Who should you notify before office relocation

Moving day tipsSeptember 15, 2021

Relocation, on its own, is a daunting task to embark on. However, moving an office is much harder. Firstly, because you have a business at stake and everything has to be done perfectly. Secondly, moving an office can be much more overwhelming. Now, because you have a business at stake, you want to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. As there are many “bigger” tasks to complete when moving, people often forget the small ones. These small tasks, like people you should notify before office relocation, can often become overlooked. Well, our job today is to help you understand the importance of it. Furthermore, notifying people about your relocation has to be done prior to calling Northern Virginia movers. As soon as you let everyone know about the move, call the moving company afterward and schedule your relocation.

Who to notify before office relocation to ensure you do not have downtime

As we were saying, moving an office is much more stressful than moving your household. The main reason for that is having to suffer from downtime if things are not done properly. Later, this downtime will create serious issues for the future of your company. Namely, downtime is a period in which the company servers or networks do not work. This means that the business, as a whole, is severely handicapped by it. When moving an office, you want to ensure that you minimize the downtime period as much as possible.

a woman talking with people so she can notify before office relocation
Make sure you stay in touch with all the people, companies, and institutions that your company/office depends on

Granted, sometimes you cannot simply speed up the relocation process. However, you can notify everyone important about the relocation and settle the issue. By letting people know that you are moving, you will be able to buy more time for your company. But, what people should you let know about it? That is what we will help you with.

Clients or customers

The first people you want to notify about the office move are your clients and customers. Remember, these people are the backbone of your business. Their involvement in the business itself, as well as the products or services you provide, helps your business and brand grow. Therefore, without your customers or clients, you would not have a business. Moreover, customers are the main source of income. Without their loyalty, your business will have a much harder time. So, if you are planning on moving an office, make sure you return the favor and let your customers know that you are moving your office. The main reasons to do so, are:

  • Customers can help you prevent greater financial losses in the future
  • By letting them know, customers will patiently wait for the relocation to end
  • Customers will appreciate the honesty from your company

Notify your partners

The next people you want to notify before office relocation are your company partners. The list can go from logistics partners to manufacturing partners, etc. Basically, make sure that people you depend on, and vice-versa, know that you are moving your company. This way, both parties can avoid losing clients due to miscommunication. For example, if you are selling items online and use a partner to deliver them. A partner that does not know about the relocation might lose both time and money to try and deliver items that are not even there.

a man in a white shirt laughing while looking at the computer screen in his office
It is of utmost importance that all of your partners know about the relocation you are planning

By hiring commercial movers in Northern VA you will ensure that the relocation of your office goes as fast and smooth as possible. However, you need to make sure that each of your partners is aware of this relocation. Furthermore, you want to ensure that you communicate with them on a proper level during this period.

Insurance companies and banks are a must to notify before office relocation

Now, notifying banks and insurance companies might take some time. You will need to change the company address on company checks and notify credit card companies about the address change. Furthermore, you want to do this with any other financial institution or service provider. Moreover, if you want to change the bank or transfer business accounts, you will have to communicate with bank representatives and see what the best solution is before you move your office. On the other hand, insurance companies need the notification in advance so they can assess your new working space. More importantly, you can talk with your insurance agency or company about the relocation insurance. This will help you protect all of the items you are moving. So, if you are moving your business to Sterling VA, for example, make sure you put insurance on your items.

Service providers and vendors are also someone you should notify

If you are selling your products to vendors or provide services to such, you should let them know. These people are the mediator for your company and are the face of it. Therefore, they should be the ones that know about the relocation so they can adapt. Moreover, if you are about to move your company, make sure that you let your vendors know in advance. That way, they can “set the terrain” for the relocation and minimize losses.

two women in coats talking outside of a building
If you are selling your products via the middle man, make sure you let them know about what you are planning

Furthermore, any companies that provide services to you should also be aware of this relocation. Companies like ISP (Internet Service Provider) or any company that provides services based on your address should know about the move. So, as you contact moving services Northern VA, make sure you contact each party that is involved in your business.

The main goal is to prevent downtime as much as possible

The more downtime your company has, the more losses it will generate. Therefore, aiming to notify before office relocation reduces the chances of downtime prolonging. Namely, the more people are aware of the relocation process you go through, the more understanding they will be. More importantly, each company or person involved in the process will know about the move and “soften the blow” on their end. This way, with proper communication, you will be able to move your office without any issues.

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