The Ultimate Moving Checklist and To-Do Timeline

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Moving is such a complex event. It comes with so much excitement and all the joy that change brings. But it also brings so many tasks that you have to do and also some decisions to make. Like this is not enough, you can expect that some big emotions will hit you. So we are here to help you with a recipe for success. We want to offer you a moving checklist and to-do timeline. Let’s start with the first step: get the best moving company to help you. And if you are located in Northern Virginia, look for the best movers Northern Virginia has to offer.

The moving checklist must include choosing movers

Choosing the right moving company to partner up with is so important. This is something that can change your experience. You have to know that there are so many moving services Northern VA you can choose from. When you call the company you think you can work with, tell them all the specifics of your relocation and ask them to recommend you some options.

moving checklist and to-do timeline
Your moving checklist and to-do timeline must include hiring movers.

Another thing is to look for just the specific thing you need. If you are moving from another state, look for some interstate movers Northern Virginia and choose there. Always read something about the company and how long they are on the market. Ask them how experienced they are in the kind of services you need. And take time to look at reviews. Experiences from other people will show you how reliable the company is and if you can lean on them or not.

Let’s look at a moving checklist and to-do timeline

You have to know that moving doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The price will depend on the weight of the load you choose to move and also on the distance movers will have to cross. But commercial movers in Northern VA will be able to give you an offer that is right for you. And when you choose your movers, that is the first task to the cross of your list. And now we will continue with looking at the moving checklist and to-do timeline.

What to do 8 weeks before your move

This list can be a little different from one person to another, but our moving checklist and to-do timeline will give you an idea of what to do. For example, it will be different if you are moving to the same country or from another state. If you have already chosen one of the long distance moving companies Norhern VA has to offer, you can start planning. The organization is always half of the job. So sit and write down all the things you have to do in the next 8 weeks. Try to remember them all.

8 weeks before the move make some lists.

When you decide to move, you should ask for some help. The first thing is to ask your movers. Local movers Northern Virginia will help you and ask them what additional services they offer. And another thing you can do is to set up your moving budget. Calculate how much money you can spend on your move. That way you will have a clear picture of the services you could pay for and the ones that you will leave to yourself.

7 weeks prior to your relocation

If you are moving somewhere close, you will maybe still be able to find residential movers in Northern VA even 7 weeks before the relocation. And just after you finish with it, start preparing your household for the move. This is the time to talk to your family about expectations and some big emotions that can come with the move. And on another hand, be practical. Star with sorting your possessions.

Packing will be so much easier if you declutter first. We all tend to keep a lot more things than we actually use. So moving is the perfect time to let go of those that we don’t need anymore. Have in mind that you don’t want to fill your new home with those things. And also, that some things will be so beneficial for other people. Once you decide what is traveling with you, take all the rest and divide it into three categories. Decide what you want to sell and earn some money on it. You can also donate some of those items, to someone you know and love or to strangers. And recycle all those things that are damaged or broken. After you do this, you will feel a lot lighter. After, you will be able to continue with good work.


We are here to tell you that you can start packing as soon as possible. Even if that doesn’t seem possible. The truth is that we all have items that we don’t use all year long. And you can start with that. Or at least you can make a list of them. If you have an attic or some similar space, go there and look at what you can pack right away. That will help you realize, that you can do many things now and lift the burden of tasks from the last few days. Sure, there are items you should always pack last, but there are also those you can start with.

Star packing as soon as possible.

Of course, you will need some packing material. And this is the right time to get it. Order it or plan to go and buy some. You should get yourself some quality packing material. Because the last thing you want is for your things to get damaged during the move. Start with some packing boxes, bubble wrap, and tape and continue on from that. The material you need will depend on the items you have to pack. But the majority will most probably fit. If you have a tight timeline, you can ask your movers to pack things for you. They will do it gladly and skillfully. Bu has in mind that you will need to pay extra for this service. Another advantage of this is that you will not have to think if you’ve done it all well. Your things will come safely to your new address.

Moving checklist and to-do timeline if you have 4 weeks or less to the moving day

When your moving day approach and you realize that you have only a month to it, there are some technicalities you have to do. At this point put on your moving checklist and to-do timeline that you have to conduct a change of your address. This is the time to note any mail that arrives and update your new address with all the businesses, entities, and accounts that are about to send your things. Include on that list your bank, doctor’s office, credit card companies, and insurance companies. Be sure not to miss anything important.

Moving checklist and to-do timeline if you have 4 weeks or less to the moving day
This is a moving checklist and to-do timeline if you have 4 weeks or less to the moving day.

Don’t forget to update all memberships. Start with local gyms, clubs, and grocery stores. If you want to keep some memberships, just change the location – get in touch with them so they can update your account. The same applies to online memberships. Change your address on all of them.

Throw away unwanted items

There are things that you won’t be able to move. Your movers can give you a list of them, for sure. But logical thing is that you couldn’t relocate hazardous items. So this is a time to get rid of explosive gasses or flammable things. Ask what else you won’t be able to legally and safely put in your moving truck. After that, make some separate arrangements or recycle that. This is also the time to confirm with your movers all the dates and the details of the upcoming event. Confirm with your storage if you are about to use it. If you decided to take some additional services, like packing, for example, confirm them too.

Throw away undesired items.

Don’t skip on arranging temporary housing

It is very rare that the dates of leaving your old home and moving into a new one match perfectly. So most probably you will have to arrange temporary housing for your family. Maybe you’ll be able to crush your family if we are talking about only a few days. But if that is not the case, you will have to find a temporary house to stay in. This is also a period when you could use storage for items that are packed to travel with you to your new place.

Arrange a temporary house.

The majority of your utility services could be managed online. You can call them directly or just go online. Notify them of the changes with your move. Any cancellation fees won’t be charged if you cancel all the services a month prior to the change. If you are willing to keep the utility services you already use, you should schedule your date for a transfer service in time. So once you get to your new home you will have everything set up and ready.

Buck shipping for special items

If you have some special items that you have to ship, now is the right time to buck it. For example, if you don’t want to drive your car to a new place, you will have to organize that shipment. The same can apply to some special items, like piano for example. Book that at this point. If the moving company you’ve chosen doesn’t relocate those specialty items, they could recommend you someone that does. Contact them and arrange it all.

Prepare a box for the moving day

Have in mind that you should pack essential things in one box. Those are the items you use every day. You will use them while your things are on the way and inaccessible. That can be, but don’t need to be a box. You can use luggage for packing those essentials. Make a list of those items for yourself. But these are our ideas:

  • Clothes for a few days;
  • Medications and toiletries;
  • Kitchen supplies for basic meals;
  • Chargers and devices;
  • Add anything you use daily.

Start packing

If you haven’t already, it is time to start packing boxes. By now your packing material has arrived so you can start putting one thing at a time in those boxes. Again, start with items you won’t need in the next period. Another option is to start packing the room you use the least. Make sure to seal those boxes well.

An important thing is to remember to label everything. That way you will be able to find things with ease, once you get to your new home. You can put labels in the room where those items belong. That way, your movers will know just where to place those boxes after they lift them from the moving truck. For smaller items, but the list of the ones that are inside. And the fragile ones need to have that sign. Your movers will know that they need to take special care of them and also where to put them in a moving truck during your relocation. These are also boxes they will take out of the moving truck first and put somewhere safe in your new home.

Now make your own moving checklist and to-do timeline

We really tried to list for you all the important tasks that the moving checklist and to-do timeline need to have. But the truth is, you are the only one who knows all the specifics of your relocation. So you don’t have to be overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to finish. Start one thing at a time, and know that you will manage it all. Even if you have less than 8 weeks to prepare, this is possible. For sure, you are not the first person to do it. So just start planning your move to Northern Virginia as soon as possible. Don’t forget to ask for help and get the support you need. Yes, this is a lot, but you are able to do it all so well. Even if something unexpected occurs, know that you have professionals by your side.


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