The ultimate guide to storing your items in Washington DC

Storage preparationAugust 20, 2021

If you have a storage unit, you know how difficult it can be to organize all of your belongings. A storage unit makes the perfect storage space for items you are not currently using or those not fitting into your home. If your house or apartment is overflowing with stuff, a storage unit can provide an effective solution. However, when you plan on storing your items in Washington DC, then take the time to organize them. The key to keeping your storage unit organized is by making a plan. Therefore, plan what you will put in storage and how often you will retrieve items from it. Creating and following a plan that answers these basic questions will keep your unit effectively organized.

Use storage when storing your items in Washington DC

Storage is ideal for anyone who wants to clear certain parts of the house ahead of moving day. Likewise, if you plan to renovate or redecorate in your new home store is ideal. Storage is also great for anyone with extra complications on moving day. For example, if you are in a big housing chain or you plan to exchange contracts on completion day. Therefore, make sure to get in touch with storage Washington DC to assist you.

Before storing your items in Washington DC, find out how to choose a storage facility

There are several things you will need to consider when choosing a storage facility. Crime is unavoidably a risk in storage facilities, but it can decrease with proper forethoughts. Be careful of facilities with 24/7 unsupervised entrance. The majority of storage facility crimes are likely to be carried out by people acting as customers. That is a particular concern if the individual rooms are not alarmed.

Many boxes storing your items in Washington DC
Before storing your items in Washington DC, choose one of the best storage facilities and stay stress-free

Moreover, the only thing standing between a thief and your belongings is a padlock that is easy to cut. Even if you are happy with the customer supervision, make sure you invest in a heavy-duty padlock of a reliable brand and keep the key somewhere safe. Furthermore, remember to check on storage units in DC metro area. If possible, try to guarantee your storage facility is near your new home so you can easily pop over to check on your items.

Take a look at the condition of the building when storing your items in Washington DC

Your belongings might not just be at risk from crime but also the condition of the facility. Steer clear of storage facilities where internal conditions such as humidity. And if the unit does not look well looked after, especially if it is an old building or a shipping container. Then it is probably best to look elsewhere. Even if the unit you have chosen looks fine, it is better to invest in a battery-operated humidity operator.

If the humidity is over 50% or you notice moisture droplets appearing on the ceilings or walls, use damp sticks and other tools to reduce it. You may also want to consider how you pack up your items for pod storage Northern VA. Choosing plastic boxes or vacuum packing items instead of using cardboard boxes where damp could permeate and cause damage.

Check the route to your unit before storing your items in Washington DC

When you see the facility as a prospective customer, the room they show you might not be the one you will get. If the storage facility is small then this might not be a problem. But in broad rooms, shifting your items in and out of the unit can be complicated. So try to be on the ground floor near the door. And the extra time required by the removal team will push up your bill, so if you get a room long way from the door, try to get a discount. If you plan on moving your items within a few months, consider the ease of access to your unit. And confirm this with the facility before you sign a contract. 

Create a list of your items before storing them

No matter what goes into your unit, you must make a detailed and complete list. Things you are willing to place in storage are things you will completely forget about given enough time. Create a list, or it may not be long before you have no idea what is in your unit. Keeping a list of what you have that also details where your items are stored will keep your storage organized by helping you find things.

Not sure if something is in your storage unit? Check the list instead of digging through every box. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep an updated list of what you have in storage. It will ensure that you do not forget what you have and stop the clutter when you dig through every box and search for one elusive item. 

Seasonal items

Let’s say that one thing you want to store is seasonal items such as winter clothing, Christmas decorations, or beach stuff. What does this mean for your organization plan? Seasonal items will be recovered and likely rotated periodically. When you go to the unit to get your winter clothing, you will bring your summer clothing to replace it. Organize your storage in a way to make these swaps as easy as possible. Firstly, always put seasonal items in inboxes. Grabbing a single box out of your storage unit is much easier than trying to gather many armfuls of various things. 

Heavy-massive items

What if you want to store heavy or massive items such as exercise equipment and furniture? There is no getting around that heavy items will be harder to get in and out of your storage unit. Therefore, make sure that heavy items you choose to put in the storage unit are not things to remove regularly. Some items are not only heavy but massive. Furniture items especially can take up quite a bit of room, and their bulk can make it harder to store things neatly. The best thing you can do to deal with massive items is to disassemble them. 

A living room full of heavy items
Make sure you take good care of your items by sorting them properly and in that way keep them safe

Think about the delicate items before storing your items in Washington DC

If you want to store delicate items, such as family heirlooms or keepsakes, surely you will need a storage unit. For these items, consider how to organize them so that there will be little chance of damage. Therefore, you need to get vertical with your storage, but you may not want to stack boxes that contain delicate items. Shelves are a great solution because they allow you to take advantage of the vertical space without putting pressure on boxes.

If you choose to use shelves, put more delicate items on the bottom shelves to reduce the risk of something falling and breaking. If you store breakable items, do not pack your storage unit to the brim. Leave space so that you can safely remove items and guarantee that nothing will crash.

Always try to use crystal clear containers

When using the same box, you must select your boxes, and choose clear containers rather than cardboard. The reasoning behind this advice should be obvious. Using clear containers will allow you to see what you have without getting down and open every box. In addition, clear containers are more durable than cardboard boxes and usually come with a handle. That will make stocking and removing boxes much safely and easy.  

Remember to label everything carefully

Clear containers are a great way to see what you have at a glance, but labels are even better. A sign of true organizational courage is the presence of labels on pretty much everything. Even if your containers are clear, label them anyway. A box that says “Christmas decorations” is clear than the appearance of tangled wire. Simple labels like “Summer clothes” and “Winter boots”. It is a huge time saver when you need to distinguish between multiple bins of clothing.

Furthermore, make sure you label all sides of your boxes. A label will do you little good if it is facing the wall. Putting a label on both ends will save you from pressure about everything facing the right direction. As a final tip with labels, be extra careful about relabeling. There are only so many times you can scratch through a word and write something else before it becomes unreadable. An easier way to relabel is to use sticky labels, which can either be removed or pasted over when you need them. Furthermore, your moving company will know what to be more careful about when moving and storage Washington DC.

Think about items that will not go in boxes

Absolutely everything that can go in a box should go in a box, absolutely everything. Storing things in boxes keeps them safer, makes it easier to pack your unit, and easier to find items when you need them. However, there are some things you may want to store but are too big to go in a box. Most items that will not fit in a box fall in the heavy and massive category. As mentioned above, it is best to store these items in the back of the unit. Furthermore, you can think of using a climate controlled storage Northern Virginia

Besides storing in the back, it is essential to consider the most space-effective way to store something that will not go in a box. A table can have its legs removed to fit easily against the wall. Moreover, roll a rug as tightly as possible to avoid dust collection and take up less space. A lot of the organizational steps you can take with items that do not go inboxes are item-specific. However, remember to see if you can dismantle any large objects into smaller, more storable pieces. Nevertheless, be sure that large pieces are things you surely want to keep.

A box
Remember to make a checklist of your items and do not leave anything behind so that you can have peace of mind

Prepare to repack your boxes

Even if you organize your storage unit properly from the very start, your storage needs will change. And if you want your storage unit to stay organized, it will need to change to meet those needs. Nevertheless, it may seem like an enormous hassle, taking the time to repack and relabel boxes is a necessary piece of maintenance to keep an organized storage unit.

It has not to need to be done often or even at a set time. If you realize that a box is growing too full or is getting emptier because you keep taking stuff, take the time to reevaluate. Whatever changes you make to your storage unit, make sure to keep your storage list updated and all of your boxes correctly labeled. That will save you many headaches in the future.

Consider this advice, and you will have no worries before and after storing your items in Washington DC

When people think of storage units, many assume spaces crammed with boxes and furniture that may fall over when you open the door. Maybe some storage units are like this, but yours do not have to be. Use our tips to make a plan and stick with it for an organized and functional storage unit. Your removals and storage company will help you make the most of your space both in the removal van and the storage unit. Furthermore, think of your items that require climate controlled storage and keep them safe by hiring professionals to help you out.

Wrapping and packing items properly will guarantee they are safe and protected from any moisture or damage. If you have taken apart furniture to get it into the unit, do not forget to attach them to the pieces. In that way, you are not searching for screws and other small bits when storing your items in Washington DC. Make an inventory of everything going into your storage unit. That means knowing how many boxes there are and what they include. If you are likely to be back and forth to your storage unit to access various items, you may want to create a ‘map’ of your unit. In that way, you will know where specific items are.

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