The challenges of sharing a storage unit with a friend

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Are you trying to decide whether you should share a storage unit with your friend? Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV can help you decide whether that’s the right idea. There are numerous pros and cons when it comes to sharing a storage unit with a friend. But, before you decide on whether you will do it, you should think about it. One of the main reasons for taking additional time to think about this is the cost. The cost of renting a storage unit is not small. That’s one of the reasons why sharing a storage unit can be beneficial for your financial situation. It’s also a reason why you might be in trouble if your friend doesn’t fulfill his monthly obligations and doesn’t pay. It’s important that your friend is reliable and trustworthy so you can overcome the challenges of sharing a storage unit.

challenges of sharing a storage unit
The challenges of sharing a storage unit can often far outweigh the pros if you don’t choose a good person to rent it with.

What are the biggest challenges of sharing a storage unit?

  • When you start thinking about sharing a storage unit, it’s only logical that you’d come across the issue of money. In the long run, you may save some money, but if your friendship fails or this situation causes more additional problems, would lessening the costs a little really be worth it? There are numerous storage solutions that you can take a look at, but they don’t come cheap.
  • You might not agree on which storage unit you want to place your items in. That’s another problem that can arise. Don’t compromise the quality of service just because your friend might search for the cheapest one. If that’s the case, think about whether your items can take bad conditions. If the answer is even “maybe not”, then don’t go for it and risk getting your items ruined.
  • One of the challenges may be that your friend hasn’t communicated how many items they want to put in the storage. If you end up not having enough space, you might find that upgrading to the bigger storage might cost you more than if you’d rented alone. Make sure you communicate the quantity and volume of items clearly.

Are you and your friend on the same page?

  • Make sure that you communicate how long you want to rent storage for. Maybe you need military movers, and you want to stay abroad for a long time. Your friend might not want to rent it for as long as you do, and when your renting period is over, you’ll be left without someone paying the other half of the bill. To make sure that doesn’t happen, decide on the initial renting period right away, and evaluate a month or two before it expires. That way, if someone wants a change of the situation, they’ll have enough time to find appropriate solutions and avoid unplanned financial hardships.
  • The amount of money you are willing to spend is also something that you should discuss. Discuss how much money you are willing to pay and whether you’re going to split the bill in half. If you or your friend are taking up most of the space, decide how you’re going to split the bill in that case. It’s important that both parties feel comfortable with the solutions to prevent the problems down the road.
  • Don’t forget that you’ll have to make a decision on who’s going to sign the rental agreement. That’s why it’s detrimental that you get into this agreement with the person who is going to be responsible and pay for the bills. If your name is on the agreement and the person doesn’t pay, you will be fully responsible and the rest of the money will have to come from you.
signing a deal
Be one hundred percent sure that your friend will fulfill financial obligations if you’re the one that’s signing the paperwork.

Predetermine that cleaning schedule and talk about the storage organization

You don’t want your items to get moldy because your friend is irresponsible. The storage space must be kept clean and organized in order for the items to stay in the good condition. If you feel like your friend isn’t educated enough on the topic, offer to tell him more about it. Being on the same page about cleaning and organization is very important. If you decide to use one half of the storage while your friend uses the other, that’s okay. But lay out some ground rules so that you can access your part of the storage easily even if your friend doesn’t pay attention to theirs. Discussing the schedule is also important because you will probably have only one key. You’ll also need to agree on which storage unit to choose.

messy storage

Challenges of sharing a storage unit can become worse if you don’t choose a good storage unit

The storage unit may contribute to the challenges of sharing a storage unit with a friend. Movers Sterling VA can help you move your items to the storage, but you might have to keep them there for a long time. The storage unit must be clean and secure. You want to place your items in the unit that won’t be an additional source of your worries. When you call the moving and storage company to check whether their storage is available, don’t forget to ask about their surveillance system. They should have a good, quality camera that works all the time. The guards should be at the entrance and patrolling the facilities. Also, make sure that they have defined procedures in case of an incident.  The challenges of sharing a storage unit can be numerous, and it’s better to get acquainted with them first and decide whether you still want to go through with the deal afterward!

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