Step-by-step guide to clearing out your self-storage container

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If you have a storage unit and if every time you go there to take out something all you can see is a mess then you should probably clean it, reorganize, or get rid of some unnecessary items. Set a date and make a timeline to finish with all of that as planned. If you have rented a storage Silver Spring MD residents recommend then you can ask movers for help while clearing out your self-storage container. If not, here are some ideas to help you.

Clearing out your self-storage container – make a list of inventory

Grab your pen and paper, this is the first step. This will take some time so be really patient. First, make a list of tasks and then you can start:

  • you should start clearing out your self-storage container by making an inventory list
  • sort your inventory into a few groups
  • reorganize your unit and clean it
  • hire some help
a list
Make an inventory list when you start unpacking the boxes inside the storage.

Make a timeline and go step by step, maybe it will take more time and you will have to get back a few times here. Be prepared for that. But, it is important to start. Open your storage container, open every box and write it down. Make a list of inventory that will help you not to forget about the items that are stored inside. If you have this list already, you can skip this step, and it will save you a lot of time.

The next step to take out these items, so you can make some clear space inside the storage or outside. Remember, you must clean out your unit and pick up your mess during business hours and make sure you don’t block anyone else’s unit. If you have too many items inside, it wouldn’t be bad to call some friends for help or hire professionals. Be aware that this might take a while and that you maybe won’t finish everything in one day.

Extra tips

To skip some steps that take you precious time and energy, it would be good to make a list of inventory while loading the storage unit, and every time you put something inside, you add it to a list. If you want to keep these items in good condition, you should rent one of the best storage units Ashburn VA residents recommend. You will be needing a clean and climate-controlled unit.

And the last one, make sure you pack all these items properly. You can hire reliable movers and let them pack everything. They will have all necessary packing supplies and skilled movers to handle the packing.

Sort your items into categories

Among all stored items there are some that you can toss. So, take out everything and sort your belongings into three groups, for example – toss, sell, and keep. Check the condition of all the items. If haven’t been using some of them for a while, if they don’t have any sentimental value it is a good sign that you do not need that item. Now the question is whether you are going to throw it away, sell it, or give it to someone.

man and boxes
Sort your boxes into groups.

If you think that you can’t sell some things, you can give them to your neighbors, friends, or family. If there are some things in good condition, you can sell them. Take a few photos, add a description and post it on the internet. Or, you can make a garage or a yard sale. There are several ways to sell items from a storage unit. You could sell the entire unit through an auction company. There are some useful sites to sell your belongings such as eBay. This is a good way to get rid of some clutter and earn some money, too.

You can hire reliable movers and ask them for junk removal services. Numerous companies can help you get rid of storage unit contents. If you can’t do it all by yourself and you don’t want to bother your friends, you can hire some help. They will attempt to recycle or recover anything of value, if not they will drop them in a landfill.

The items you have decided to keep, reorganize and pack again. If you have left some boxes in good condition, you can sell them. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to clean and wash again the items you plan to keep. Do not get too emotional and continue keeping the items you don’t need at all.

Clearing out your self-storage container – clean the container

You don’t want to put back your items into a dirty storage unity. Make sure you clean it, remove all the unnecessary items. Put a label on each box so you know what is inside. Pack everything carefully. Make sure you pack last the boxes that you will be needing first. Make a new inventory list once you pack and load the rest of the items inside the unit. If there are some damaged boxes, or if you need bigger or smaller ones, don’t bother searching for new boxes. You can hire reliable movers and ask them for packing services. If it is easier for you, hire professionals to help you pack everything, also they can help you relocate your inventory.

clean the storage
Make sure you clean the storage container and leave it in the exact same condition that you found it.

If you need to empty out a storage facility, you need to clean it carefully and left it in the exact same condition that you found it. Remove everything from the unit so you don’t get charged a hefty cleaning fee by the storage facility.

Hope these tips will be helpful and that clearing out your self-storage container will be successful. Make a timeline a go task by task. Remember, do not keep unnecessary items and make a mess in your home. Sell or donate whatever you can in order to get rid of the useless items.

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