Why is important to have storage near your home

If you are thinking of renting a storage unit, next to the price it is important to have a good location for your storage unit. It is in every way more convenient to rent storage near your home. In that way, you will avoid long drives in case you want to quickly take or leave something in your storage unit. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV will tell you the advantage of having storage near your home.

Why should you have a storage unit near your home?

There are many reasons why people need storage units. You no longer have enough space in your home or you simply have too many things. Then pod storage Northern VA is the best solution for you. With storage near your home, it’s not that hard. Here you can safely store your belongings for as long as you want. If you are selling your home or apartment, to make the best possible impression on potential buyers, declutter your home before you sell.

Storage near your home
Clearing out useless items and putting them in storage will make the rooms look a lot bigger right away.

Storage near your home during a renovation

Renovation work at home can quickly end up in chaos. Why not make it easy on yourself and store some of your furniture and possessions to have enough space when renovating. Renting storage near your home is convenient when renovating for many reasons. Your furniture and other possessions are safe and protected from damage. Your craftsmen have more space and can work more efficiently. You yourself can better go about your daily routine and are not surrounded by pieces of furniture and moving boxes that had to be moved out of the way. Renovation work is easier because your furniture does not have to be moved or covered. You can even take the opportunity to go through and declutter your things. If the renovation work is delayed, you can temporarily store ordered electrical appliances or furniture in residential onsite storage containers.

Don’t pack boxes too heavy

It is always recommended a maximum weight per carton of 40 Ibs. After all, you must or want to stack the boxes on top of each other. Not even a warehouse worker can manage more than 40 lbs. Therefore, a practical tip is to distribute heavy objects among different boxes. Even if this does not necessarily fit together “thematically”, the weight advantage per individual carton weighs more heavily. In any case, if you want to stack higher than 5 feet, you will need a ladder or step stool. So that you do not have to carry the climbing aid every time, leave a ladder there and never climb on top of a moving box. Serious injuries can occur if you fall. Do not forget to label your boxes.

Woman carrying boxes
Rent storage near your home to ease your relocation or renovation.

Renting a storage unit can be beneficial for many reasons. It is most important to find safe and favorable storage where you don’t need to think if your valuable belongings are safe. In the end contract packing services Northern VA to help you pack and store your belongings.

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