Tips for Moving Into a College Dorm

How toMay 8, 2022

Not all relocations are the same. All of them can vary in size and type of move. For example, if you are only moving a house or an apartment, it’s a pretty normal procedure. However, if you are moving an office, it becomes much more delicate. The same goes if you are moving a workshop or a store. It takes a lot of planning and you have to put a lot of stuff into perspective. In this case, you are moving into a college dorm and this guide will provide you with some useful tips on how to do it properly, quickly, and at the lowest price possible.

Clean everything before moving into a college dorm

Unlike private houses, which are used by only a handful of people for a long time, dorms frequently change owners. So, a dorm can sometimes even have 10 residents in a spawn of 4 years. So, that makes dorms much dirtier than houses. Not to mention that usually young people live in dorms, and they aren’t very motivated to keep them clean. So, to protect yourself, you should go to the dorm and clean it thoroughly before your move with moving companies Sterling VA begins. Make sure none of your stuff is in the room until you are certain it is clean. Once you do the cleaning, you can begin with the relocation.

A lot of tools are on a table.
Bringing a tool kit when moving into a college dorm is never a bad decision.

Try to bring a tool kit when moving into a college dorm

It’s really easy to find a good tool kit in any specialized store. Firstly, you will probably need it to repair some stuff in the dorm. Unfortunately, college dorms aren’t properly handled by those who use them. College students often break doorknobs, damage beds, and even make a mess with the lights. So, better save than sorry. Take a tool kit with you and repair everything that needs repairing. Also, even though you will use it for relocation purposes, it’s always good to leave a tool kit at the dorm. Nothing lasts forever so you will probably need it again in some time.

Make sure you stay hydrated during the relocation

Relocation isn’t an easy task and it’s certainly not quick. It might take forever if you are doing it alone. That’s why it’s always better to hire good movers like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage to do the job for you. Of course, not everyone can afford that and some people just believe they can do a better job by themselves. So, in case you opt for doing the job alone, make sure you stay hydrated. Carrying all the stuff and boxes can really wear out a person, and you don’t want that to happen to you. Losing too much liquid will end up in dehydration and that’s no joke. So, buy some water and snacks and always have them by your side.

Let your kid take the lead

If you are a parent moving¬† your kid into dorm, let them be in charge of the relocation. Allow them to decide which boxes to move first and where to put them. It would be really nice if you could give them some space and show them trust because it is their big day. They are making a big change and if you allow them to feel they have a responsibility, it can easily reflect on their view of the college and their grades. The more trust you show them, the more responsible they’ll feel. Also, try not to hover around the place for too long. Let your kid have their privacy and feel what it’s like to live away from the family. Do your part of the job, tell them you’ll always be there for them whatever they need, and go.

There are many moving boxes in a room.
Try to avoid overpacking, which is one of the most common mistakes people tend to make when moving into a college dorm.

Don’t overpack

A lot of people take way too much stuff with them when moving into a college dorm. Usually, if your car is filled to the top with stuff you want to move it means you’re moving too much stuff. Do your best to avoid that because it won’t fit in the dorm. Dorms are small and usually, you share them with a roommate. So, bring the necessities and clothes for different seasons. Maybe a one or two things that aren’t that important, but not much more than that. They can bring their summer clothes back on Thanksgiving and change them for winter clothes. If you want to empty your kid’s room and can’t put it all in the dorm, you can always find some onsite storage units and leave the items there so your room stays empty and you can use it for whatever you had in plan.

Get a first aid kit

No matter how handy your child is, they can always get hurt. First aid kits aren’t expensive and getting a first aid kit for your kid means you’re getting one for the whole floor. You might potentially save lives by doing that. They can keep it in their bathroom or beneath the bed and it will be a good investment. Your child will be much safer, as well as their roommate.

Get some vacuum storage bags

Maybe you can use them at home, or your kid can use them at the dorm, or maybe even to save space when moving stuff to Storage Sterling offers. No matter what you opt for, space bags can be really useful. Space bags are cheap and if you have a regular vacuum cleaner, you will be able to save a ton of space. Try it out and then make a decision. You can even ask some of your friends or family because there is a big chance they’ve used them before.

A first aid kit is on a table.
Make your child’s dorm room a much safer place by purchasing a first aid kit.

Make sure you hire reliable movers

One thing is for sure, it’s always better to hire movers if you can. However, it’s not so simple. You need to make sure you’ve found reliable movers who are also affordable. Try finding some reviews on their site and if they have none, ask your friends and family for a recommendation. Moving into a college dorm is not a task you can leave to any company. There will be a lot of expensive and personal stuff, so make sure it’s handled by professionals.

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