The ultimate list of reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA

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There are many reasons we might be moving to a new place. It could be for work or education, or we just might want a change of scenery. Regardless of the reason you might be moving to Sterling VA, you can rest assured that you will love it! Sterling is home to amazing parks and scenic views. What is more, it has no shortage of restaurants, historical, and cultural spots. Being named one of the most walkable areas in Northern Virginia, it offers an amazing living experience to its residents. Still, you may not be so familiar with Sterling, and you could have lots of questions about it. To help you get to know it better, we at Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV have created this ultimate list of reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA.

There are numerous reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA

As we have already said, Sterling is a scenic place, and it is a great choice for nature lovers. It is a suburb of Washington DC, and plenty of people move here for that reason. Also, it offers a wide range of job opportunities, so you will be able to secure a good job. In addition to this, the median income is above the national average. Let’s take a closer look at some of Sterling’s advantages.

Proximity to Washington is one of the reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA
People choose to move to Sterling VA because of its proximity to Washington DC

Where to live in Sterling VA

Sterling is a desirable town to live in thanks to its proximity to Washington DC. Here, you can enjoy the suburban way of life, but you will be very close to one of the most urban places in the area. So, it is no surprise that many families live in one of Sterling’s neighborhoods but work in Washington. Recently, more and more people are moving to Sterling, both locally and long distance. If you are moving interstate, you might want to hire some of the best long distance moving companies Northern VA has to offer. But, before you do that, let’s take a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Sterling.

  • The Cascades – The Cascades is a planned neighborhood on the Potomac River. In fact, it is highly sought-after and for good reason. It offers its residents numerous playgrounds, fitness centers, swimming pools, and other amenities. In fact, families and young professionals alike find this neighborhood the perfect place to live.
  • Potomac Falls – This neighborhood is located slightly to the north of Sterling. Many families have stayed here for generations, and each property is quite large, usually about two acres.
  • CountrySide – This is another neighborhood on the Potomac River. The CountrySide is a lively community with lots of interesting amenities. Here, residents can enjoy the numerous hiking trails, tennis courts, and different events in the neighborhood.
Hiking is one of the reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA
You can explore many hiking trails in CountrySide

These are just a few of the many excellent neighborhoods in Sterling. Once you have selected the best neighborhood for you, you can enlist the help of the movers Sterling VA has to offer to help you with the move.

What to do in Sterling VA

As we have seen, Sterling is home to some beautiful nature, and people can enjoy spending time on one of the many hiking trails in the surroundings. What is more, the city boasts numerous parks and restaurants. Thanks to its proximity to Washington DC, a plethora of museums and galleries are only a short drive away. Also, there is no shortage of tennis courts, swimming pools, recreational centers, and catch-and-release ponds. Here are some of the must-visit places in and around Sterling:

Historic and cultural sites

  • Lincoln Memorial – This monument overlooks the Reflecting Pool in Washington DC and it commemorates the 16th President of the United States. It is a popular site both for local and international tourists.
  • National Museum of Natural History – Being open 364 days a year, there is no reason why you would miss a visit to this amazing site. Here, visitors can learn a lot about natural history and science, and on top of that, it is free!
  • National Air and Space Museum – If natural history is not your cup of tea, then you might prefer to take a look at the largest collection of historic space and aircraft. In fact, this museum is the most popular tourist attraction in the area and the second most visited museum in the world.
  • Washinton Monument – Standing east of the Reflecting Pool, the Washington Monument is one of the most recognizable features of Washington DC. It was built in honor of the nation’s first President, George Washington.
  • National Theatre – This huge venue has both a historic and entertaining aspect to it. Today, visitors can expect to see numerous plays, including Broadway shows, performed here.
Visiting the Lincoln Memorial is one of the reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA
Lincoln Memorial is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area

Free time and recreation

  • Casual and fine dining – The area offers numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes, where you can enjoy both local and high-end cuisine. There is always a new place to explore, so you will definitely need time to visit them all.
  • Breweries and wineries – Home to many craft breweries, Sterling offers its residents a chance to taste different locally produced beers. Should you prefer wine, there are also many cideries and wineries to choose from.
  • Shopping – The Washington area is home to some of the biggest and best shopping centers. Tysons Corner and Dulles Town Centre both offer a variety of shops and restaurants. Here, you will surely find everything you need, and more.
  • Parks – This area offers plenty of amazing parks and hiking trails. Why not check out the Great Falls Park or Algonkian Regional Park for a picnic or weekend getaway? Also, make sure to visit Rock Creek Park where you can play tennis, go hiking or cycling, or spend the day with your children at of one the playgrounds.

After getting to know Sterling more, you are hopefully getting more excited about the move. Now it is time to plan your move with the best moving services Northern VA has to offer.

Moving to Sterling VA

As we have said, there are plenty of reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA. Still, you will also need to prepare for the move. By properly planning and executing the relocation, you will have a stress-free experience and you will save both time and money. You can hire the help of one of the many NoVa moving companies. No matter how you choose to move, there are some key steps to follow when planning your move to Sterling.

Make a moving and packing plan when moving to Sterling VA

You should start by making a detailed moving plan that will include all the most important steps in the relocation process. Start off by hiring a good moving company that will help you with the packing and relocation. Also, get an estimate from the movers to know the cost of the move. Arrange all the imp0ortant dates, such as the pickup and delivery dates. Also, confirm they offer all the additional services you may need. There are numerous packing services in Northern VA you can choose from.

If you prefer to do the packing by yourself, then you should also make checklists for the packing process. Here, you should include all the most important points to cover, such as packing an essentials bag and getting all the necessary documents in one place. Also, secure all the necessary packing materials, such as boxes and bubble wrap. Once you start placing your items in boxes, remember to label all the boxes clearly and make a detailed list of contents for each box.

Man and woman packing
Remember to start packing ahead of time

Rent storage space

Once you have a packing plan, it is time to decide what to put in storage and what to bring with you. Also, many people take this opportunity to do some downsizing as well. So, you can get rid of some unwanted or disused things, and you can avoid bringing clutter with you to Sterling. When choosing storage, make sure you browse some of the many storage units Sterling VA has to offer. Think about the size of the storage unit you will need and decide on how long you will be keeping the things in storage.

Rent onsite storage during the packing process of moving to Sterling

Onsite storage can be extremely handy while you are packing up and organizing your things. The storage containers are delivered to your home and you can use them to remove bulky and non-essential things from your home. Renting residential onsite storage containers will help you stay organized since you can take out each packed box and put it into the storage unit. It will provide you with more space in your home and you can avoid getting overwhelmed with too many boxes in one place.

After you have packed everything into the portable storage Northern Virginia has to offer, it is time to set the moving dates. You will probably have to spend a few days away from home, so book a hotel. Or, you can make arrangements with a friend or family member and stay with them until your new home is ready. Once the move is completed, it is time to start settling in Sterling VA. It is a vibrant place with a great community, so you will definitely love it there.

Portable storage containers
Renting onsite storage is useful when you are packing

You will enjoy living and working in Sterling VA

As we have seen, Sterling has a lot to offer to its residents. From amazing nature to interesting cultural events, there is something for everyone.

The weather in Sterling VA

If you are moving locally, then you can expect the usual Virginia weather. For those of you moving long-distance, this means warm summers and cold, snowy winters. The summers are usually warm and humid. On the other hand, you can expect an average of  22 inches of snow per year. In addition, Sterling has plenty of sunshine year-round, but it can get cloudy too. What is more, this suburb of Washington DC boasts better air quality and lower levels of pollution. Thanks to its numerous parks and natural areas, it is a comfortable place to live, especially for families.

Working in Sterling VA

You might also be wondering what it is like to be working in Sterling VA. Even though Sterling is a small place, especially when compared to Washington DC, it offers plenty of opportunities. Recently, the place is booming and there are more job opportunities than ever. Also, it is close to Washington DC, so the list of job opportunities is long if you don’t mind the commute. Actually, one of the main reasons people are moving to Sterling is to get a job in the capital city. The area is home to a well-educated and diverse community, so you can expect a good standard of living.

No matter how long you are planning on staying in Sterling, you will definitely find a good job. There are many openings, especially in the service industry. What is more, the area is home to numerous companies that are always looking for young professionals. What is more, we already mentioned that the median household income is higher than the national average, standing at around $95,000.

Living in Sterling VA

When living in the area, you will also have a chance to take part in some seasonal events, such as the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree and the Cherry Blossom Festival. There is something to do in every season and you will never run out of things to explore.

Washington Monument in the spring
Visiting the Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the many reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA

As we have seen, there are plenty of reasons you will enjoy moving to Sterling VA. Not only is Sterling a vibrant suburb of Washington DC, but it also has amazing nature and parks. In addition, there is always something to do, from exploring the hiking trails to getting to know the local cuisine. It has so much to offer that we could not cover everything in just one article. Hopefully, you will enjoy living and working in Sterling VA and you will do even more research on this amazing place on your own.

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