Zippy Shell storage units size guide: how to decide which one you need

Storage preparationSeptember 11, 2022

People opt to rent a storage unit because it can be convenient. By renting some storage space you can easily avoid decluttering or having to opt between keeping and throwing some of the possessions that are dear to you. Also, your stuff will be very safe in storage, so you won’t have to worry about it being stolen. Sometimes, it’s safer to keep your things in a storage unit than at home. However, storage units can vary in size and purpose. So, let us help you choose the perfect storage unit for you with this Zippy Shell storage units size guide. With this guide, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV will help you choose the right unit and make a decision that will make your relocation much easier.

The size difference in Zippy Shell storage units size guide

The smallest option to choose is small self-storage units. Their size usually goes from 5’x5’ to 5’x10’, and it’s convenient for people who want to store a few boxes, some small furniture, or content from a room they want to free up. You can take it all and put it in a small storage unit. People like to rent this type of storage because it doesn’t cost a lot. You can get one at a really low price, and it might come in handy at any time. That’s why a lot of people like to rent them “just in case”, even if they don’t have a lot of stuff they would store.

A bicycle next to a white wall
Small-size storage units are great for storing stuff you use only once a week or once a month.

There are medium self-storage units

The famous term “golden middle” exists for a reason. If you aren’t sure that all of your stuff will fit in a small storage unit, you should opt for a bigger one. It isn’t too big, and it will be just right. The size of these storage units is about 5’x15’ or in some cases 10’x10’. They are great if you want to store an apartment like a single bedroom or even a two-bedroom apartment. You might be storing your stuff only while your house is being remodeled, or your storage is temporary while you move apartments, but we will always have you covered.

The big and portable storage

So, the biggest size is the big storage unit size. It is somewhere between 10’x15’ and 10’x25’ in size, and people can store a lot of stuff there. From a big two-bedroom apartment to a small store or workshop, you can store there whatever you want, and it will safely be waiting for you. People tend to avoid getting a bigger storage unit because it seems like they don’t need it. However, with time they realize that their stuff won’t fit in small or medium storage so they have to rent another storage unit next to it.

That’s why it’s good to contact us beforehand and ask for a recommendation. While most storage units are buildings, there is a way to have portable storage Northern VA as well. It will arrive at your address and stay there as long as you need it. Once you’ve loaded your possessions, the storage unit can stay at your place or go back to the storage facility.

A man is labeling boxes and moving with the help of Zippy Shell storage units size guide
A good tip from the Zippy Shell storage units size guide is to count all your boxes before deciding what kind of storage unit you need.

How to choose a storage unit using the Zippy Shell storage units size guide

It’s good to know all the sizes of storage units. That way you’ll know your choices. It’s also really good to know what you need. You should make sure you’ve thought this through so you can choose according to how many items you have to store. Here are a few useful tips on how to do it: Firstly, start by making a list of all the things you want to store. It might seem strange, but if you decide to create a checklist you will both save time and reduce the chances of missing something. Make a quick list of all the stuff you plan to store, whether it’s appliances, furniture, awkwardly shaped items that need special packing, or even some valuables like pottery or paintings. Once you have a list, you’ll be able to have better control of the situation.

Make a rough estimation of how many boxes you have

Once you have used packing services, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of how many boxes you have. Count them and classify them. Maybe you have a lot of medium boxes and only a few large ones. Maybe you have a lot of small boxes and a lot of large ones. Whatever the case, make sure you know the number of boxes you have or need. That way, you’ll be in a very good position when choosing a storage unit using the Zippy Shell storage units size guide since you’ll know what size of unit you need.

Use onsite storage

If you don’t know what size of storage you need or aren’t able to create lists, you can opt for some of the onsite storage Northern Virginia has to offer. That way a storage unit will be brought to your door, and you can put things inside by yourself. No need for lists or any preparation.

A person using clay and making some pottery
Pottery can be sensitive to high temperatures. That’s why it would be smart to get climate-controlled storage.

You can choose between a variety of storage units

Not all storage units are the same, and we aren’t just talking about the size. There is a variety of services you can choose from. Maybe you want a simple storage unit where you can put your boxes. Maybe you have some fragile items that need to be protected from high temperatures. Your choice depends on what you need, and we will help you learn what choices you have when opting for a storage unit with the Zippy Shell storage units size guide.

Residential and commercial storage -the most commonly used options in the Zippy Shell storage units size guide

If your boxes are filled with just plain items like clothes or toys and don’t need special conditions, this is the right type of storage for you. Most people pick this one. You will get a lot of storage if you pick residential onsite storage containers as a place to keep your belongings. A lot of space and cheap prices is the best deal you can get.

We live in an age when most businesses can easily go digital. You can get rid of everything that can be transformed into digital form. However, even though going digital is a great thing, you will still need to keep old paperwork somewhere. If any of the government services visit you, they will want to see old documents as well. You might opt to partner with another company. In that case, they will also probably ask for older papers. So, the best thing to do is to opt for some nice commercial storage in Northern Virginia and keep your items safe. Once you have good storage, your documents will be safe from harm for as long as needed.

Climate-controlled storage might come in handy

If you have a lot of valuable items that are very temperature sensitive, you should get climate controlled storage Northern Virginia has to offer. That way your precious items will be protected from any damage like melting or mold. So, if you don’t want to risk damaging some of your items that have a high emotional and material value, you should get a storage unit with climate control. That way, your things will be safe no matter what. Here are some items that might require climate-controlled storage:

  • Some types of pottery are very fragile to any kind of heat, especially if they were made from a certain type of clay.
  • High temperatures can also damage paintings. There might be some oil color paintings, and if the air in the storage unit reaches very high temperatures, the paint will become liquid again.
  • Make sure your documents are also safe. A lot of important documents have print and ink on them. High temperatures can damage both print and ink.
Three soldiers posing for a picture
North Virginia is home to a lot of military bases. Therefore, most movers in Virginia offer military storage services.

Military storage is sought after in Northern Virginia

The average American moves once every five years. However, it’s a different story with the military. Military personnel moves far more frequently, sometimes even twice a year. Also, Northern Virginia is home to a big number of military bases. For that reason, many military personnel move here and from here every year. That’s why we have some of the best military storage in Northern Virginia, just for members of the military. From price to size, everything is adapted to be suitable for people who have to move so often.

Student storage is cheap so it’s affordable for young people who are just starting out

College life is far from easy. We all know how hard it can get at times. Students are known as people who don’t have too much money, and we understand it. We decided to put this into consideration when making sure to create student storage in Northern Virginia that will be affordable and we adapted our prices so students can also have access to our services. Maybe you are moving from your home into a dorm. Dorms are often much smaller than the average rooms young people live in when they are home.

So, once the relocation begins, people realize they won’t be able to fit everything in their dorm. That’s why it can come in handy to have storage. You can put your bicycle in there, some of your boxes that aren’t too important to keep in your dorm, and you can have access to all of this whenever you need it. Many students are moving from their dorms into flats and often, there is a period between them moving out of their dorms and moving into their new apartments. So, instead of returning all of your possessions home, you can leave them in storage. It will wait there for you once you come back, whether that is a few weeks or a few months.

Students moving with the help of Zippy Shell storage units size guide
Students relocate quite often, so having storage can come in handy for them.

How does our storage process work?

A lot of people hesitate to get a storage unit because they don’t know how to transport their stuff, how long they can keep their belongings in storage, or if everything will be safe at our storage. Well, the Zippy Shell storage units size guide will explain that as well. We will come and get your things if you don’t have a way to transport them. Also, we don’t have a problem doing that even if you live close by, so don’t hesitate to call us. Our truck will come, pick everything up and carefully store it in a storage unit of your choosing. You shouldn’t worry about safety either. For us, the safety of your belongings is a priority, and that’s why your items are always safe in our storage units.

How to choose a good storage company with Zippy Shell storage unit size guide- conclusion

You can ask your friends for a recommendation. If they have relocated before, they probably have some experience they can share with you. Friends and family give the best advice since they are speaking from their own experience, whether it’s good or bad. However, some people don’t have the opportunity to ask friends or family for a recommendation. That’s why the Zippy Shell storage units size guide is here. There is one thing you can do to make sure you are opting for the right moving and storage company – check for reviews. If the company has lots of reviews, you can be sure they are a legit company. So, this one small tip should help you choose a company that can provide you with the best storage possible.

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