Top cities in the DMV area for retirement

Are you planning your retirement somewhere in the DMV area? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Zippy Shell Moving & Storage DMV will present the top cities that are worth taking a look into. Step number one, when it comes to choosing your retirement place, is to set your priorities. When you have them figured out, everything else will slowly fall into place. With patience and time put into research, you’ll fall in love with one of the cities and find the ideal fit for your lifestyle and personality. To find out more about cities in the DMV area for retirement, keep on reading!

What to take into consideration when you’re looking at cities in the DMV area for retirement

Step number one to choosing your retirement place, as we’ve already said, is to set your priorities! Let us elaborate further: 

  • Make a pros and cons list of the places that you like. When you have it charted out, you’ll see more clearly which places are a better fit. 
  • Decide on the budget, and how much you’re willing to cross it in case your ideal place costs a little bit more. Set the strict limits, and stick to them. There’s no use getting your retirement home if you end up despising it because of the financial situation it might put you in. 
money and time
Set a strict budget and be honest with yourself about your financial abilities.
  • Find out which features and activities you’re willing to compromise and put aside, and what are absolute must-haves for you. You need to spend a lot of time in your new home, and settling for what you don’t truly want will also leave the bitter taste after retiring. 

What features should you take into consideration when looking at cities in the DMV area for retirement?

What features are important to you is entirely up to you, of course. But the truth is that you want your city to have a few features that are common for most people:

  • It needs to have activities that you enjoy so that you can spend your time in a way that you want. 
  • If you enjoy outdoors, opt for the cities where you can get the home with a yard, or where there’s a park nearby. If your home has a yard, it’s usually also easier for residential movers in Northern VA to handle the relocation process.
  • Take a look at the closeness of the healthcare facilities and the transportation system of the city. In case there’s an emergency, those are important factors. 
  • You need to enjoy the community of the city that you wan to retire in. 

The pros of retiring in the Washington DC area?

  • You can arrive at the city center very fast. The Metro system is well developed and everything runs on schedule. 
  • If you have to place your items in a store, for example, storage Alexandria VA, you’ll be able to reach the items quickly and visit the storage unit.
  • There are many different neighborhoods to choose from. You’re very likely to find the neighborhood that fits you perfectly. 
cities in DMV area for retirement
Metro connects you to the city center very well!
  • The city has a lot to offer, culture-wise. There are various national landmarks, theaters and art centers, and many more. 

So, what are the top cities in the DMV area for retirement?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices of people nowadays: 

  • The first factor is the area where you might be looking at. Some of those areas are Maryland, Washington, etc. The areas there differ slightly, so take a close look at each one. 
  • The top choices of cities in the DMV area for retirement are Cumberland, Cambridge, Hagerstown, Hillandale, West Falls Church. 

Let’s break down some of those cities and take a closer look! 


In Cumberland, around 20% of the population is over the age of 65. This means that the city is a popular choice amongst retirees. That’s because the quality of life for retirees is unprecedented between the nearby places. The scenery around this place is amazing, and you’ll be able to frequent nature sites that are very close and convenient. The city has a lot more to offer than the green areas: the quality wineries, various museums, art places, beautiful cityscapes. Etc. The sheer number of options for leisure time is enough to make you start thinking about the place! 


Do you want to spend your leisure time discovering various museums, historical sites, and being active in nature? If the answer is yes, then definitely add Hagerstown to the list of places to dig into deeper. Hagerstown is a little bit more upbeat than the Cumberland. Not only that, but it has more hospitals in close proximity of the city. If you’re into a more active lifestyle, then Hagerstown is definitely one of the top cities in the DMV area for retirement in your case. The retiree percentage is slowly increasing with time, but the truth is that it’s not as high as in the case of Cumberland. Around 12% of people that live in the city are retirees. 

a forest for walk
Cities in the DMV area for retirement offer various types of leisure activities, and close proximity to nature!


Cambridge is a little more popular among retirees, with around 17% of the population over 65. If you’re a fan of beaches and shore, then this is the place for you to explore. It’s also another one of the options for avid hiking explorers. Cambridge offers Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, Harriet Tubman Museum, Sallwinds Park, Maritime museum – and many more. The residents are friendly and you’re sure to find people with similar interests.


In Hillandale, almost 90% of people own their homes. This neighborhood is safe and quiet. There are many choices regarding leisure activities and entertainment. The people are friendly, and a big majority of them are very satisfied with the life they lead there. Even local businesses have amazing customer services. Wherever you go, you’ll feel welcome!  

Have you found your perfect place?

As you can see, cities in the DMV area for retirement have much to offer. The trick is to take your time and truly research deeply to get to know each area well. In the end, when you decide where you’d like to retire, you’ll need the help of reliable movers to execute the relocation. Have you found your forever home? If so, book a stress-free move and have your items moved in no time!


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