Tips for storing fragile valuables in Ashburn

Storage preparationJanuary 14, 2022

It is a unique challenge to work with fragile items. This is especially true when the items are expensive as well. No matter how fragile or valuable, your items must be stored properly and transported like all others. Luckily, storing fragile valuables in Ashburn was never easier. Check out storage units Ashburn VA, and the tips we have prepared for you.

Use a carboard box for storing fragile valuables in Ashburn
You need to think about the nature of your valuables, and if they are fragile- protect them

How to protect your valuables

No matter if you are storing your fragile valuables in your attic or a storage unit, they still need to be protected. You don’t want to find them broken or not functional when you decide to unpack them. These can be your seasonal items like Christmas decorations, or your China sets that you use occasionally but you still want them to be stored safely. You should also take into consideration that some items need to be in climate controlled storage Northern Virginia offers. Here are our top tips to protect your valuables:

  • store your valuables on a lower level for easy reach
  • use protective packaging for storing fragile valuables in Ashburn
  • label correctly so you know how to handle them while packed

How to store them

When storing fragile items, it’s best to keep them at a lower level within easy reach. It’s a good idea to reduce the probability of falling items causing damage. You can ask your Northern Virginia movers to stack your fragile items lower, but make sure you label your boxes so they know what they are handling.

The same labels will come in handy once you decide to pick them up. Your moving company and yourself will handle them with care. You can use markers or stickers to label your boxes. You can also place all the fragile items in one place, so you know exactly what part of the storage area to give extra attention to.

A man holding a labeled box
Use protective boxes for storing fragile valuables in Ashburn

Final tips

If possible, do not position your fragile items in an area of the storage unit that is susceptible to impact. You might want to consider moving fragile items to a safe place if they are too close to the door or hallway. If you are remodeling your home, onsite storage might be a better option for you, as your valuables will always be on hand.

However, be very careful about how you pack your most fragile items. This is due to the fact that while it may seem tempting to pack as much paper or popcorn in there as possible. The more tightly it is packed, the greater the chance of damage or breakage in case of impact. To pack efficiently, use protective boxes and bubble wrap. Get creative.

The safety of your belongings is our biggest priority. If you need more information do not hesitate to reach out. We hope that our tips are helping you are storing fragile valuables in Ashburn. You can choose between an area of different storage solutions, and leave the rest to us.

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