The benefits of moving to Arlington VA

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Whenever you are moving to another city it is both, stressful and exciting. It is a mix of emotions. If you have never been to Arlington and you consider it as your new place to live, you are lucky. If you are having some second thoughts, do a little research and check out the benefits of moving to Arlington VA.

Preparations for moving to a new place

When a moving project on its way, you should organize everything. Prepare your belongings, documents, hire a moving company, provide some packing supplies, rent a moving truck, disassemble furniture, etc. Declutter your home. Make sure you get rid of the unnecessary stuff. You do not have to throw them away but you can give them to some of the friends, family, neighbors, or give to some charity organization. If you do not want to do any of this, you can rent some of the storage units Arlington VA has to offer and store your items until you decide what to do with them.

couple packing
Organize everything, make a list, and start packing.

Prepare all the documents, ID documents, medical records, school records, property-related documents, financial papers, etc. Do not forget about the visa and work permit (if it is needed).

If you want to do it on your own, you should provide enough packing supplies, disassembling tools, garbage bags. Check if your furniture will fit in your new home. Measure each item. You should disassemble the massive items. Protect the floors and the item itself. And do not lift anything heavy on your own. Make sure to ask for some help to prevent damaging your furniture and not to mention injuries. Everything that cannot fit in your new home you can place in some of the storage units in DC metro area. After all of that, you should rent a moving truck.

The benefits of moving to Arlington VA

Moving to a new place can provoke some fear of the unknown. So, you can search on the internet just to read a bit about your new home. You can find out about its neighborhoods, schools, public transportation, social life, culture life, etc.

Arlington County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Arlington is considered to be the second-largest “principal city” of the Washington metropolitan area. It is home to the Pentagon, Reagan National Airport, and Arlington National Cemetery.  Niche released last year a list of its 2019 Best Cities To Live in America list, and Arlington topped the list. There are a lot of things that go in favor of your move to Arlington.

friends at the table
The residents of Arlington are among the most educated in the country. There are 62 colleges within a 50-mile radius.

Living in Arlington

Arlington has a lot to offer, beautiful parks and nature, good schools and colleges, restaurants, bars, and a wide variety of properties. Some people consider it a suburb of Washington, DC, but it has an urban nature of its own. There is a variety of home styles and property types. There are big homes with yards in some quiet parts of the city ideal for big families but also you can find an apartment close to the metro. What will you choose, depends on your preferences.

  • Traffic – You don’t need to drive everywhere. You can always use the metro. Many residents live only a few blocks from the metro. Virginia Railway Express (VRE) runs through Arlington, stopping in the Crystal City neighborhood. Despite great public transportation, Arlington has traffic problems. This is especially true when heading towards D.C. Arlington has dozens of bike rental stations as well. Also, it has some of the best walking and biking trails in the state. Park areas are well maintained in the county.  They are all well-kept and safe in the day time and offer a few public bathrooms along the way.
  • Schools in Arlington – Arlington’s school test scores are 25% higher than the national average. The residents of Arlington are among the most educated in the country. There are 62 colleges within a 50-mile radius. Arlington’s public schools have ranked as the number one public school district in Virginia for two straight years, due to high attendance rates, test scores, and graduation rates. Students have easy access to D. C. schools as well, given the fact it is 5 miles from D.C. Having a home in Arlington can be a great investment. Your children could spend their whole educational lifetimes here.
  • ClimateThe climate in this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. It is also one of the benefits of moving to Arlington VA.

What to do in Arlington

When moving to Arlington VA, you will see a mosaic of cultures. You will see a lot of events that come along with that. Everyone can find something that loves about Arlington. Everything from Vietnamese to Persian cuisine is available here. There is a wide price range too. You can find big expensive restaurants but affordable and cheap fast-food restaurants as well. Nightlife in Arlington. You have a lot of options and nights in Arlington are everything but boring. So if you are a person who likes calm neighborhoods and not much noise you should avoid the metro area.

arlington cemetery
It is home to the Pentagon, Reagan National Airport, and Arlington National Cemetery.

When you move to a new place, you just want to feel like home. And it is not easy. So, do as much as you can to make your home comfortable and pleasant to live in. Unpack all your items. Spend time in decorating your new home. Clean the apartment, make it safe, change the locks. Do everything you can so that new space starts to feel like home. Make sure to stay in touch with your old friends but do not be closed for some new people and new friendships. Explore your new city. Take advantage of all the benefits of moving to Arlington VA. Visit its parks and restaurants, and get to know your neighbors.

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