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Student Storage In DC, Maryland And Virginia

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Our Portable Storage Solutions

OnSite Container
Climate Controlled Storage

OnSite Container

Get the perfect blend of convenience and functionality! Zippy Shell's on-site storage units meet the needs of both homeowners and businesses

  • storage-checker Suitable for placement in tight spots and tough angles.
  • storage-checker 16 ft. containers.
  • storage-checker Ground-level design.
  • storage-checker Barn-style doors for easier accessibility.
  • storage-checker Weatherproof design and security locks.

How it Works


Delivery Right to Your Door

We deliver the storage container to your front door – they can fit anywhere and take up just one parking space!


Convenient Loading

You can take as much time as you need to load the container. If you need help, then our team can do the packing and loading for you.


Secure Storage

Your items can be safely stored in the container. They are lockable, weatherproof, and designed to be left on your property for as long as you need it.

Starting college or university should be an adventurous chapter in a future student’s life. However, it is often overshadowed by the fact that you have so many things to move into your new home for the next four years. To simplify this process, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV can provide you with the best possible student storage in Northern Virginia. We are not only the leading moving company in the country. We also have first-class storage services for all types of items. Don’t throw away things simply because you don’t have a place to keep them – reach out to us, and we will find a better solution!

young people packing for student storage
Our student storage in Northern Virginia can easily fit all your items.

Why should you rent student storage in Northern Virginia?

Student storage is an essential option for many college and university students because it allows them to safely and securely store their belongings while away from campus. Student storage can provide a solution if a student lives in a shared apartment and doesn’t have enough space for all their items. It can also be convenient and cost-effective for students who need to move items between home and school. Instead of packing and transporting everything each time they go home, they can store their items in a storage unit and access them when needed.

Student storage can also help students stay organized and avoid clutter in their living spaces. Overall, Northern Virginia student storage is necessary for many college and university students because it provides a safe, convenient, and cost-effective solution for storing their belongings while they are away from home.

What can a storage unit help you with as a college student?

First, it can provide additional space for belongings that won’t fit in a dorm room or apartment. College students often have many personal items, including clothes, books, electronics, and furniture. A storage unit can provide a place to keep these items when there is no room for them in the student’s living space. Second, a storage unit can be a convenient place to store items that are not needed during the school year, such as winter coats or sports equipment. Third, a storage unit can be a secure place to keep valuable items, such as expensive electronics or jewelry, while the student is away from campus.

While college life is definitely exciting and fun, it might also be a big change. Getting used to sharing a dorm room with another person can be difficult to get used to. This is especially true if there isn’t enough room for all of your things, which is almost always the case. Another problem that might arise is that you are worried about the safety of your items. If you don’t know the person, you are sharing your room with well enough, leaving some of your valuable items might be risky. That is when a student storage Northern Virginia offers is the best choice!

Don’t have a permanent address? Rent our storage!

A storage unit can be a flexible solution for college students who may not have a permanent address. If a student is studying abroad, interning, or participating in a co-op program, a storage unit can provide a place to keep their belongings while they are away. In summary, a storage unit can be a valuable resource for college students by providing additional space, a place to store seasonal items, security for valuable items, and a solution for students without a permanent address.

Zippy Shell can make your visits home less stressful

There’s nothing better than coming home after weeks or even months away at college. However, what often spoils the excitement of this trip are all the things you have brought with you to college. Since you want to be sure that your items are safe, you probably won’t leave them in your room. And this is where student storage services in Northern VA come into play! Placing your items in our units means you won’t have to pack them each time you go home. They will be safe and sound in our facilities. That way, you can focus on what matters most – spending time with your family and friends!

What types of storage units do we provide?

Our portable storage units are designed according to the highest industry standards. Our containers are made of steel. Therefore, your possessions will be safe even during bad weather. They are also very practical in terms of transportation. All you have to do is tell us where you want your storage unit to be delivered, and that’s where you’ll find it! Once we finish loading your boxes and belongings, we will drive them to our secure location. No one can just barge! We have state-of-the-art security systems and security guards, and to go inside, you’ll have to have a valid ID card that matches the one on your lease.

When it comes to their dimensions, we offer two sizes of portable storage units. The smaller 10 ft. container is 7 ft. wide, 7 ft. high, and 10 ft. long. The larger ones are 7 ft. wide, 7 ft. high, and 15 ft. long. To give you an example, the smaller unit can fit one to two rooms worth of furniture and items, while the larger one can fit two to three rooms! So choose your student storage unit based on your needs. Get a free moving quote to better understand how much it will cost you.

a mover loading onsite storage
Most dorm rooms are too small to hold all of your items – call Zippy Shell, and we will handle this issue!

Flexible and accessible storage options

Flexibility and adaptability to our customers’ needs are what Zippy Shell is most proud of. We can give students more than one option when it comes to storing their belongings. Those options make this process much easier and hassle-free. When you opt for onsite storage containers we will deliver them to your doorstep, making them accessible to you any time you want. You will also be safe in the knowledge that your items are close by and under your supervision.

There is also the option of renting a storage unit in our facilities. We have the highest security systems, as well as climate controlled storage units. These units are ideal for any and all items easily damaged by temperature or humidity changes.

We have plenty of storage options!

On top of the student storage, we can provide you with other storage services! You can choose how long you want to rent our storage. It is up to you! Here are the different storage solutions that we can provide you with:

Our storage units are clean, secure, and climate-controlled, making them the perfect place to store your items until you’re ready to use them again.

We can provide you with moving services as well!

In addition to student storage, Zippy Shell offers a wide range of moving services to make your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible. These services include:

For those who need a little extra help with packing, we also offer professional packing services. Our experienced packers will carefully wrap and pack all of your items, ensuring they are safe and secure during the move. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible moving and storage experience. Whether you need Northern Virginia student storage or any of our other services, we are here to help make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

stacked moving boxes ready to be placed inside a student storage in Northern Virginia
For some extra space, rent our Northern Virginia student storage.

Start organizing your dorm room by contacting Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV!

The benefits that come with renting student storage in Northern Virginia are many. From saving on space to easier travel, and everything at an affordable price. Zippy Shell has helped many students focus on their studies by taking care of this aspect for them. If you want to join our long list of satisfied customers, give us a call, and we will make it happen!

During a home renovation, I needed to get a pod onsite within 24 hours. After calling several places, zippy shell was the only company able to accommodate me. The customer service is fantastic. The office is responsive and helpful. The guys who delivered the pod and then delivered and picked up a second pod were so nice, very professional. Highly recommend!

- Joanne Lauder

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