Tips for preparing fragile items for storage

Storage preparationDecember 1, 2020

Are you looking for more tips on preparing fragile items for storage? You’ve come to the right place! Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV is here to help you with your quest! Who better to take advice from than the company that has years of moving and packing experience? When you’re relocating, it’s normal to place some of your items in storage. It makes the move easier and sometimes, it lessens the cost. What you don’t usually know when you’re placing your items in storage is how long they’re going to stay there. Sometimes everything goes according to plan and you can pick them up in no time. Other times, it’s not that simple. To avoid just tossing your items in storage and having them destroyed, keep on reading! We’ll tell you more about the proper way to store your fragile items. 

Do the research before preparing fragile items for storage

Since the items that we’re talking about are fragile, you’ll need quality materials and quality services. But which ones? 

laptop and notebook
Before packing your fragile items, don’t forget to do your research!

Preparing fragile items for storage means:

  • Browsing the internet to find more tips
  • Looking for quality packing materials
  • Researching the quality storage spaces 
  • Finding out which moving company to hire to help you move your fragile items 

There are numerous things that you have to do before you can realize the move. Moving fragile items is always tricky, but it’s doable. Packing them is definitely going to take your time. To stay organized during the packing process, you should keep track of everything you need to buy, order, and do. Make lists on your mobile phone or by using a pen and paper. That will not only help you stay organized and track your progress of the process, it will also allow you to track your finances and not overstep your budget.
Doing the research will take time, but it will shorten the time of the packing process. Making lists alongside the research is the most efficient way to actually grasp how much money you have to spend and how many things you’ll need to do. 

Clean your items

The first step to preparing fragile items for storage is properly cleaning them. You don’t want to store your items in the bad condition, and then have them just sit for months. They could develop a smell, get very damaged, or develop mold. That’s why, no matter the size of your fragile item, you should take your time to clean it thoroughly. If you have antique furniture, going over it with a damp cloth will be enough. If you have small ceramic figures, the damp cloth will work too. Some items aren’t that easy to clean, so make sure that you start cleaning and packing your items at least a few weeks in advance. That will give you time to properly clean them, pack them,  and ask for help if necessary. 

cardboard box
Treat your items as if you are going on a long-distance move.

Pack you items as you would for relocation

To ensure the safety of the items, treat them like you would when you’re going on a long-distance move. Pack carefully and get your items prepared for the long-distance trip. Get the packing papers, wraps, adhesive tapes – and dive in. If they’re much smaller than the plastic containers, get the specialty box and place your item inside it. Fill the rest of the space with packing peanut. Don’t forget to wrap your items with bubble wraps at least twice. Secure the wrap with tape, as well as the seams of the specialty box.

Preparing fragile items for storage requires plastic containers

Plastic containers are the best prevention from mechanically-induced damage, as well as mold. Since the lids on the plastic containers are well-sealed, they will prevent any moisture from getting inside and prevent any mold from forming. They are worth investing in, and the best thing is that they’re stackable. When you place your items inside, fill the rest of the empty space with packing peanuts. Label the box so you know it’s content at any given moment, and place it in the dry, dark container space.

Preparing fragile items for storage means getting tools for the move

Appropriate tools for the move means that you should invest in the ramps, dallies, quality blankets, etc. All of those are necessary when you’re preparing fragile items for storage. Sometimes that’s not possible, which is where the moving company comes in. Quality movers can help you not just in relocating the fragile items, but also in packing them properly. If you’re moving old, antique furniture, it’s best to call professionals. They will know how to best deal with them and preserve their current condition. They’re also equipped with all the tools that you might need. You can also rent packing materials from the moving company, but that means that you’ll have to return them after some time. 

Getting a climate-controlled storage space will best preserve your items.

The climate-controlled storage space is a must

If you’re thinking about investing in a quality climate-controlled storage space like Storage Tysons Corner – you’re on the right track of thinking. Climate-controlled storage will help you preserve items in the exact same state they were in when they got placed in it. Some of the fragile items truly need climate-controlled storage space, while others don’t. It depends on the materials that the items are made from. Investing in a quality, climate-controlled storage space means investing in the “health” of your belongings.

Place your fragile items in a secure facility

Last, but not least thing that should be on your to-do list is finding a secure facility. You don’t want to risk your precious belongings just because you hurried to book the first storage space you found. Secure storage spaces like Sterling storage containers may seem hard to come up with at first. Once you become more skilled at recognizing quality moving spaces, you’ll also find them easier. If you’ve got a recommendation from a friend, you should consider hiring that service. Word of mouth is always worth a lot more than the ad on the internet because it’s proof of quality. If you don’t manage to find the proper storage space, remember that we’re always at your disposal. You can get a free quote or call us, and see for yourself why we should be the ones to store your precious belongings! 

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