Which businesses use self-storage solutions?

Storage preparationApril 29, 2021

Many people perceive storage as something only useful for private needs. However, the reality is – plenty of businesses use self-storage solutions in a variety of ways. And that’s precisely why we’ve decided to showcase some of the most well-known and interesting types of businesses that incorporate storage units into their daily functioning!

Online sellers

When you ask a storage company which businesses use self-storage solutions the most, you’re likely to get different responses based on your location. However, Zippy Shell Northern Virginia will tell you – it’s online retailers that make the most out of their storage units. In days of yore, it used to be only eBay sellers; today, you can find plenty of people who make selling things online across a huge variety of platforms.

And while a majority of these individual online sellers handle volumes small enough to be stored in their homes; it’s just not the ideal solution. If you keep all of the stuff you’re selling at home, you’ve got an incredibly messy household. And on the other hand, self-storage solutions provide enough flexibility to be a viable alternative. Seeing as online sellers rarely have a consistent number of items for long; it’s good to be able to downsize a storage unit during slower business periods. On the other hand, you can scale back up when business is booming. 

Construction firms

Sure, you’ll find plenty of online sellers looking for storage Silver Spring MD offers; but what about bigger businesses – do some of the more serious businesses use self-storage solutions as well? Yes, you’ll see plenty of construction companies using self-storage to acquire additional room for the secure storage of their materials and tools. For instance, electrician companies regularly rent storage units for specific long-term clients, once they sign a multi-year deal. Though, such contractors often look for storage solutions that allow 24/7 access, seeing as they frequently respond to urgent calls.

A contractor with a tool belt.
Contractors always need more storage space for their tools!

Street food vendors

These days, there’s practically no urban area where street food isn’t becoming extremely popular. You’ll find the street corners of practically every major city just steaming with awesome aromas stemming from around the globe. In such a situation, though; food stall managers and owners need a place to keep their food stalls and even trailers when they’re off the clock.

That’s why street food vendors regularly look for storage units Ashburn VA offers. And paying rent for an entire facility that you’d use as a base for your street food business would simply be too expensive; especially in bigger metropolitan areas. One of the best things about running and owning a mobile kitchen is the immense level of flexibility; which is why self-storage solutions are perfect for this type of business!

Seasonal work

There are plenty of companies whose revenue is specifically tied to particular times of the year; as you might assume, fireworks retailers do most of their work around the 4th of July. And the situation is similar for companies that sell merchandise related to Christmas or Mother’s Day. As a result, these companies need a secure place where they will store their wares when they’re not selling them – making them one of the many businesses that use self-storage solutions. 


Being a tinkerer and mechanic that knows how to fix stuff is definitely a great skill to have; it can even be an actual job. However, if you don’t have the money to rent out commercial space for an entire shop, you may find that doing this sort of work from home is practically impossible. You need a lot of free space to properly operate; not to mention the room you need for all of the necessary tools and various tiny parts. Storing all of this stuff in your home will definitely be awkward – and depending from the amount of space you have, potentially impossible. That’s why a storage unit is the perfect middle ground between working from your home and renting out a shop; it’s affordable, scalable, and you’ll have all of the room you’ll ever need. 

Vintage furniture

Plenty of people make a living selling all sorts of things. However, some of them require more specific storage conditions than others. For instance, you don’t exactly want to keep your vintage furniture in your basement or garage; the humidity levels there can easily lead to the furniture being ruined beyond repair and losing a lot of its value. And that’s why plenty of sellers of vintage furniture pieces have their own self-storage units which allow them to keep their furniture in a safer and more secure environment. Naturally, renting a warehouse floor would provide you with all of the space you ever need; but that’s often just not feasible, seeing as a space of this size can be prohibitively expensive. If you want to grow a smaller furniture selling business into a genuine store one day – starting with a storage unit is perfectly acceptable! 

White vintage furniture with a stereo and family pictures on it.
If you intend on selling vintage furniture, finding a place to keep it in the meantime is a necessity!


Many fledgling photography businesses don’t have the revenue for a genuine photo development studio in the beginning; which is why finding a secluded and light-sensitive space for your craft can be difficult. However, many professional photographers soon realize that businesses use self-storage solutions for precisely such situations.

An analog camera next to a plant on a wooden surface, representing what businesses use self-storage solutions.
Photographers need a secluded place for proper development!

And a storage unit can certainly turn out to be a great setting for video and photo editing and production; as long as you make the right adjustments. Of course, you first need to make sure that the specific storage facility that you’re talking to has a policy that allows such actions. 

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