Onsite Storage

Storage solutions have become increasingly popular in the past few years. However, what has time and again proved to be the most convenient way of storing your items is with onsite storage containers. Along with different types of storage, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage can provide you with quality units where you can store your belongings wherever you want. If flexibility and safety are important to you, make sure to reach out to us and find your ideal storage option!

onsite storage units
Storage containers are not only for commercial use anymore but for residential as well.

Zippy Shell offers more than just portable storage

Before you choose a storage company, you need to ensure that there will be no hidden costs. Such matters can put a damper on your storage experience as well as on your budget. With Zippy Shell, you can rest assured that all of our pricing is upfront and transparent. Our company was founded on the belief that each task requires proper compensation, but not at the expense of our customers’ budget.

When it comes to onsite storage units, we stand by our words. The price you pay for renting our units includes free delivery of the container to your doorstep, where you will be able to use it for however long you want. If at any point you decide that you would rather store your items in our facilities, we would be more than happy to transport them there!

Our onsite storage containers are convenient and affordable

If you wish to store your items on-site but have no room in your backyard or driveway, no need to despair! Our units are equipped with wheels and license plates. This means that you can park them anywhere you want. Even if you live in the city, you can keep your unit close by without compromising on space. Another advantage of these units is that they are easily accessible, so you can keep an eye on your items and take them out of the container whenever you want.

No matter the size or number of your belongings, onsite storage units are your best option. You can choose from two sizes of Zippy Shell containers – 10ft or 15ft long. Keep in mind that the price of your unit will vary depending on the size you choose. However, the convenience that comes with them is well worth the investment!

We put our customers first – we will cater to your needs!

No time to load your container? No problem! Our staff will be happy to handle this task for you. We have the best equipment on the market to make this a safe process. All you have to do is let us know that you need help and we will be on our way!

movers and the city couple
Our movers will load your boxes quickly and efficiently!

If the time comes when you want to move your storage unit to another location, just pick up the phone! Zippy Shell can transport all your items to your new destination with ease and a friendly smile!

Reserve your unit with Zippy Shell today!

Why should you surround yourself with clutter when our onsite storage containers are within your reach? Zippy Shell Moving and Storage has been in business long enough to know what our customers want out of storage. We have built trust with our clients and can guarantee success! If this sounds like something you would find useful, give us a call and our team will make it happen!


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