Should you use climate controlled storage for IT equipment?

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Leaving your stuff in storage after or before relocation can be a great solution. Maybe you didn’t have enough room at your place and you just had to leave your possessions for some time. It’s a very safe solution with an almost non-existent chance of robbery. So, if you want to declutter but don’t want to throw stuff away, storage units provided by Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV are what you need. However, not all of your belongings can be just tossed away into the storage and left there. Some of your stuff can be humidity sensitive, as well as temperature-sensitive. Since you will be putting some of your IT tools there, let us help you understand why it’s important to use climate controlled storage for IT equipment.

Why use climate controlled storage for IT equipment if it costs more?

People often like to find a cheaper way to store their things. That’s totally normal that people want to save money on any kind of project. However, if you ask anyone with experience with climate controlled storage Northern Virginia has to offer, they’ll tell you to know what you are doing. A lot of people think they don’t need it and end up with a lot of items that were irreparably damaged by mold or high temperatures. Inform yourself well about your own possessions and you’ll know what kind of handling they will need.

There are many items that you might own and that could definitely use climate controlled storage for IT equipment, as well as other similar items. Let’s see some of the most common items that you probably own and that need climate controlled environment:

  • Important personal documents like passports or ID cards
  • Your contracts
  • Artwork, especially paintings and pottery
  • Sports cards, comic books, and similar collectibles
  • Electronics and appliances
  • IT equipment
A close-up of a CPU.
A CPU is a very fragile piece of equipment. That’s why you should use climate controlled storage for IT equipment.

A lot of the IT equipment you own is very fragile

There’s a really good reason to use climate controlled storage for IT equipment. It was designed to be kept at lower temperatures and lower humidity. So, to prevent your equipment from getting damaged, you should find storage units Bethesda has to offer but with climate controlled storage. Otherwise, you risk damaging most of your equipment. If it takes more money, so be it. It is a priority to keep your things safe from harm’s way and the difference in prices isn’t very big. Let’s see an example of equipment that could use climate controlled storage for IT equipment.

CPU is a good reason to use climate controlled storage for IT equipment

Any well-versed programmer will tell you that a CPU (Central processing unit) is a very fragile piece of IT equipment. It is very sensitive to temperature changes and maybe even more to too much dust and high humidity. If you opt to leave it in one of the onsite storage units that you rent, make sure that it’s well protected. It is pretty expensive and it’s crucial to the functioning of any PC. If the CPU is exposed to high temperatures it sometimes burns out. It would be a really bad sight to see if you try to turn on your computer after a few months and it just doesn’t work. So, if you have a PC with a CPU, make sure that you put it in climate controlled storage. Otherwise, you will probably pay a big amount of money for a new CPU.

A picture of a GPU.
Any GPU piece needs a cool environment if you want it properly stored.

If you like your GPU, you should use climate controlled storage for IT equipment

People tend to spend a lot of money on their GPU (Graphics processing unit) when they buy a new PC. Sometimes, a good GPU can cost more than the rest of the PC. So, make sure your GPU is in good hands. A lot of people don’t know this, but a GPU that isn’t kept in proper conditions can really lose its value. Its performance will become much worse. It usually comes as a product of too high temperatures and too much humidity. It stays in storage for months and then, once you decide you’ll use it again, it’s way slower than you remember. It’s all because you didn’t use climate controlled storage for IT equipment. So, find storage with the proper temperature for your GPU. Once you do so, your equipment will be safe.

Excessive heat damages hardware as well

If your screen starts to turn black or blue more often than before, it’s probably because of heat. Heat easily damages screens and that’s why screens of any kind are kept in a cool space. Another thing that’s also very vulnerable to heat is plastic. And most of today PC’s are plastic. So, use climate controlled storage for IT equipment to keep it intact. Before you pick any pod storage Northern VA has to offer, make sure it has climate control. That way, the cables and glue on your equipment will be safe from melting. If you do all of that, your equipment will last much longer.

Make sure you secure your batteries as well

Batteries easily burn out in hot weather. Even if they don’t burn out, your batteries will last significantly less after you start to use them again. Why risk it if you can make sure that everything can stay in storage for a long time without suffering any damage. One of the reasons we invented coolers was because CPUs and batteries couldn’t stand too much heat. So, instead of risking a big loss in equipment, you should use climate controlled storage for IT equipment.

A man is typing on his PC.
Even hardware, like screens, can burn out due to a lack of temperature regulation.

Make a smart choice

People don’t have too much IT equipment so they usually bring it with them wherever they go. So, this article wasn’t really for them. The fact that you are reading this article means that you probably have a lot of IT equipment since you have to store it. In that case, you should probably use climate controlled storage for IT equipment. You will save a lot of money by avoiding damage. Don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks more just to make sure your belongings are safely stored and can wait for as long as you want them to.

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