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Moving to Annandale can be a big change, full of new chances and experiences. This quiet, culturally diverse Virginia suburb is a welcoming place that shows off its natural beauty and strong sense of community. To make your move easier, there are several things to keep in mind. First, planning your move carefully, maybe with help from trusted moving and storage Northern Virginia companies, will help make sure your stuff arrives safely. Also, getting to know the housing market, checking out local stores, and getting involved in community events can all make your experience more rewarding. In this blog post, we’ll give you more detailed tips and advice for your move, to make your new life in Annandale as good as it can be.

Housing options

When it comes to housing in Annandale, the market is quite competitive. If you wish to rent, the average apartment with a size of 1091 sq. ft. will cost you about $1990 per month. With an apartment of this size, you’ll have breathing room after moving all of your possessions in. Should you need storage space, making use of storage units Annandale VA will get you what you need at a cheap price.

A small house on a table
Housing options are vast in Annandale, and there’s an ideal home for everyone.

Directly purchasing a property when moving to Annandale will have you spend about $595,000. Prices may vary and are influenced by several factors, of course, like size, location, and quality of the property itself. With all of this in mind, about 64% of households in Annandale VA are occupied by renters, while 36% of households are occupied by their owners.

Employment market

Job opportunities are numerous in Annandale, offering a stable income for you and your family to live off of very comfortably. The industries hosting the biggest number of workers are professional, technical, and scientific services, followed by health care and social assistance, and then construction. On the other hand, utilities, public administration, and finance and administration are the industries that are paid the most. The average salary in Annandale is about $83,000 annually and $40 per hour. Additionally, Annandale hosts job opportunities for giants like Amazon, Apple, and Capital One, to name a few. Annandale is quite economically stable, offering a chance for future growth as its prospects look very promising.


In Annandale, the healthcare system combines quality with accessibility, presenting options for various medical needs. Hospitals and clinics, affiliated with larger health networks, are to be found everywhere. These establishments offer a multitude of specialized services, from emergency care to preventative medicine. What’s more, primary care physicians are numerous, enabling timely routine check-ups.

a doctor with his arms crossed
Healthcare is a priority in Annandale, ensuring every member of the community is healthy and happy.

Concerning costs, healthcare tends to align with the national average, yet many establishments accept a variety of insurance plans to ease financial burdens. Consequently, if you’re paying directly, costs vary significantly, based on the type of treatment and insurance coverage. The healthcare system in Annandale provides dependable, high-quality services, despite the need for cautious budgeting.


Getting around Annandale and its surrounding areas is possible with several transportation options, each with distinct advantages. Walking in this city is definitely an option, with establishments like grocery stores and other necessities being situated within walking distance. Public transit, primarily managed by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), serves the region with buses and nearby metro stations. A one-way bus fare generally costs around $2, while Metro fares vary depending on distance. Alternatively, personal vehicle ownership provides greater flexibility, although it comes with the costs of fuel, maintenance, and possible tolls.

Should you have belongings that you need to store because they’re not regularly needed in your car or home—perhaps seasonal items or emergency supplies—secure storage units Northern Virginia offers are available to keep those items safe and out of the way.


In Annandale and the broader Fairfax County area, the education system is known for its competitive offerings and high-quality institutions. Public schools under Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) consistently rank among the top in Virginia, offering advanced placement courses, extracurricular activities, and specialized programs. Likewise, private institutions are also available, providing alternatives for specialized education and smaller class sizes. When it comes to tuition fees, public education is funded by taxes, making it free for residents.

4 differently colored books
Moving to Annandale offers a wide range of educational opportunities.

On the other hand, private schools can have varying tuition fees, ranging from a few thousand to over $20,000 annually. Moreover, higher education options are accessible, with colleges and universities situated within commuting distance. Importantly, scholarship opportunities and financial aid programs exist to ease tuition problems for qualifying students. Whether you opt for public or private education, rest assured that Annandale provides the substantial knowledge required for academic growth.

Consider the cost of living when moving to Annandale

Understanding the cost of living is crucial when considering moving to another location. Fairfax County, of which Annandale is a part, is generally on the higher end of the cost spectrum compared to other U.S. locations. Here’s a breakdown of typical monthly expenses you can expect when moving to Annandale:

  • Utilities: Expect to pay around $150-$200 for utilities like electricity, water, and gas.
  • Groceries: A monthly budget of $300-$400 per person is a reasonable estimate.
  • Dining Out: A meal at a mid-range restaurant could cost you $20-$30 per person.
  • Transportation: As mentioned earlier, public transit costs can be around $2 for a one-way bus fare, while fuel costs may vary if you own a vehicle.
  • Storage: If you have extra belongings just after the move, renting a portable storage Northern Virginia provides can be a great budget-friendly option.

By carefully planning these expenses, you can create a manageable budget. Overall, while the cost of living is relatively high, Annandale offers a quality of life that many find worth the investment.

You’re all set to go

A successful transition to a new locale requires more than just packing and unpacking. Knowing about Annandale’s job market and healthcare is crucial. Details on transportation, education, and living costs also help. Planning remains key, and this guide serves as a valuable resource to inform your decisions. Take your next steps confidently, engage with community resources, and don’t hesitate to consult experts in each field for personalized advice. If you’re considering moving to Annandale, Zippy Shell DMV can assist you with your move and guarantee satisfaction.

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