What to do in Northern Virginia as a new resident?

Moving to a new place can be both exciting and challenging. Being surrounded by new and different people, unknown streets can be tricky. That’s why exploring in advance and figuring out what can you do in Northern Virginia as a new resident is helpful. You can also meet new people this way and you will for sure be more prepared for the move. So choose the best Northern Virginia movers and start the adventure for your new life!

Why should you move to Northern Virginia?

Before ever moving to a specific place, you should ask yourself: why am I moving there? It is a good idea to list the pros and cons of the new place you are moving to, for instance, Northern Virginia. And you should figure out what can you actually do in Northern Virginia as a new resident in advance. Well, Northern Virginia is definitely the perfect choice if you are a nature lover. Also, it is a city perfect for both technology and history enthusiasts.

The road with the sign saying Welcome To Virginia
Figure out what can you do in Northern Virginia as a new resident before the move.

Entertainment, culture, and education, everything in one place, perfectly packed together. The economy here is solid enough. If you are moving with children you should know that the choice of colleges and universities here is excellent and diverse. If you are a history and culture fanatic, you will also be surprised. Keep in mind one more important fact. Virginia is one of the safest states in the United States. It has a very low crime rate. And this should also be an important factor when moving somewhere.

The health care system is definitely highly ranked, so there are no worries here either. Also, when it comes to the weather, all four seasons here are perfect. It is neither too warm nor too cold. Something in between and it is enjoyable both in summer and winter. But when relocating somewhere, you should also consider the cons of the place. For instance, traffic in North Virginia can be terrible due to the big population of over 3 million residents. Also, it is home to four nuclear power plants. Many people don’t mind this fact, but maybe you will. And of course, the most unpleasing fact is that the tax rates are definitely very high.

What can you do in Northern Virginia as a new resident?

Another thing which should be principal to consider is the job opportunities and what exactly can you do in Northern Virginia as a new resident. Well, not everything is for everyone so you should do good research. It’s a fact that a quarter of residents in Virginia are working in the government. But anyway, this doesn’t mean it is the only thing to find. The job market in Northern Virginia has much more to offer in fact. Virginia was ranked first for business. Their solid economy is well balanced with a diverse income. It is one of the leading places when it comes to tobacco, peanut farming, military installations, and shipbuilding and its economy depends on it. The job market in Northern Virginia is diverse and various, so you can expect to find anything you like. Especially things related to technology.

Aerial view of a nice neighborhood.
Choose your neighborhood carefully! You will live there for a longer time!

How can you move there?

The important step of every relocation is the moving itself. Moving can definitely be a stressful process and time taking. If you make one mistake on the way, everything can be a disaster. That’s why you need to plan perfectly everything in advance. The sooner you start, the better your move will be. It takes time to develop a perfect plan and to find residential onsite storage containers, for instance. There are lots of things to consider and get done, so you better start immediately.

Firstly, you will have to find the proper moving company. For sure someone who is both affordable and reliable. Also, it is preferable to find portable storage Northern Virginia movers are offering because you will need it, for sure. Most likely, your movers will propose this offer to you. Anyways, you should know exactly your budget and how much can you put aside only for the relocation. That’s how you will find the suiting movers for your needs.

When it comes to packing, you can actually save some money here. Instead of using the packing services, your movers might offer you, you can do it on your own. Find some moving boxes Northern Virginia movers will offer to you and start packing. Carefully wrap each item and put it in the box. The air around you can fill in with the scrunched newspaper or styrofoam balls to prevent damage or breakage. Be sure to duck tape all the boxes and label them so you make the unpacking much easier. After this step, your movers will relocate all your belongings to your new home. 

Some hobbies you can do in Northern Virginia as a new resident

If you are worried that you will be bored in the free time, don’t be! As written before, Northern Virginia is a diverse city with different opportunities. You can explore the city and areas nearby, you can become a photographer and other different things. Some of the most interesting attractions are:

  • Virginia Beach 
  • Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • Inner Harbour and Historic Ships
  • Botanical Garden od Lewis Ginter

Don’t think this is all. There are many, many various attractions to visit and nature that is waiting for you to explore. Photography might just be your new thing. Maybe even you can consider writing in your free time and nature around the city. You will find a lot of activities and hobbies to at least try. So relax, your free time will be fulfilled too!

A girl holding a DSLR camera in the woods taking pictures.
Photography is an amazing hobby to have in Northern Virginia.

Still not sure?

Just to be even more sure, find online some useful information and guide for Northern Virginia. Stay calm and don’t panic. You will fit in and you will find yourself there. You can try out new things and enjoy your life even more than ever before! So pack your things and get going!

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