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Storage for Contractor Tools and Building Materials In DC, Maryland And Virginia


Our Portable Storage Solutions

OnSite Container
Climate Controlled Storage

OnSite Container

Get the perfect blend of convenience and functionality! Zippy Shell's on-site storage units meet the needs of both homeowners and businesses

  • storage-checker Suitable for placement in tight spots and tough angles.
  • storage-checker 16 ft. containers.
  • storage-checker Ground-level design.
  • storage-checker Barn-style doors for easier accessibility.
  • storage-checker Weatherproof design and security locks.

How it Works


Delivery Right to Your Door

We deliver the storage container to your front door – they can fit anywhere and take up just one parking space!


Convenient Loading

You can take as much time as you need to load the container. If you need help, then our team can do the packing and loading for you.


Secure Storage

Your items can be safely stored in the container. They are lockable, weatherproof, and designed to be left on your property for as long as you need it.

Maximize your construction project’s efficiency with onsite storage from Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV. Keep your tools and materials secure and easily accessible without the hassle of traveling to a remote storage location. With our delivery of storage containers directly to the job site, you can save time and money and focus on finishing your project with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our convenient storage for contractor tools and building materials.

a man smiling and thinking about Storage for Contractor Tools and Building Materials
Every tool and material has a place – and everything is in its place, thanks to our robust storage solutions!

The convenience of onsite storage

The benefits of onsite storage for contractor tools and building materials are manifold, making it the go-to choice for all construction projects. This storage solution ensures immediate access to whatever you require, marking a significant edge. All tools and materials are delivered to the job site, enabling your workforce to stay engaged in their tasks. The need to halt work due to a forgotten tool becomes a thing of the past, leading to time-saving and productivity boosts. This enhanced efficiency aids in exceeding client expectations, contributing to your business growth through increased referrals and expanded project opportunities.

Boosting productivity and economizing with onsite storage

Our onsite storage containers for contractor tools and building materials are geared to augment productivity while offering substantial time and cost savings. This solution eliminates the need for frequent trips to your warehouse, thereby significantly reducing transportation costs and keeping your team focused and prepared on the project site. Having all required tools within arm’s reach optimizes workflow and eases the workday.

Moreover, onsite storage can also alleviate repair and replacement expenses. Exposing tools and materials to harsh weather conditions or potential theft can lead to significant costs in terms of repairs or new acquisitions. Our sturdy and durable onsite storage units are designed to prevent such incidents. They are resistant to environmental elements like rain and snow, providing a secure haven for your materials and tools.

At the end of each workday, simply stow everything away in the unit and head home without worry. Forget concerns about unexpected storms or the security of your tools. And to top it all off, this robust security and convenience come at an excellent price point. We take pride in offering a cost-effective solution that provides the best value at a reasonable price.

contractors working
Elevate the art of construction with efficient and secure mobile storage for tools and materials.

The convenience of portable storage

Flexibility and mobility are paramount for contractors in today’s fast-paced construction landscape. Catering precisely to these needs, Zippy Shell DMV has emerged as a game-changer with its innovative portable storage solution. This dynamic offering is not just a storage option; it’s an on-the-go workspace, a secure vault for valuable tools, and a versatile partner designed to adapt to the contractor’s ever-evolving needs.

Ideal for contractors frequently transitioning between sites, the portable storage breaks free from the shackles of stationary storage. These containers are not confined to one spot; they move as your project moves. Equipped with license plates, these containers introduce an unprecedented level of mobility. They can be parked virtually anywhere, from a bustling city construction site to a quiet suburban renovation project, and easily relocated as required.

Zippy DMV difference

What sets Zippy Shell DMV’s portable storage apart is its unique blend of flexibility and functionality. Suppose a contractor juggles multiple small-scale projects scattered in different parts of the city. In that case, Zippy Shell DMV’s portable storage becomes an indispensable ally. Tools and building materials can be securely stored in the mobile unit, eliminating the hassle of repeated packing and unpacking.

The container can be parked at the first project site in the morning. As the day progresses and it’s time to move to the next site, there’s no need for the arduous process of gathering, packing, and transporting materials. The portable storage container, already loaded with everything needed, can effortlessly transition to the next site. Moreover, this mobility doesn’t compromise security. Zippy Shell DMV’s portable storage is as secure as it is flexible. Despite being on the move, these containers provide robust protection for valuable tools and materials, ensuring they’re safe from:

  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Weather elements

But Zippy Shell DMV’s portable storage benefits extend beyond mere storage. It’s a solution that directly impacts the efficiency and productivity of the contractor’s work. Contractors can focus more on their core tasks by eliminating time spent on packing, unpacking, and transporting tools and materials between sites. They can spend more time designing, building, renovating, and creating and less time worrying about logistics.

contractors talking
With our comprehensive storage, your tools and building materials are always at arm’s reach.

Climate-controlled storage option

Zippy Shell goes a step further with its portable storage, offering a unique feature – the option to transfer the internal metal mesh, filled with tools and materials, to a climate-controlled storage unit.  Certain tools and materials are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures and humidity levels and thus would benefit from climate-controlled storage. Here are a few examples:

  • Power tools and machinery: Certain power tools, especially those with sensitive electronic components, can be negatively affected by extreme temperatures and humidity. This can lead to rust, corrosion, and damage to batteries.
  • Wood and building materials: Wood can warp, crack, or rot in environments that are too humid or undergo rapid temperature changes. Other building materials, like drywall and insulation, can also degrade in such conditions.
  • Paint and finishing supplies: Paint, varnish, and other finishing supplies can spoil when exposed to high heat or freezing temperatures. Climate-controlled storage can help maintain their quality and extend their shelf life.
  • Adhesives and sealants: Similar to paints, adhesives and sealants can harden or lose their effectiveness when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Metal tools and hardware: Tools and hardware made of metal can rust or corrode when exposed to excessive moisture, reducing their lifespan and effectiveness.
  • Certain plumbing or electrical components: Some specific components used in plumbing or electrical work may be sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and could benefit from climate-controlled storage.

Tailoring rental options for diverse project needs

We fully appreciate the distinctiveness of every construction project, and this understanding drives us to provide flexible rental options tailored to suit each project’s specific requirements. Our rental packages aren’t just one-size-fits-all. We work closely with our clients to customize a storage solution that fits their unique construction timeline, budget, and space requirements.

Zippy DMV offers varying rental durations, from short-term rentals for quick projects to long-term rentals for extensive construction work. We recognize that some projects may encounter unexpected delays or extensions, which is why we also provide options for extending the rental period as needed. Also, we understand that different projects may require different sizes and types of storage containers. From compact units for small-scale renovations to large containers capable of storing hefty construction materials, we ensure our storage solutions match your project’s scale and scope. Our goal is to provide you with flexible and convenient mobile storage solutions, ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

paint and painting brushes
Just as a toolbox keeps a handyman organized, our storage systems ensure every contractor’s tool and building material is ready when needed.

Scenarios showcasing the impact of mobile storage

Case 1

Consider Maria, a contractor who’s recently suffered losses from tool theft at her job site. The financial impact is significant, and she’s worried about the security of her tools and materials.

Zippy Shell DMV’s mobile storage options provide the solution Maria needs. Both onsite and portable storage units offer a robust, lockable space where Maria can securely store her tools and materials. These units act as deterrents against theft and vandalism, ensuring her valuable equipment is protected. Maria can now rest easy knowing her assets are safe, even when she’s not onsite.

Case 2

Let’s take the case of Tom, a contractor in a region experiencing unexpectedly heavy rainfall. His wooden materials are at risk of warping, and the dampness threatens to damage his power tools. His project timeline and budget are both at risk due to potential material damage.

Opting for Zippy Shell DMV’s mobile storage, Tom can protect his tools and materials from the elements. The weather-resistant storage unit shields everything from the harsh weather, ensuring project continuity. Moreover, if Tom chooses to use the portable storage option, he can even opt to have his temperature-sensitive items moved to Zippy Shell DMV’s climate-controlled storage unit, further ensuring their protection.

Customizable storage solutions: Catering to specific industries

Zippy Shell DMV’s services aren’t exclusive to construction contractors. Our versatile storage units cater to a broad range of industries, each with its unique storage needs and challenges.

  • For landscapers, our units can securely store bulky equipment like lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and even delicate plants or materials for an upcoming project. Our containers’ easy access and mobility allow landscapers to have everything they need right at the job site, enhancing productivity significantly.
  • Event planners can benefit from our portable storage solutions too. From storing various props and stage setups to safely housing lighting and sound equipment between events, our containers serve as an efficient and convenient storage solution, eliminating the hassles of transportation and setup.
  • Interior designers juggling multiple projects will find our services invaluable. With the ability to store furniture, decor pieces, and supplies for each project separately, designers can maintain organization and reduce mix-ups.
  • Film and television production companies can also leverage our portable storage units to store set pieces, costumes, props, and equipment securely. Our units can easily travel from one shooting location to another, providing efficient and flexible storage solutions.

At Zippy Shell DMV, we understand that different industries have varying needs, and we’re dedicated to offering customizable solutions that align perfectly with each one.

contractor working
Our organized storage system ensures contractor tools and materials are well-maintained and readily available.

Our services

Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is renowned for delivering a wide array of moving and storage services. Our reputation in the DMV region is built upon our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Storage solutions

Alongside our flagship onsite and portable storage rental service we offer a diverse range of storage solutions. Count on us for the provision of superior:

Moving services

Our repertoire also includes a comprehensive range of moving services that cater to diverse relocation requirements, irrespective of size or distance. Moving services include:

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Give us a call and rent our storage for contractor tools and building materials.

Storage for contractor tools and building materials is a call away

Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV offers a reliable and hassle-free solution for storing contractor tools and building materials. With years of experience and trained professionals, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. Choosing our storage solutions means you can rest assured that your tools and materials will be secure, weather-resistant, and easily accessible on the job site. Our flexible rental agreements and transparent pricing ensure that you won’t be hit with any unexpected fees or charges.

We understand that every construction project is unique, which is why we offer customizable solutions to fit the specific needs of each client. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you have the right storage solution for your project. This will allow you to focus on what you do best – finishing the job and making your clients happy. So, if you’re a contractor looking for reliable and cost-effective storage for contractor tools and materials, look no further than Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV. Contact us today to learn more about our storage options and how we can help you streamline your construction project. We’re here to make things easy for you!

During a home renovation, I needed to get a pod onsite within 24 hours. After calling several places, zippy shell was the only company able to accommodate me. The customer service is fantastic. The office is responsive and helpful. The guys who delivered the pod and then delivered and picked up a second pod were so nice, very professional. Highly recommend!

- Joanne Lauder

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