Tips for finding a perfect office space in the DMV area

Moving day tipsOctober 17, 2021

Are you from Northern Virginia and you are in process of finding a perfect office space in the DMV area? No matter if you are a small startup or company that needs new space for work, there are plenty of options!  Keep in mind that as much as this may represent something new, a fresh start, it can get overwhelming, especially if you are doing it for the first time! It’s important to choose an office that will motivate you and your employees to strive, prosper and grow as a team! In this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks on how you can find the perfect fit for you, and professionals from Northern Virginia movers offer a variety of services such as packing and moving!

What makes a good office?

Let’s put it this way. Choosing good office space is not just finding and renting a floor in the most expensive building. It’s a bit trickier than that since there are many factors that divide the good from the bad workspace. Some are pretty obvious as well as there are some who you haven’t thought about. In addition, we will list and then talk about the ones that we think are crucial for making the right decision.

  • Plan and preparation
  • Location
  • Expenses
  • Amenities
  • People
  • Office interior
people in the process of finding a perfect office space in the DMV area
Finding a perfect office space might be a challenging process!

Think and rethink

Before diving into the market and spending countless hours searching for office space, you should really think of what do you want from your office? What are your needs, how much space do is necessary for your office? Is there any non-working space such as a chill zone or kitchen? Nothing will be the same after last year’s pandemic outbreak. Since COVID-19 hit the world, everything changed and people got a new perspective on the work.

Suddenly, everyone was working from home. Moreover, it was clear that offices are not the only thing that is keeping a good business running but it’s only one piece in a big mechanism. Not only that employees were happy because they were working from home without having to spend time commuting every day, but they are also showing improved results in their performance along with increased motivation and productivity. With all this being said, think again if your business really needs office space since that can save you a lot of money.

office space with a nice view
Thinking and planning turn out to be the key to success!


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One of the crucial things you should be looking for is the place of your work. It’s important to do that not only for your clients but for your employees as well. Believe it or not, it’s one of the main reasons people quit their job. You should absolutely take time into consideration how distant the work is from their homes. Another thing to look out for is if it’s a good neighborhood. Location is very important since people trust more brands with a physical location where they can actually come for a meeting or discussion with the employer. It might be hard to get a good spot as a startup, but it determines the image your brand reflects clients.

Expenses and costs

Expenses are closely related to the location you chose. If you pick the nice-looking building in the city center, that may result in bigger rent. Yet, if you are not in a position to lease an office in the city center, choosing something on the further is not a bad deal either. As your business grows, you’ll be able to relocate to the center and there are plenty of movers who can provide such a service.  Commercial movers in northern VA are a great choice since these guys do their job with ease and make look effortless.

Finding a perfect office space in the DMV area has never been easier

Good planning and layout will result in everything fitting in perfectly. It may seem like a large space when it’s empty, but as soon as it starts filling up with furniture and office belongings, you’ll realize that the thinking-through part was worth it. Another thing is air conditioning and enough lightning for the workspace. Of course, you want your employees to be happy and keep up the good spirit. Think of amenities that your office space has to offer. For example, if you expect many clients coming over, you should look for a building with a reception.

good looking and cozy office
Having a cozy office may help employees to feel more like at home

Your work family

Sometimes, you spend more time in the day with your colleagues than with your family members. People are the key piece for the good office puzzle. They are the ones who represent your brand, your office, your work! Investing some extra time when hiring and gathering your team with who you are going to grow and thrive. This may result in people having to move to the city where the headquarters is located. That way, you’ll significantly help your employee when making that big step and sure, they will appreciate it.

Things that people look over!

Without a doubt, repairs can get very pricy and they can set off your company’s progress. Thinking of who is repairing and what is their reputation might be a good, smart move. Additionally, think of how will your office’s interior look. Chose something modern, clean, and something that resembles professionalism. At the end of the day, the first impression is always the most important one. It will determine whether your clients are going to take you seriously or not.

With all the things we’ve covered, we hope that we clarified some of your questions and helped in process of finding a perfect office space in the DMV area!

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