The benefits of moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA

Where is Gaithersburg and what are some benefits of moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA? It’s located in Montgomery county, and is ranked 27 out of 100 best places to live in Maryland. The town is divided into east and west sections. So when deciding where to move and which Northern Virginia movers to hire, bear in mind that both sections have their own charms. The east is where the original town stood and still has some of the original buildings and landmarks. The west is the new recently developed part and has many affluent neighborhoods and communities that were made with your growth in mind.

Reasons to move to Gaithersburg from Northern VA

There are many reasons when considering moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA. But here we picked out some of them to share with you. Keep reading and find out why it’s a perfect place for you to move.

  1. Job opportunities
  2. Income and real estate
  3. Community and schools
  4. Parks and recreation
A nice town street after moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA
When picking a town to move to we need to take into consideration the neighborhood we will be a part of

Job  opportunities

Usually, when moving anywhere we are doing it for some sort of gain. Be it emotional or physical. When moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA one of those gains is job opportunities waiting for us. Especially if you are in the tech industry, your chances of finding a job in Gaithersburg are huge. Its a home to the National Institute of Standards and technology as well as the office for IBM.

Income and real estate

The average income in Gaithersburg is $39,846 per year. That’s almost 10 000 difference from the average national income. If that’s not a good reason why to consider moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA and contact local movers Northern Virginia right away, then there’s the real estate too. It is true that they cost more than in some other parts of the country, but the turning rate is good. Plus don’t forget that higher-income we mentioned.

A man taking money out of his wallet
The benefits of moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA have incised income and a higher wage.

Community and schools

Of course, when moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA you are not doing it alone. Most of you have kids or partners. So you naturally become interested in the community that will be surrounding you. Before contacting residential movers in Northern VA we are convinced you did your research. But we will help you as well. It has a relatively small population but it’s really diverse. And the age of the residents is relatively young. It makes a  perfect place for a young family or pair to grow and mingle. As for school for your kids no need to worry. The city has 42 schools out of which 13 are private. 

Parks and recreation

Are you worried that after you move you will have fewer opportunities for recreational activities? Well, don’t worry. Moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA is not gonna hinder you in any way. What’s more, it provides you with even more opportunities. There are water parks, golf courses, youth centers, summer parks, outer concert spaces, and many more places to have fun and visit. So put your outdoor things in storage Gaithersburg so you can grab them at any time. Also, there are many trails and lakes for public use as well. 

Moving to Gaithersburg from Northern VA is not a small feat but is something we recommend especially for those that are young and are chasing their dreams.

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