Where is the Best Place to Buy Waterfront Property in Northern VA?

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Northern Virginia is home to many great waterfront communities you’ll love. Not only are these communities a great place to move to, but they also offer a great lifestyle to whoever moves there. That’s why it can be hard to find the single best place to buy waterfront property in Northern VA! Indeed, there’s more than a single place, which is why you’re going to find a perfect match for yourself. Here at Zippy Shell Northern Virginia, we know how hard it can be to navigate through the moving process. That’s why this list of some of the best waterfront properties in Virginia will help you make up your mind. People often forget that perhaps the hardest thing about moving is finding where to move to!

Lake Brittle is one of the top-notch communities in Northern VA

Even though there are a lot of great options, Lake Brittle does come close to being the best waterfront property! Its crystal-clear waters are just amazing, and you’ll enjoy having your waterfront property right there. It is surrounded by lovely homes and rich nature, making it a popular site for boating and other water activities. However, it does come on the pricier side of VA communities. You can expect to find houses in the area for around $500,000. Even though this is way less than what you might experience in other parts of Virginia, it’s definitely not a small amount. You do get your money’s worth, though! The area around the lake is surrounded by everything you may need. There are lots of shops, restaurants, markets, and cultural institutions for you to enjoy.

City benches next to a body of water, symbolzing what it looks like to get best place to buy waterfront property in northern VA.
Finding waterfront property in Northern VA isn’t going to be hard!

Lake Brittle is also a great location for those who need to commute to nearby areas like Washington, DC, and Arlington because of its proximity to major highways. Overall, it’s an ideal location for a riverfront property in Northern Virginia. If you want to have a property with a great waterfront and be able to easily travel around the US, then this is the place for you. Moreover, thanks to the great services offered by residential movers in Northern VA, moving to the area is going to be a seamless experience! Using a moving company to relocate will allow you to focus on finding the best waterfront properties while the company deals with the rest.

Falls Church combines urban life and natural beauty

Another great community that’s also close to DC is Falls Church. It offers a perfect combination of urban life and natural beauty. If you’re looking for both, then this is the place for you. Many places force you to choose what you want to prioritize, but not here! One of the biggest attractions is its diversity: from stunning waterfront homes to quaint cottages. That ensures that there is something for everyone who wants to relocate to the area. You’re going to be able to find property for around $600,000, according to RedFIn. Considering everything, that’s a fair price compared to what you will get.

Thanks to the fact that the place is so close to DC, many great moving companies are operating in the area. You will be able to find excellent services for your relocation to Falls Church. For example, many people like to book storage units Falls Church VA offers in the area. Storage units are a great tool to help you relocate, as you can move your belongings to a safe location. The area is popular with residential and commercial movers alike, and you can’t go wrong if you choose it. Moreover, if you’re into arts and culture, you’ll really like it here. Falls Church is famous for its vibrant art scene, with many exhibitions in the area.

A lake house is the best place to buy waterfront property in Northern VA
Falls Church is one of the best options when it comes to finding great waterfront properties in the area.

Arlington is a big city with many waterfront properties

Arlington is definitely bigger than some other options on this list. With over 230,000 residents, it can be a great choice for those who want to experience a more urban lifestyle while still being able to get waterfront property. And that’s something that’s definitely not lacking in the area! Arlington’s many waterfront residences are one of its most appealing features. There is something for every taste and budget, from beautiful waterfront mansions to smaller houses. There are numerous lakes and rivers in the vicinity, including the Potomac River, which provides various recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, and swimming.

Who is moving to Arlington?

A lot of people relocate to the area because of these reasons, but that’s not all! For example, you can expect the average salary in Arlington to be around $85,000. Considering its location and housing prices, that’s a pretty fair amount! Many young professionals and families are relocating to the area. This has created an influx of people, spurring even more economic growth. If this sounds good to you, make sure to hire movers, get storage Arlington VA offers, and relocate to the area! You will enjoy it here.

A family standing in front of their home smiling
Many people are moving to Arlington, especially younger families and people looking for work opportunities.

Ashburn is great for those working in DC

Those who live in Ashburn, VA, and work in Washington, DC, have a commute time of less than an hour by automobile and slightly more than an hour and a half by metro. However, in 2020, the Silver Line Metro Station will connect Ashburn to DC, greatly reducing travel times and making it easier to get in and out of the city. Job possibilities and closeness to Washington, D.C., lure individuals to Ashburn, but the community is what keeps them. That’s why this can be a great place to buy waterfront property in Northern VA. If you opt for a small and charming home, you can rent storage units Ashburn VA offers and put all your excess stuff there. This way, you will avoid clutter and fully enjoy the beauty of your waterfront home.

The city also offers a number of upscale neighborhoods, many of which are also great for waterfront views and access. Even though in December 2022, Ashburn home prices were up 4.3% from the previous year, the median price is still great at around $610K. If you compare that to the average salary of $97,000, you’ll quickly see why it can pay off to move to the area.

A couple spending time at a waterfront looking in the distance
Ashburn may truly be the best place to buy waterfront property in Northern VA.

What’s it like to live in Ashburn

There are many great things you can do once you relocate to the area. Ashburn experiences humid heat and harsh winters, although the water keeps the summers pleasant. Lows in the winter are around 23 degrees Fahrenheit, and highs in the summer are around 87 degrees Fahrenheit. When planning your day, you may want to try out the excellent pizzas at Matchbox or some steaks at D.C. Prime Steaks. Both places are quite popular and are a secret cherished by locals. There are also great educational institutions and jobs in the area, so it’s a great place overall.

Alexandria offers many waterfront homes

As another city located super close to DC, it can be a bit expensive to live here. However, it’s definitely the right choice for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle with great waterfront property options in Northern VA. The median home price is around $519,000, which is higher than the state average of $335,000. In the city of Alexandria, studio apartments cost around $1,665 per month, and one or two bedrooms cost between $1,700 and $2,560. But it’s possibly the best place to buy waterfront property in Northern VA.

Where to live in Alexandria?

Consider some of the following neighborhoods:

  • Old Town: Alexandria’s historic core, famed for its charming cobblestone streets, 18th and 19th-century architecture, and waterfront parks and promenades. Many of the homes in this neighborhood feature views of or are within walking distance of the Potomac River, making for excellent waterfront scenes.
  • Del Ray: Del Ray is a lovely neighborhood immediately south of Old Town. It has a mix of antique and modern construction residences, with many having waterfront views of the Potomac River or Hunting Creek.
  • King Street is a busy commercial street that passes through Old Town. Many of the properties in this neighborhood are townhouses or condos with views of the Potomac River or Hunting Creek.
  • The Potomac Yard: Potomac Yard is a newer neighborhood next to the Braddock Road Metro Station. It combines townhomes and condos with some Potomac River waterfront views. It can surely be described as potentially the best place to buy waterfront property in Northern VA
  • Carlyle: Located in the eastern portion of Alexandria, Carlyle provides magnificent waterfront condominiums and townhouses with Potomac River views.

Once you decide where to move, make sure to hire a great moving team that can provide you with not only moving services but also storage units in Alexandria VA. You never know if you will be able to move into your new home immediately.

A family cooking together in the best place to buy waterfront property in Northern VA
Alexandria has various neighborhoods with waterfront views.

Tysons Corner is a vibrant, young, and diverse community

Tysons is an extremely varied community, with a 51.9% white population, 10.2% Hispanic residents, 4.4% Black or African American citizens, 27.7% Asian residents, and 5.9% residents of mixed or other Races. It is a very young neighborhood, with a median age of 35.7 years. For those who want to relocate to a young, relatively small, and diverse community, this can be a great opportunity. Another great thing is that it’s close to Arlington and DC. For example, if you liked Arlington, but something was off – then Tysons might be just the right thing you needed. As with other communities, great Northern VA moving and storage Tysons Corner companies are ready to assist you with your relocation to the area.  And as you can see, there are many great reasons why you might want to do that!

Tysons Corner is definitely not a traditional area you look for waterfront properties in. But that can be its big advantage, too! The Ritz-Carlton Residences Tysons Corner and The Boro Tysons are two complexes in Tysons Corner, VA, that offer premium residences with riverfront views of the Potomac River. Boro Tysons neighborhood offers great waterfront housing options too! These neighborhoods attract many young professionals and families. Due to the constant influx of people, it is believed that this place will expand in the next few years.

A group of friends looking at the tablet
If you are looking for a place with many young people, Tysons is perfect for you!

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In conclusion, Northern Virginia is home to many great waterfront communities with different options to choose from based on one’s lifestyle preference. Lake Brittle offers stunning waterfront views and a convenient location for commuting to nearby cities. Falls Church offers a combination of urban life and natural beauty with a vibrant art scene. Arlington provides an urban lifestyle with various waterfront properties and a growing economy. Ashburn offers a short commute to Washington, D.C., and a great community atmosphere. Alexandria has many different neighborhoods that offer waterfront views. Tysons Corner has a young and lively community.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from! To make it easier to decide, you can visit some of these places and see which one is the best for you. You will get to walk around and imagine yourself living there. Also, you will be able to check out the neighborhoods and see where you want your future homo to be. Regardless of the location chosen, the use of professional movers and storage units will ensure a smooth moving process. You can contact us, one of the best long distance moving companies in Northern VA when you are ready to move to the best place to buy waterfront property in Northern VA, and we will move you there in no time!








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