What can go wrong if you don’t go for climate-controlled storage

Storage preparationApril 19, 2022

What can go wrong if you don’t go for climate-controlled storage? Are you in need of storage, but can’t decide which one is better for you? Sure the basic storage is okay, for things like outdoor appliances, yard furniture, or anything that is resilient and hard to damage. But for most of the things in your house or business, it won’t do the job.  Well, we are here to tell you some of the things that can go wrong.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage, as the name applies is a storage unit that takes the edge off the changes in temperatures. It was created two decades ago at the request of many customers.  Can you go wrong if you don’t go for climate-controlled storage? In most cases yes. Climate control is not the same as when you turn on the air conditioning or heat at home. Also depending on where you live the storage options can differ. For example, climate controlled storage northern Virginia will not have the same temperature control as in some other colder or warmer places. Here are some tips.

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Humidity and air quality
  • Dust
  • Peace of mind

    Outside Storage
    Outside storage units affected by the weather

Extreme temperatures

Depending on where you live the temperatures can change quite a lot during the year. From climbing up to 100 degrees in summer to dropping below zero and freezing in the winter. If you don’t go for climate-controlled storage your stuff is exposed to those changes without any protection. For example, items made out of wood or with a lot of wooden details will be sensitive to sudden temperature changes. They can cause wrapping, cracking, and splitting. Climate-controlled storage is always at the same temperature going up or down only by 10 degrees. If you are concerned and have sensitive items you can always contact the company and inquire about the storage and services they provide.

Humidity and air quality

Give yourself some time to research packing services northern VA and other specifics about climate controlled What will happen to your books and documents? Well, both books and paperwork among many other items are easy to damage and mold in humid places. So make sure to ask for humid control. For example, humidity can affect wood furniture. Also air quality is easy to overlook. In normal storage, the air is sealed with your items. But in climate-controlled storage, the air does not stand still so it’s always fresh and doesn’t go stale.

Packing books
Pacing books for the climate-controlled storage with humidity control


Climate-controlled storage units are usually placed in separate buildings with isolated roofs walls and floors or storage units in DC metro area with a tight seal and control around them. So by not picking it, there is a risk of your items being exposed to rodents and a lot of dust or debris. By storing them in controlled storage the risk of this happening is close to zero.

Peace of mind

We think that at this point there’s anyone that won’t go for climate-controlled storage. But still, the last proof that controlled storage is better is peace of mind. Your items will be the same as when you left them, in a week, year, or even a decade. 

We hope this helped you in deciding if the climate-controlled storage is for you. We only wish the best for your items and your peace of mind.

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