Storing your old furniture in Ashburn

Storage preparationJuly 11, 2022

Everyone has some piece of old furniture that doesn’t know what to do with it. Throwing away old furniture is not the solution, not even when you are moving with Northern Virginia movers. You can hardly find good quality furniture nowadays. Most modern furniture lasts two or three years and you have to change them. It’s a better option to repainting your old furniture than to buy a new one. For this reason, you should never throw them away as you never know when you are going to need them again. If you don’t need your old furniture right this moment, you need to find a good storing solution. Therefore, here are a few tips for storing your old furniture in Ashburn.  

What is the best way for storing your old furniture in Ashburn?  

Ashburn is a relatively small town with only 45 000 residents. Finding moving and storage help in a small town can be a bit of a challenge. The best way to find one is from recommendations. Someone from your family or friends certainly knows a good moving company or storage facility. It’s very important to find a good storage facility if you are going to store old furniture. Additionally, you should also do the following steps:  

  • Prepare your furniture  
  • Clean it  
  • Pick a good storage unit  
  • Wrap it in protective material  

Why is it important to choose a good storage unit?  

The most of old furniture is made from wood with or without cushioning. Wood is one of the materials that are very sensitive to moisture and climate change. The mold easily destroys wooden furniture, and sometimes that you can’t even repair it. For this reason, when you are choosing a storage unit for wooden furniture, you should rent climate controlled storage Northern Virginia. Both temperatures and humidity levels are controlled in these types of storage units which will prevent moisture from creating.   

Choosing good storage unit is important when storing your old furniture in Ashburn
Choose carefully your storage unit

How to inspect the storage unit before you rent it?  

It’s very important to pick the right storage unit for your old furniture. For this reason, before you rent one of the storage units Ashburn VA, you should inspect it carefully. First, you should choose an indoor storage unit rather than an outdoor one. If you are going to come into a storage unit often, there is a high chance of rain or water entering also. Additionally, inspect any signs of mold or moisture inside of storage unit.  

How to clean old furniture?  

You must clean your old furniture before storage. You should start by cleaning it with a solution made from water and soap. After the furniture is dried out, you should apply a coat of wax or furniture polish. These steps should be done a couple of weeks before storing it.   

gold and red chair next to window
Cleaning is an important step when you are storing your old furniture in Ashburn

Why should you wrap your furniture?  

One of the important steps for storing your old furniture in Ashburn is to wrap it in protective materials. You should remove parts made from glass and remove all drawers. Every part of the furniture must be wrapped with protective materials and then put in a storage unit.

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