What items are forbidden in a storage facility

Packing guideNovember 26, 2020

Are you looking into some of the storage solutions, but you’re not sure which items are forbidden in a storage facility? Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV will help you find out which items you’re allowed to place into storage, and which ones you should think of placing somewhere else. Before you decide to place your items in the storage, first inform yourself about which ones you can and can’t store. If you place the items you shouldn’t, in the best case, there will be some unpleasantries. In the worst, placing illegal items in a storage facility can have serious repercussions. To find out which items are forbidden in a storage facility, keep on reading! 

Why do people use storage facilities and why are some items forbidden in a storage facility

Storage facilities are a great way to avoid moving troubles. When you have to move suddenly, or you’re downsizing – a storage facility can come in handy. Sometimes people are keeping items that they don’t need every day in storage. You probably stored some of the items that you shouldn’t have – plants, for example. If you’re thinking about moving your plants to the storage, even if just for a short amount of time – you should know that it’s forbidden. If you need to, place them in the garden or have a friend take care of them for a short while. Why are some items forbidden in a storage facility? Most of the time, people get the storage services and end up extending the deal and keeping their items in it for a long time. You should avoid having dead plants, illegal items, and items that can be dangerous. 

Explosive items are a big no

Items that may explode are strictly forbidden in all facilities, including Storage Units Rockville MD

Don’t store anything that can explode in the storage facility!

Explosive items are forbidden in a storage facility:

  • Alcohol
  • Propane tanks
  • Oil
  • Fertilizers 
  • Paint
  • Biological waste 

Those are just some of the items that you may not have thought would be forbidden in a storage facility. Don’t store paint! The same goes for the fertilizers, which you may want to store because of its smell, or because of the quantity that you have – but nonetheless, they can also be dangerous.

You also mustn’t store fireworks, as they can be hazardous. They can easily go off, and affect the safety off al the items in the storage facility. The same goes for the radioactive items, which you probably don’t own – but it’s worth mentioning. 

Be aware of chemicals that you’d like to put into storage

If you need to move your items to the storage consider hiring a moving service such as moving services Northern VA. You can also inquire about which types of items you should put in the storage. Many chemicals tend to be dangerous. Store them properly. While many storage facilities offer perfect storing conditions, it’s impossible that those conditions are going to be perfect for all the chemicals. Chemicals can also be flammable, which is another reason to keep them away from any storage facility. This means that you also can’t store any cleaning products or items like nail polish remover or oil-based products.

You shouldn’t store anything perishable. Especially avoid storing food and drinks.

Don’t store perishable items like food and drinks

Perishable items would take away space in an already packed storage facility. You shouldn’t place them into storage facilities, no matter what the package says about it. Not only will they perish and leave the mess, but they can also be the reason that the mold starts to form. The same goes for bacteria or other cultures that can affect the quality of other items that are you place in the storage. Imagine leaving your items in the perfect condition and finding them all moldy and destroyed. No one would like that! Don’t place the potential cause of that mold in a storage facility. Simply, there’s not a good enough reason for that. You shouldn’t place food nor drinks, and same goes for any type of groceries. 

Don’t put plants and animals into storage

Many people try to save money by keeping their plants and pets in storage units. While it may seem like a good idea at first, you should know that storage facilities aren’t a good place for your pets or plants. Pet-boarding services are easily available, and you aren’t doing anything illegal by hiring them. If you place your pet in a storage facility, that can be considered animal cruelty. Pets are living beings, just like us – they need to feel safe, to have food and clean space. They also need light – as do plants – in order to live a healthy and normal life. Plants aren’t allowed as well, as they can attract insects and cause harm to other items that are in storage. When you place plants in storage they will not receive enough minerals, water, and sunlight to stay alive. If you’re unsure what to do with your plants, gift them to someone. 

weapons and dangerous items are forbidden in a storage facility
If you want to store your weapon, keep in mind that they are best kept at your home, in a safe.

Weapons and dangerous items are forbidden in a storage facility

Weapons are amongst items that are forbidden in a storage facility. Keep them at home. No matter whether you’d like to store the gun, or the ammunition, those items are all forbidden. Think of what would happen if someone was to break into your storage facility and find weapons. In the middle of chaos, that might be fatal and you might even end up punished because of it. A good substitution for storage units is safe – only you can access it and you can keep it in your home which will allow you to have much greater peace of mind. While storage facilities are secure, don’t rely on them for storing items that aren’t yours. 

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