Tips for storing large appliances

Storage preparationDecember 21, 2020

There are many reasons why people need to store large appliances. What is here crucial is to do the storage properly, so you protect your large appliances. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV will give you a few tips. It is not enough just to put them in storage as they are.  When storing electrical appliances, it is particularly important that the chosen location is dry. Electrically operated equipment must be protected from moisture. It does not matter whether the moisture is caused by rain, snow, or generally high humidity. In order to avoid humidity, the room should always be ventilated.

Cold and temperature fluctuations

Batteries discharge more quickly in cold conditions. This can currently be observed especially when using your smartphone outdoors. Excessive exposure to cold is fatal for any battery. The colder a battery becomes, the further its capacity decreases.  A longer stay in the cold can lead to a complete discharge, which in the worst case leads to the appliance to break down. To avoid this when moving and storage Washington DC, transport large appliances as warm as possible at low temperatures, preferably in a well-padded wrap.

Avoiding cold storing large appliances
Devices that have any kind of battery do not expose themselves to the cold in winter only in an absolute emergency and never store them outdoor.

Protect from moisture when storing large appliances

Moisture can also get into appliances through excessive temperature fluctuations and cause great damage there. If you bring a large appliance that has cooled down to ambient temperature after long transport due to the cold, into a heated room, the room humidity condenses on the cool surfaces inside the appliance. Water drops can cause the metal parts to rust. When storing large appliances in a moist environment, the moisture can cause problems with the electronics and short circuits. Therefore, to avoid these problems, you need to make sure that the storage unit where you store your large appliances is dry and well ventilated.

Electrical appliances

Store old record players, game consoles, or other electrical appliances in a dry and well-ventilated place. In order not to damage the electronics, temperatures should not fluctuate. It should be between 10 and 25 degrees. Furthermore, store the devices in plastic bags to protect them from dust. It is important that the air can circulate through an opening. This way moisture will not forms and rust will not make the electrical appliances unusable.

Storing large appliances – Refrigerators

When storing a refrigerator in Sterling storage containers, for example, there are a couple of things to make sure to do before storing them:

  • Disconnect the cooling unit from the power supply.
  • Remove all stored food.
  • Clean the interior thoroughly.
  • The door of the cooling unit must remain open a gap wide.
  • Read application instructions.
Stainless steel refrigerator beside white kitchen cabinet
Store the device in a dry storage room to protect it from moisture.

It can happen that appliances rust or electrical devices do not start at all. To avoid this from happening contact Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV. They will take care of storing your large appliances and you can be sure that they are well taken care of.

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