The benefits of using temperature-controlled storage units

Storage preparationNovember 20, 2020

There are many things that you need to think about when renting a storage unit. At first, you might worry about the size of your unit, its cost, and its location. Later on, however, you will start thinking about different things. For example, there are many storage units in DC metro area – and all of them offer different special services. These were created for items that require special care. One of the most common things you will run into when looking into these “specialty storage units” are the ones where you control the temperature inside. There are many benefits of using temperature-controlled storage units – and thus they may cost a bit more than the regular ones. In this article, we take a look at these benefits and how you can use them the best.

Some items just cannot handle extreme temperatures

As you well know, the climate in the United States varies greatly from place to place. Whereas some places have all four seasons throughout the year, there are those that never see snow. In some parts of the country, the heat can be quite brutal. It is not uncommon for the temperature to climb as high as 100 degrees or more in the summer months. Similarly, there are places where the temperature can quickly drop to freezing depths. In some places, even both of these cases can occur throughout the year.

window in winter
Both this heat as well as the freezing temperatures can easily damage your items.

A lot of storage units are not built to withstand these changes. Either they do not have the right insulation, or they just heat up (or cool down) – and so does the air inside the units. Therefore, if you live in a place where either of these temperature changes occurs, then you will do no better than using temperature-controlled storage units.

Our storage units Frederick MD, for example, have their own heating/cooling system. It regulates the temperature so that it always stays above freezing, as well as below a certain point (80 or 90 degrees). When the weather gets colder, the units heat up – and vice-versa, they cool down when it starts getting warmer. This way, the temperature inside the unit stays the same – protecting your items from damaging temperature shifts.

Because of this, climate-controlled storage units are perfect for storing wooden furniture like antiques, as well as musical instruments. When stored inside a unit like this, the wood will not split, crack or warp. You can also keep your fine art, books, electronics, and mattresses inside too. You will not need to worry about their safety – because it is a guarantee.

Humidity control is another benefit of using temperature-controlled storage units

Another huge perk of climate-controlled units is that you can also control the humidity levels – in the units that allow that, of course. This is a huge advantage since the humidity and moisture are two of the biggest adversaries you need to deal with when storing your items. You might not think that it’s possible for humidity inside a room to change, but just consider how it changes outside. As the seasons come and go, levels of humidity can drastically change. This can cause precipitation which can hugely affect your storage unit – and the items inside.

Therefore, when you are thinking about using temperature-controlled storage units, make sure you inquire about humidity control as well. Units that allow for it keep the levels at around 55%. They do so by manually removing excess moisture from the air, thus lowering the humidity levels to an optimal.

a thermometer is not needed when using temperature-controlled storage units
Make sure to keep the humidity levels optimal.

Just like with temperature control, humidity optimization is very important when you are storing wooden furniture. Due to moisture, your wood can warp or crack, which renders it worthless. Even worse, rot can appear and ruin the wood completely. High humidity can also lead to the growth of mildew. When it appears, it can ruin your items, making them smell horrible – as well as compromise their integrity.

However, even low levels of humidity can cause harm to your wooden furniture too. It can dry out, splinter, and craze if the room is not kept at the optimal level. This usually happens during summer or winter and can affect not only wooden furniture but electronics and musical instruments too. That’s why you need to keep humidity levels at optimal – and look into ways to control them.

You will know your things are safe

Now, let’s talk about the “disadvantages” of these units. The biggest drawback to using temperature-controlled storage units is that you will have to pay more than the usual storage. However, the bigger question here is if it is worth it. When you are using a unit that lets you control the temperature, you are not only paying for this service. Instead, you are also paying for peace of mind.

a piggy bank
You might not use these units if you are running on a tighter budget.

Knowing that your items are safe from any temperature changes is relaxing. You will not need to venture to your unit and check on your items all the time. There will be no need for venting the unit from time to time. These units have the ventilation you need – and will keep all levels at optimal.

The only reason why one might consider not using temperature-controlled storage units is when they are storing items short-term. If that’s the case, then there should be no time to develop the problems we mentioned. Similarly, the temperature changes should not be as drastic over a longer period of time. However, using climate-controlled units means you are giving your items an extra level of protection, and this is an important thing to have on your side. So contact us today and inquire about the closest unit to you.

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