Ways storage units help seniors move

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Relocation can be quite difficult to pull off. There is no question about it.  It is both financially demanding and time-consuming. However, what makes relocation so difficult are the impending changes. Changes are especially difficult for seniors. They usually have their routine and are not too fond of changes. For this reason, the relocation process can be downright traumatic for seniors. Fortunately, there is always a way to make things less stressful. For example, senior moving services is an efficient yet affordable way of helping older people change their addresses. Another option is to rent a storage unit. In this article, we will take a look at ways storage units help seniors move. We will show you how to get the most of this neat moving service. Stay with us.

The first step – hire a reliable moving partner

In case you don’t know, relocation is a very challenging physical activity as it involves a lot of heavy lifting. This is why the elderly shouldn’t try to pull it off on their own. So, if you have older parents who are thinking of moving, the best thing you could do for them is to call professional movers VA. Here is why it is considered good practice to get professional assistance when moving:

  • You will save a lot of time. Your movers are well-trained professionals that will organize a move in a much shorter time than you could ever do. Furthermore, if you let them do their job you can concentrate on other important aspects of the move.
  • Safety of your belongings. Professional packers know how to handle heavy and bulky pieces of furniture. They also know all the packing techniques that guarantee the safety of your belongings during transport.
  • Avoid Injuries. Very important for older people. It takes some skill to pack and move heavy objects like refrigerators and sofas. Don’t risk injuring your spine and call professionals.

    Picture of professional movers. Pro movers and storage units help seniors move
    Hiring reliable relocation partners is the first step towards a successful relocation

Storage units help seniors move, but you have to sort out your belongings first

Older people sometimes have a habit of keeping stuff. That’s apparently something people develop with age. This could prove to be a problem when moving. As we already said, packing for the move is a complex task, now imagine you have to pack a ton of stuff you don’t actually need. Why would you do that to yourself? For that reason, you should declutter your home before renting storage units Rockville MD. Or in other words, sell, donate, or throw away anything you are not using anymore. Here is why that is a smart step:

  • You will pay less for the move. The price of every move is based on two main factors: The distance of the move and the weight of the shipment. So, the less stuff you decide to transport, the less you will pay for the move. It’s as simple as that.
  • Less time spent on packing and unpacking. These two processes are already tiring enough, why would you make them even longer?
  • Fresh start. You are soon moving to a new home and starting a new chapter in your life. The best way to do it is with a clean and organized living space. Furthermore, too much stuff only attracts dust and allergens.

    Picture of a senior man and a little child cleaning house
    Storage units help seniors move but before you rent a storage unit you must sort out your belongings

Mobile storage units help seniors move all the time

According to the latest data, mobile storage is the top storage and moving solution for older people. So, what do you need to know about residential onsite storage containers? How to get the most of them? Well, first of all, when you get portable storage, your moving partner will leave a moving container in front of your home so that you can pack your belongings into it. They will later come back to pick it up and transport it to the destination you choose. So, what are the pros of renting a portable container?

  • It’s more cost-effective. Moving can be quite expensive. Long-distance relocations are especially pricey starting at $4,300. But if you decide to rent a portable container you will trim down the price by a significant amount, but you will have to do some of the tasks on your own.
  • It is easy to load and unload a moving container. This leads us to the second and a very important point. The neat thing about portable storage is that they are at ground level. This means that everything you need to do is to get your furniture outside. It’s very simple. This also means that will not have to use loading ramps or other complicated equipment.
  • Safety of your possessions. These containers have a sturdy build, so your belongings will be safe.

    Picture of a piggy bank
    Portable storage is the more cost-effective alternative to full-service moving

Other ways storage units help seniors move

Great, now we know why renting portable storage could be the solution for your relocation process. But there are other scenarios where storage units help seniors move. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Emergency relocation. Sometimes, due to emergency health issues, seniors need to be relocated quickly. This means that there will be no time to make any decision about their belongings.
  • Home downsizing. Older people often decide to settle in a smaller living space. However, it is possible that they won’t be able to fit everything they own into their new home. Storage units can save their day until they decide what to do with these items.
  • Safety. Whether your possessions have sentimental or commercial value, storage units present a safe place for family heirloom. You just have to find a storage facility that meets all the safety standards like cameras, quality locks, and night guards.

So, these were some of the ways storage units help seniors move. Whatever is the reason behind your decision to rent the storage unit you must remember that it is very important to find a reliable storage partner. Good luck!

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