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Moving day tipsApril 25, 2021

It is time for one of the most promising chapters of your life – college! It is up to you to make it all much more interesting and adventurous. But first, you must relocate. This might be the first relocation in your life or you already had this experience. Whatever is the case, a proper organization is in order if you want to start fresh and unencumbered. Therefore, our experts at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV bring you student relocation guidelines that will help you relocate cheap, safe, and fast. Let’s prepare for this journey together.

Most important among student relocation guidelines is the question – Where will you stay?

Before you make any plans, you must ask yourself – where will you stay? Is dorm the best option for you, or you would rather rent an apartment and start from there? This choice is important since it will help you save money while relocating.

This means that if you choose to stay in a dorm, you’ll already have most of the furniture there and a roommate to share it with. Not to mention the cafeteria and all the perks inside the campus. On the other hand, if you choose to rent an apartment, you must hire residential movers in Northern VA and bring some furniture. You must think about how to relocate your belongings and all everyday essentials. Furthermore, if you are flying solo, you’ll probably have to think about supplies, transportation, cleaning, etc.

a dorm room
You will have a wonderful time in your new dorm. Scout ahead and find the one for you!

Both choices are viable. If you desire to gain some college experience, go for it. And if you want more privacy and a place that will feel more like home, we support you as well. Although, if you decide to rent your place, contact one of the long distance moving companies Northern VA. Communicate with your movers and develop the best plan for your move and how to transport the furniture you need. After years of experience in the field, movers know the best way to relocate. Place your moving project in trusted hands and make a stress-free start.

Are you going solo or you want some company?

Even if you are renting an apartment, you can still have a roommate. Question is, do you want to share this experience with anyone or you would rather live by yourself. Solitary life has its perks. You will have better concentration while studying and you can dictate the pace according to your wishes. On the other hand, the apartment you are in needs maintenance. Moreover, the rent can be pricy and it would be smart to share it with someone.

So, if you do not mind some company, we would suggest checking out if anyone from your current neighborhood is enlisted in the college you are attending. Then you can maybe find a roommate before the move and you can embark on the apartment hunting together. Or you can simply check the adds, blogs, and student websites, to find a person to share the rent with.

But if you decide to live in a dorm, you won’t have to think about any of this. A roommate will be appointed to your room, along with all other perks that the dorm brings. Pay the fee, walk in, hang your favorite posters above your new bed, and start having fun. Consider upfront what would be the best option for you.

a group of friends thinking about Student relocation guidelines
You will have plenty of friends at the college, but do you want some company in your apartment as well?

On top of the student relocation guidelines is the way you will move. Who will help you relocate?

As soon as you figure out where and when you are moving, start looking for a reliable moving company. You want to avoid any mishaps on such an important journey. That is why the best option is to contact your movers Sterling VA on time and secure the date you need.

Hiring movers for any relocation is beneficial due to the help they provide. Mover will bring all the equipment, tools, and enough manpower to complete the task ahead. Along with a moving vehicle and affordable pricing. On the other hand, if you have your own vehicle and several helpers, you can do it yourself. With a bit of time, organization, and help, you’ll be able to do this. Think about the options you have and do what is best for you. This is another among the student relocation guidelines that will make the whole transition smooth and stress-free.

Downsize and bring only the essential

When relocating as a student, it is certain that you won’t bring too many items. Yes, a few pieces of furniture and a couple of boxes containing the essentials. But some of us like to hoard and to bring many possessions with us. Keep in mind that you might not have space in your dorm for everything you intend to bring.

But if you have a decent budget and you decided to rent an apartment, then you can relocate whatever you want. In that case, you’ll have a packing process ahead of you. You can do it yourself or utilize the packing services Northern VA. You can hire professional packers to handle this stage of your move within hours. And more importantly, it is affordable and safe.

Also, keep in mind that while sorting your belongings, it would be the perfect moment to downsize and get rid of the stuff you do not need anymore. You’ll probably find old clothing and a couple of random items that you hoarded over the years. If you have space at your home, keep them on the attic or the basement. But if you lack space, it would be best to recycle, donate, gift, rent storage Sterling VA based, or simply throw away. Keep your old and new place clean and tidy. Moreover, the fewer items you relocate, the less you’ll have to pay.

Dedicate enough time to organize

Our student relocation guidelines will point out one more thing. Without proper organization, you won’t get far. Or you will, but along the way, you’ll spend a lot of time, money, and create bad memories. The goal is to prepare everything and to embark on this wonderful journey relaxed and with positive thoughts. Therefore, as soon as you decide on the college and the date, start organizing. Make a moving plan that will hold all the steps you must take in order to be successful. You must book reliable movers, organize packing, cover the legalities, inspect your belongings that you’ll transport, etc.

a girl making plans
Think about all the things that you’ll need for college. Organize on time and bring the essentials.

Also, you should see all your friends and family and bid them farewell. You probably won’t see them for a while. Everything we mentioned requires time, which we usually lack the most. Therefore, think about it beforehand and organize everything preemptively. Maybe it would be wise to check the moving services Northern VA and ask your movers what the best strategy would be. Maybe there are services that will make your relocation a piece of cake. Consult your movers and work out the logistics.

Do not stress. Think positive.

Maybe the most important is to stay positive. You are young and the whole world lies ahead. Attending college will open many doors and create a lot of opportunities. This relocation ahead is a necessity in order to pave the path ahead with marvelous things. It is understandable that you might be sad, anxious, or homesick. There are a lot of ways to deal with homesickness. You can distract yourself by attending a sports event, making new friends, or diligently attend your classes and obtain the best grades possible.

Do not worry, it will all come together and soon enough you’ll feel at home. And keep in mind that your friends and family can always visit, and you can do the same. Just think positive and keep your mind on the goals ahead.

There we go, a few simple student relocation guidelines that will help you organize better. Follow it thoroughly and you’ll keep your budget happy, and you’ll have an organized and successful relocation. We wish you the best of luck. 

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