Using portable storage for papers and documents: how and why

Storage preparationFebruary 23, 2022

Expanding the business is not an easy task. You have to calculate the market, the situation in the world, the finances, the need of the employees and yet, manage to expand your business without one day lost. And since we are aware of that, we have decided to make your choices a little bit easier and tell you why should you be using portable storage for papers and documents. With this guide, and some of the best moving companies you find, like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV, you will be safe. Your documents and papers will be in the same condition you have left them. And in a blink of an eye, your business will be expanded and relocated.

What is portable storage?

For those who do not know, portable storage is something that will make your life easier. It is the perfect type of relocation and storing the papers and documents when you are about to relocate your business. The main and the best thing about this type of storage is that it comes to you. You do not have to waste a single minute on finding it and traveling to it. Once you decide, portable storage is at your door. You can even check and book it online with some of the best portable storage Northern Virginia has.

office with bookshelves
Consider using portable storage for papers and documents from your office.

“It must be expensive!”

Most people think that using portable storage is something you will have to spend a lot of money on. This is a delusion. Some of the best portable storage is at a reasonable price. With booking and renting storage facilities Northern Virginia has you will have the best offer for a reasonable price. So do not hesitate to ask someone with experience how were they satisfied with the service and was it worth money.

Why you should consider using portable storage for papers and documents?

When you want to relocate or expand your business, papers and documents are pretty much crucial things that need to be relocated and safe. Using portable storage for papers and documents has been shown to be the best solution. And why is that?

  1. Fo starts, you will be able to call commercial movers Northern Virginia has and ask for the service of the portable storage. The movers and the employees will come to your door and take the documents that are important. Once they take them, they will place them in portable storage and you can feel safe.
  2. Storage for papers and documents must have a great climate-controlled area and must be protected from the humidity. If you search for low prices and cheap movers, no one will guarantee you that the paper will not get moist or fold some corners.

These two reasons are more than enough to convince you to take and rent portable storage.

woman looking at documents
Think of the benefits of using portable storage

What is something every storage must-have?

When you want to rent storage, pay attention to the conditions and the deal the company is offering you. If you are relocating, you will need some place safe. It is important that you trust the company and that you know you are doing the right thing by renting storage.

There must be 24/7 security. If you are using portable storage for papers and documents, means that they have some value. Otherways you would throw them away. Knowing that your papers and documents are in a safe place will definitely help you out through the relocation.

Climate-controlled storage is crucial when it comes to storing your papers and documents. The humidity must be on the right level. It is the same with the temperature. It will be best if you could find the storage facilities that have this automatically arranged. If not, you will be spending days and hours changing the temperature in the storage unit.

The last but not the least thing that every storage must have are alarms. There is no use in using in storing papers and documents if the storage facilities they are getting into have no protection of this kind. Your documents must be protected from fire and smoke. Especially when we talk about storing papers and documents. This is an easily flammable material. And even one sparkle of fire will get them all in ashes.

Tips for moving and relocating your office

If you are using portable storage for papers and documents when you are relocating your office, there are some things you need to know. The number one thing to remember is that it is not just you who is relocating. Talking and preparing the employees is one of the most important things to do. Some people think that employees and colleagues are other families. So you must treat them like that. Inform the employees of the relocation. And give them a day or two, maybe even a week to think about that.

Once they have accepted the idea of the relocation, it’s time for packing. Every employee should pack their own stuff. You do not want to mess with their personal items. Because let us face it, every worker has something personal on their desk. Inform them that if they have some important files, you will be storing them, so that they can prepare them.

And the last thing you must do is to tell the partners that you will be changing the address of the company. It is also crucial that you change the address so that your mail will be at the right place.

woman finding online the benefits of using portable storage for papers and documents
Every employee should pack their own desk.

Using portable storage for papers and documents is a very good solution when you are relocating or expanding your business. And with the right moving company and its services, you will see that this type of storage is something you have been waiting for a long time. All that is left, after you have packed and stored the documents that you relocate and start building your business in a different place.

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