The Dos and Don’ts of Making Storage Work For You

Moving day tipsAugust 12, 2021

Did you move to a new location? Have a business that is due to relocate? Just want to find a good storage facility? Before you answer that, you want to have all the information that your option is making storage work for you. That’s why so many companies that work with moving and storage Northern Virginia are ready to give you some great opportunities. Here are just some of the dos and don’ts that you want to keep in mind before you buy or rent storage.

Do find a reliable company that won’t hesitate to make storage work for you

The first and main thing when it comes to storage is to find a company that will offer it to you. From the right price to the best quality, you want to be sure you can trust your belongings with certain companies. For example, the commercial movers in Northern Virginia tend to offer businesses storage facilities near the offices and that have all the security measures needed to keep all their items and supplies in the best possible conditions.

Movers inside a van
The right moving and storage company will be making storage work for you

Don’t think everything will be able to be in your storage unit

Even though companies like to market themselves like everything you can fit will be able to get stored inside the unit, it’s not always the case. Above all, that’s because of many regulations and rules that you need to follow. Even our senior moving services won’t handle certain types of items, let alone that they get stored away. For example, plants are something that many people want to relocate with them, but because neither a moving truck nor a storage unit is the place for plants. Of course, there are many other types of items you can’t store.

Do label everything before putting it into storage

There’s nothing worse than to not label your boxes. It creates unnecessary problems. From a task that takes you 5 minutes, it becomes a problem that will take you all day. Everything that you pack needs to be put in a box where it’s safe. However, don’t forget to label it. However, even with our interstate moving Northern Virginia you can be sure that all your moving boxes have a label on them. By doing so you can put them in storage without even unpacking them.

Don’t trust anyone with your keys to storage

Security is one of the most important things to look for in a storage unit. So why put your unit in jeopardy? Make sure that the keys that the storage manager gives you are in a place that is completely safe. By doing so, right after the moving services Northern VA help you and you put everything in storage, you’ll feel great. Even though you have people in your life you think can trust, it’s better to not share your storage key with anybody.   

Do visit the storage facility before making storage work for you

One of the things you need to do is to visit the actual storage facility. It will give you a better idea of what the company can offer to you. For that reason, keeping in touch with your company and asking if you can pay a visit is crucial. The companies that are approved by the Better Business Bureau will surely approve you to take a look. If on the other hand, a company is hesitant on doing so, it can be a huge red flag.

A storage facility
Make sure to pay a visit to the storage facility you’ve chosen

Don’t store anything that has huge value

A storage unit serves to protect your most precious items. However, making storage work for you doesn’t include storage of jewelry and other luxurious belongings. The main reason for that is the insurance. In the worst-case scenario, it just won’t cover all your losses. Of course, professional storage facilities have everything to keep them safe. However, when you’re a business you need to start with the bad situations in mind. In a case of a catastrophe or an unforeseeable event, the company just won’t be able to help you. That’s why they don’t allow jewelry and other valuable items.

When you look at storage services they need to fit your needs the most. Above all, making sure storage works for you needs to be your first step. After that, everything will be much easier. Make sure what you can and can’t do when it’s time to rent or buy a storage unit. There are good reasons why certain reasons go and others don’t go well with storage units. Follow these dos and don’ts and you won’t make a mistake when it’s time to put your belongings and items into storage.

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