Tips on how to pack and store heavy furniture

How toMay 12, 2022

Packing and storing heavy furniture is hard when you are doing it alone. Especially if you are trying to pack and store heavy furniture fast. Without knowing what you are doing it’s possible to damage or bake something so learning what you are supposed to do is advised. So we decided to help you out. Here are some tips on how to pack and store heavy furniture.

Plan it out

Before you throw yourself into packing and storing heavy furniture, we would like to note there is something to do before. And that something is to plan everything out. You cant move something constantly not knowing if you want to take it with you or put it in storage units Ashburn VA. Especially if that something is a heavy piece of furniture you will need a plan on how to pack and store heavy furniture. So take a notebook and write it all down.

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    A couple wraping a sofa
    When you pack and store heavy furniture doing it with the help of your loved ones will speed up and make the whole process easier.

Packing materials

Before the time comes to pack and store heavy furniture, long before any of the moving companies Northern VA come, there are some things we need to do. One of those things is to get all the packing materials we will need.  On the list of the packing materials are boxes, tape, paper wrap, and bubble wrap, depending on the weight of the furniture there might be some items to help us raise it. when we pack and store heavy furniture we must always be ready with all the materials we may need.

How to pack

Packing may sound easy, but don’t forget that heavy furniture can be dangerous. If it falls or brakes it can hurt you or someone else. So you have to take care of how you pack and store heavy furniture before you place it in portable storage Northern Virginia. Start by disassembling your furniture. Usually, the heavy items are also bigger. So by doing this it’s easier for us to pack it. Protect the fragile parts by wrapping them up with bubble wrap or paper wrap. Wrap all the other parts as well and place them in boxes. For the furniture parts that are too big for the box, wrap them in blankets and tape them so they don’t unwrap.

A couple ready to pack and store heavy furniture
Some things don’t look that heavy until it’s time to move it. So make sure to write down everything that needs to be moved and be ready.

How to store

Before we place our item in storage we need to decide what type of storage. Contact the moving company in order to see all of the possibilities and services they offer. After we pack it’s time to store heavy furniture. Make sure all the heavy items are either on the ground or on lower shelves to prevent them from falling or breaking the shelves. If you have to place them higher make sure the shelf is strong enough to withstand the weight. Also make sure that you never put a heavy box on top of something, as it may damage the items under it.


After we pack and store heavy furniture we also have to mention the moving part. There is no reason to move all the heavy furniture. If you have some old furniture you don’t use anymore why not donate it to Furniture Bank Network or some other charity. Moving is also a lot easier with help so call some of your friends and family. They will come in hand when it’s time to do the heavy lifting.

We hope we helped you even a little. Some items may be heavy but moving them will not be a problem as long as you know what you are doing.

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