Small Space Living in DC: Is it Right for You?

Storage preparationNovember 11, 2021

It’s known that housing market prices are skyrocketing these days. If you are a big city lover, in these times you are maybe considering moving to a smaller place. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind – what to do with all my stuff? Worry not, hiring a professional moving and storage company will have you covered. If you are considering this as an option, make sure that you check that a small space living in DC is the right choice for you.

Moving to a smaller space

One way downsizing would benefit you for sure is decluttering. If you decided on a small place living in DC, you will finally be able to get rid of all those items that accumulated over the years. You’ll need to plan carefully and prioritize. Bring the absolute necessities with you, and for the rest of the stuff, search for professional companies for moving and storage in Washington DC.

Small space living means spending less time cleaning

The number one benefit that all the small space living supporters would be less cleaning. The math is clear on this one – if you have less space for cleaning, you’ll spend less time cleaning it. This can free your time up for other fun activities.

Woman laying on a couch with a pillow over her face, and a vacuum cleaner in her hands. Cleaning is one of the benefits of living in a small space.
Cleaning is easier when living in a small space in DC.

Although small and cozy places are easier to clean, they can get pretty cluttered. If you are moving from a big space, and you have a hard time parting with your things, there are a few solutions. For example, you can check pod storage in Northern VA and check some portable storage units. This way you will be able to store your items wherever you go.

Multipurpose furniture in a small space is a must

With a small place living in DC, multitasking furniture can make a huge difference. A dining table can potentially become a desk or an ottoman can be a place for storage. Sure, you can assign certain pieces to certain tasks — but if you’re a multitasker in other aspects of your life, why not have a home that reflects that mindset?

Living in a small space in DC also elevates the need for regular decluttering. This means prioritizing what you value and what you choose to bring into your space. For all the items for which you suddenly don’t have space, but don’t want to throw out, you can always check onsite storage units.

Sustainability with small space living in DC – economical and environmental

Just have in mind the toll — both on our budget and on the environment, large housings have with:

  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Electricity
  • Water usage

When you compare the heating bill of someone living in 300 sq feet to someone living in 2,000, the difference can be huge. The latter can often cost five, six, or even ten times more. Small space living in DC means a serious reduction in monthly expenses, as well as your home’s impact on our environment.

Stress-free minimalism and organization

One of the cool things about living in a small space is that they make adopting this stress-free style super easy. In fact, minimalism is almost a necessity for those opting for small space living.

Glass, jars and plastic containers on a white table top.
Good organizational skills are important when living in a small space.

When you’re living in tight quarters, there’s less room for the extra stuff that you don’t actually need. These things tend to accumulate in your space, so make sure you always know nearby storage units in Washington DC.

Once you add all the advantages of a small space living in DC, it can easily become a no-brainer to downsize. Even if you think you would miss a sense of a big place, there are plenty of ways to make a space appear bigger. Who knows, small-space living might be a good choice for you.

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