Sports equipment storage: tips to keep your items safe

Storage preparationJune 19, 2022

If you play sports you are well aware of the unavoidable cost of sports equipment. Depending on the sport the equipment can be quite expensive. Keeping that kind of pricey item in regular storage without preparation is a no. Especially knowing that most of the equipment can be really sensitive and easy to damage. For your sports equipment storage contact Zippy Shell Moving and Storage and ask about their storage options.

Find a good storage

First, when you look for your sports equipment storage make sure you don’t pick just any company. Ask around and contact a couple of different companies. Inquire about their storage and the types and services they provide. You cant leave your equipment just anywhere without checking about security and companies’ services. Especially because some equipment can be expensive and sensitive to humidity or other things. When you finally settle for storage like storage northern Virginia it’s time to pack everything well.

Ball on grass before going into sports equipment storage
Items like balls and other everyday normal sports can be kept in almost any condition without worry.

How to pack normal sports equipment

When packing normal sports equipment that you use every now and then you need to be practical. This is usually not that pricy hence there should not be a lot of worries. You can pack them for easy availability and not for their protection. Any type of storage can be used to store them even pod storage northern VA, and there are no reasons to worry.

  • Laundry bags can be used in order to help you store your sports equipment in storage. Usually, this way you can store equipment by sport, as well as have easy access to it. The bags will help you keep everything organized, easy to see as well as easy to access.
  • Don’t store balls in a box. It will limit your space. Also, it will make accessing your balls a little harder as the view is not clear and you will have to dive into the box to find them.  Consider setting up bungee cord storage.  Hook the cords to the top and bottom of the square frame, and you’ll have a way to store balls of all sizes.

How to keep your more expensive items safe?

Sports equipment storage for the more expensive and fragile items is a little different. You can’t just pick any random storage and put in it for example a horse saddle. A horse saddle is quite expensive and usually made out of leather. If not kept properly and not used regularly can catch mold in hot humid weather. So when picking storage Arlington VA, make sure they have humidity control and climate storage. Also, make sure that your storage provider has security present at all times as well as cameras and entry control.

A girl riding a horse
The expensive equipment like horse saddles has to be in secure air-conditioned sports equipment storage, as its sensitive and can be damaged if not kept properly.

Do you need everything?

Before you pack and take sports items in storage think if you actually need all of them. Some items that you don’t use can be donated or sold.  This way you are making it easier to organize your items as well as helping someone in need. It’s good to declutter from time to time and gets rid of unnecessary things.

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