What not to wear on your moving day

Moving day tipsOctober 13, 2020

Is your moving day getting closer, but you’re not sure what to wear? We can definitely tell you what not to wear on your moving day, and the rest is going to fall into place. Wearing something uncomfortable or itchy on your moving day will only add to the already very stressful situation, which is why Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV has decided to help you in your endeavors, and share the expertise in the matter. We have many years of experience in moving, and our experience will mean a lot to you on your moving day. To find out what kind of clothes should be avoided, and what you should actually wear – keep on reading! 

What bottoms not to wear on your moving day

If you’re thinking about wearing jeans on your moving day – don’t. They are one of the things not to wear on your moving day. There are many models that can be comfortable, but there are many models that also aren’t. Imagine waiting for the movers’ arrival, and feeling the itch on your skin.

Find a suitable, more comfortable alternative to jeans on a moving day.

The texas can be rough on the skin, and since the material is thick, it can’t mold exactly to your skin. It’s far better to wear a tracksuit or leggings. Make sure you don’t wear anything that’s too airy, as it can easily get caught on some corner box or whatever’s sticking out and tear. Wear something that’s comfortable, but close to the body. It should also be durable.

Watch out for sweat

There are many things that you should think about when it comes to moving day, but clothes are one of the priorities. Wearing breathable materials like cotton is a must. While polyester is attractive because it drys fast, it’s not the best option in the world – try not to wear it on your moving day. If you’ll be driving for a long time, loading the boxes, and doing physical work – consider having the cotton shirt on you. You can easily change into another one if you get wet, but you can’t calm down skin irritations that easily. That’s also one of the reasons why you don’t want anything that’s going to be uncomfortable at any place on your body. If something is squeezing you too much or if you feel something scratching – change the clothing immediately. 

Sweaters shouldn’t be worn as well

Sweaters are a big no, as they can easily get tangled and caught on anything. Imagine going to the storage units Alexandria VA and having to arrange your items while wearing a sweater. It wouldn’t have been a nice experience! They also tend to be some of the clothes that often scratch people.

Itchy sweaters can make your moving day that much harder. Rather plan on wearing a hoodie.

If you need to wear something warm, take a hoodie. You can have the one that pulls over the head or has a zipper, but make sure you skip on wearing sweaters. You should also refrain from wearing cardigans. They tend to be long and they can easily get tangled or you can close them with the car door. Avoid clothes that can float freely and that aren’t close to your body.

What kind of bras not to wear on your moving day

Choosing a quality bra that you won’t struggle with can be a problem, even when it’s not a moving day. Many of them have metal pieces that can stick out, or some part of them may irritate your skin. That’s why it’s best if you consider having a sports bra on you on your moving day. It would be best if you could find one that’s made out of cotton or at least that’s not fully synthetic. Make sure you try it on before the move and spend a couple of hours in it to truly get a feel whether anything’s bothering you. If it is – get another model or a larger number, but don’t travel and deal with moving stress wearing your regular bra. Keep in mind that you don’t want the strap that goes around your waist to squeeze you too much, just like the shoulder straps. 

Uncomfortable shoes should be avoided at all cost

Uncomfortable shoes can make your life a living hell. They are definitely a big no when it comes to clothes that you shouldn’t wear on a moving day.

Running sneakers are the most comfortable option for a moving day. Avoid anything that can be uncomfortable or hurt you.

Follow these tips to avoid pain on your moving day:

  • If you’re a type of person that simply doesn’t get into sneakers, consider doing it just for that one day.
  • Don’t wear any kind of sandals, heels, or any type of shoes that have straps on them. The straps can cause irritation and pain as much as the uncomfortable sole.
  • Make sure that the shoes you do wear on your moving day fit you – you don’t want to twist your ankle while carrying a heavy box, it can lead to much greater injury.
  • Sneakers for running are your best bet, but any pair of sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty and that are comfortable will work. 
  • Elegant shoes are a part of what not to wear on your moving day. They just simply aren’t made for that kind of activity.

What else not to wear on your moving day?

Since it’s very likely that you’ll have to carry some items or that you’ll be spending your entire day in the same clothes – make sure you don’t put anything that you really like on yourself. If it’s expensive, it’s definitely a clothing piece not to wear on your moving day. Moving is a situation where you want to go comfortable, and there’s no reason to wear anything too expensive. Leave your watch or bracelets in the bag as well, as they might get scratched too. Go minimal with the jewelry. 

Aim for comfort when the moving day arrives

So, what not to wear on your moving day? Since you probably packed your clothes in the best possible way, there aren’t many clothing pieces you can put on. You want to make sure that the clothes you wear on your moving day is comfortable. A spare pair of clothing is a must. Your shoes and underwear should be very comfortable as well. Those are the pieces of clothes that can give you the most irritation if you don’t choose the right one. Leave all of the jewelry you usually wear somewhere safe, including watches. In the end, wear clothes that fit your body, that aren’t oversized or airy. They tend to fly around and catch themselves easily. Moving is complicated, and you want to avoid any piece of clothing that might cause additional stress. 

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