The State Of Self Storage in VA: How to Choose the Perfect Solution When Moving

Storage preparationAugust 4, 2022

To an uninformed person, discussing the state of self storage in VA might seem like an insignificant issue. However, people who are more informed about the subject know that self-storage and similar services play a big role in the industry of Virginia and its cities. So, to understand the subject better, we need to discuss its current situation. A lot of people think there isn’t much to talk about, but this is actually a pretty complex subject. So, let’s dive in and see what we might find out about the state of self-storage in Virginia.

A big percentage of people in the US use self-storage

While it might not seem so obvious, there are many storage facilities Northern Virginia has to offer. However, that shouldn’t come as a shock since 40% of all Americans use self-storage. So, it’s a quite popular service. To be more precise, out of all the states, Virginia is fifteenth when it comes to using storage. Therefore, it’s widely used. There are 1014 self-storage facilities being used in Virginia at the moment. Number one is Texas with more than 5000 storage facilities and California comes second with close to 4000 self-storage facilities. So, it’s pretty obvious that Americans love that they can safely store all the items they aren’t using and come back to take them at any time.

When it comes to demographics, the biggest group of users is between the age of 21 and 55 years old. So, a pretty wide range of people find it necessary to use self-storage facilities. A little bit less than 80% of self-storage users have incomes that go between the lower middle and the upper middle income. Around 75% of people who use storage tend to live or work somewhere within 2 miles of their property. With all this information at hand, you can easily conclude that the state of storage in VA is pretty good from an economical point of view. It’s well developed and has many happy users.

Boxes packed for a relocation
A growing number of customers is a good sign of the state of self storage in VA.

Tysons Corner is a good example of the recent rise

People might claim that the self-storage situation is good, but without an example, it doesn’t mean much. So, let’s see a great illustration of how developed the situation of self storage in VA really is. There is plenty of storage Tysons Corner has to offer and it’s quite spacious. People use it quite often and there are many happy customers who leave satisfied reviews. If we take Tysons Corner as an example of where the self-storage industry is heading, it definitely has a bright future.

Ashburn, VA confirms what we already know

Even though Tysons Corner is a nice example, some people might say it’s just too small. With 25000 people, it might easily be seen as small, but that’s why there is Ashburn. Ashburn is almost double the size of Tysons Corner with more than 44000 people living in it. So, it can serve as a great example of how well the storage industry is developing. If you were to visit this lovely town in Virginia, you would find lots of high-quality storage units Ashburn VA has to offer. So, if you aren’t convinced by one town, there are two that can provide a good perspective of how fast and how well the self-storage industry is developing.

The state of self storage in VA is mirrored in the demographics

We’ve already briefly mentioned a few facts considering who uses self-storage the most. However, if we really want to get a clearer picture of the group that is most likely to use self-storage services, we need to get deeper into data considering residential onsite storage containers.

When it comes to gender, data is especially important. For example, around 84% of all storage users are women. However, 95% of people who are moving their belongings into the storage are men. Knowing this helps the companies who care about their customers to focus on what to improve to make the service even better. The customers speak and we listen. Whenever we encounter constructive criticism, we take it into careful consideration.

There is also the question of what age storage renters are. Well, this one might come as a shock but there is a big number of young people who rent storage. To be more precise, research done by Parham Group found that 88% of storage users’ ages range from 21 to 55 years old.

When it comes to income as an important indicator, around 78% of people that were surveyed fit somewhere between low middle income to high middle income. This is also important information to us since we try to adapt our prices to our customers. While we want to provide impeccable service we also want to keep it affordable. We find it pointless to work if you can’t satisfy your customer’s needs for storage and that’s also why we provide really well-equipped student storage in Northern Virginia.

Falls Church is filled with options for storing your belongings

There are some great storage units Falls Church VA has to offer. The prices were specially adapted for people whose income isn’t too high so they can also afford s a good storage unit. As previously said, we really try to reach every part of the demographics and Falls Church is great proof of that. We have clients of all ages. There are young and old clients, men and women, and people with different incomes. There is something for everyone in this town and self storage situation in VA is only getting better and better.

A lot of boxes in a room
Since the storage industry is trying to stay in touch with the newest technology, people are more than willing to use their services.

Alexandria is another great place to visit

As per usual, we have more than just one example of our efficiency. If you decide to visit some of the storage units Alexandria VA has to offer, you will easily notice the same things. There is a great diversity among our customers. There are many renters and they range in everything from their age all the way to their income. The self-storage industry is on the rise and that fact is especially obvious in a place like Alexandria. If a smaller place like Alexandria sees a rise in demand for storage on an annual basis, you can only imagine how much more the demand is going to rise in the big cities.

The ”overnight” rise

A few decades ago it really seemed like the storage industry had reached its peak. Not many companies were investing in this kind of business and people thought that was it. It seemed like there was no way for demand for storage to grow in VA. However, that’s when things started to change. Once innovation like digitalization and climate controlled storage Northern Virginia was introduced in the industry, the number of customers also started to grow. So, you could say that the whole industry woke up from a long sleep and it’s on the rise. There are various factors that are contributing to this, that’s for sure. However, we will do our best to look at as many reasons as we can in detail.

Self-storage companies started to take care of everyone’s needs

Most businesses focus their energy and attention on the customers they already have as regulars. That’s just a normal way of doing business. However, some companies realized that there are other groups of people who could be potential customers. Virginia has more than 20 military bases and a lot of military personnel lives in Virginia. Once storage companies realized that, they decided to start providing military storage in Northern Virginia and help support the military. The prices are affordable for soldiers who need to leave their possessions while they are away.

We found two keys to improving the situation

For a long time, a lot of companies didn’t realize what are the priorities for their customers. They usually tried to offer things that customers didn’t really care about. Whether it’s the advertising or anything similar to it. It’s actually quite simple. There are two things every renter wants to be guaranteed when they head to a storage facility:

  • Proper location
  • Good security measures

You can offer some of the lowest prices possible, but if your storage facility is 30 miles away, customers will avoid you. Also, if you don’t have a good assurance that you know how to protect any renter’s property, you will be seen as irresponsible. According to a recent study, more than 62% of Americans appreciate security in their storage facility. They want to see that you are using proper security measures. That’s why we introduced the best possible security systems possible. We can guarantee that your belongings are protected as long as their with us. Our storage, like the storage Arlington VA has to offer, is secured on every level, from the door all the way to the ceiling and AC.

A big storage that is empty and makes you think about the state of self storage in VA
As long as you can guarantee security, your renters will be happy.

Why do people move to Virginia?

Well, first of all, we need to exclude those who move because they are forced. Once we do that, we can get a good picture of what exactly makes Virginia so attractive to a lot of people. Around 260 000 people move into the state every year, so they probably have a good reason why they come.

Tourism is magical in VA

A lot of people come to the state of Virginia just for this reason. Maybe they are retired and want a peaceful life. Maybe they just know how to appreciate beauty. Whatever it is that motivates them, they usually come for two reasons.

The first reason people tend to come to Virginia is the vine and Virginia is famous as a wine country. With more than 230 wines, it is well known as a place people visit to try very well-made wine.

Another reason why tourism is so popular in VA is the Virginia beach. It has 38 miles of coast and most of it is covered in the best beaches you can imagine. People who don’t know that are usually very pleasantly surprised once they’ve seen Virginias beaches.

A beautiful beach in Virginia
The beaches are just magical in Virginia.

You don’t have to choose between the city and the countryside

In most bigger states like California or New York people have to choose between living a quiet life in the suburb or living a life filled with bars and clubs downtown. That’s not the case with Virginia. Here, you can live a very tranquil lifestyle and be only 20 minutes away from the city center. So, you don’t need to worry about balance here.

Education opportunities are wonderful here

The state of self storage in VA is getting better and better, but education isn’t far behind.  Virginia can proudly state that it has three of the top 40 public universities in all of the US. That’s really something to boast about. So, if you have children or want to continue your education during your stay in Virginia, you will have some really nice opportunities. Just inform yourself well beforehand and who knows how many great options you will have to choose from.

An old church or town hall in the center of the picture
the state of self storage in VA and the state of education in VA are both exceptional and on the rise.

The future looks bright for the self-storage industry

Unlike many other industries, the self-storage industry is pretty certain. For decades the growth of this industry was slow, but it was also steady. Without many people noticing, Virginia has become a home for more than 900 storage facilities, including Sterling storage units. Self-storage facilities in Virginia cover more than 43 million square feet of storage space. Also, storage units in Virginia offer a bit more space than the national average. That makes Virginia storage more attractive to any businesses that might want to rent big amounts of storage. The more the merrier since it all helps the industry grow.

Another reason why the moving and storage Sterling VA is growing is the big number of people moving to the state, which inevitably effects the state of self storage in VA. Virginia isn’t rapidly growing like Texas or California, but it’s far from stagnation. A lot of people are coming to this peaceful and welcoming state. As you can imagine, they bring their stuff with them. A lot of times, not everything fits in the new house so they leave it with us since they know it will be safe.

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