way to go with long distance moving companies northern VA? How organized were you when they came? Is the weather good or bad? If they are working more hours it’s only natural that they will get a bigger tip. Also are they moving items from one floor to the other? Are there any heavy oversized items to move as well?

Refresments for movers
A way to keep movers motivated during the move without typing is to provide them with drinks, water, or some food and snacks.

In town move tip

The way people tip can warry from person to person. In most cases when we tip people of any profession we usually wait till they are done. That way we can see if we are satisfied with the moving services and product before we decide on the amount we will tip. In other cases, people decide to tip mid-way, in order to motivate the workers and keep their spirits high. There is also a non-money mid-way tip in form of drinks, food, and water that can motivate them during work hours before you tip them.

Cross country move tip

When doing a cross country move there is a big chance that the people packing and loading your items will not be the same as the ones who will drive and unpack them. So tipping them all while they do their job is a better option. It won’t be fair to tip only the ones that packed and not the ones who unpacked your things.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves a tip for a job well done and the amount of work they put in. So don’t forget to tip your movers.

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