Zippy vs. PODS

As a reputable moving and storage company with years of experience behind us, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV has been continuously working on a single mission: making your relocation and storage process as simple, convenient, and stress-free as possible. This means that we have come up with some of the most efficient and practical storage solutions out there – our own Zippy Shell portable storage units being the more sensible solution over well-known PODS any day of the week. What makes our portable storage solutions stand out?

a storage container, representing zippy vs. pods
Choose the most efficient and convenient portable storage solution out there – Zippy Shell.

The numerous advantages of Zippy Shell portable storage units over PODS solutions

Have you had the opportunity to explore what our Zippy Shell storage units are all about? If you have, this means that you have probably come across more than one similar option – PODS included. What is it that sets our portable units apart from others?

1. Various sizes of Zippy Shell storage solutions

Needless to say, our customers have various storage necessities and requirements. This includes the need to store belongings different in sizes and shapes. We understand how challenging it can be to find a suitable storage unit, let alone for it to be a portable one. Unlike PODS, Zippy Shell offers different sizes of storage containers, which means you can find a perfect match for your needs, no matter the type of objects you wish to store.

  • Our smaller, 10 ft. container (7 ft. high, 7 ft. wide and 10 ft. long) has the capacity to hold one to two rooms.
  • The larger type of our portable storage unit is a 15 ft. container (7 ft. high, 7 ft. wide and 15 ft long) and inside of this unit you will be able to fit two to three rooms.

Whether you are moving across the country or simply need several days to renovate your apartment – park our storage unit in your driveway and fit your entire home inside!

Get the upper hand with us Traditional Self Storage
Get storage unit delivered to your door
You don’t have to rent a truck
The best cost to convenience ratio
No hidden costs of storage services
Have your items within a hand’s reach
Move your storage unit to a new location
Extra security with no public access
Loading and unloading option at your convenience
Professional packing services can be included
Choose between on-site and facility storage

2. Choose to hire our storage and moving specialists to give you a hand

Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV does so much more than provide a convenient storage option. By choosing us over any other storage container options, PODS included, you will also be able to choose from a wide array of moving and storage services:

So, whatever the reason for choosing Zippy Shell storage containers might be, we have many other features and services to offer as well. Contact our representative and we’ll make sure you are familiar with every type of service you might find useful. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV provides the helping hand you need.

a parked portable storage container
You do not have a driveway available? Our storage containers have wheels and license plates, so they can be parked in a regular parking spot.

3.  Do you live in a city? Opt for our portable storage units!

If you have a wide and spacious driveway available to have a PODS container at your disposal – it really is both wonderful and convenient. However, storing a container for days may prove to be somewhat complicated if you do not have a place for it. Is there a way to provide a portable storage unit to people who do not have a driveway available? Of course there is.

Choose Zippy Shell. Since our portable storage containers have both license plates and wheels, this means that all you need to have available is a parking spot. As simple as that!

Contact Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV

Among a plethora of portable storage container options out there including well-know solutions such as PODS, Zippy Shell is the most sensible of choices. Contact our company and find out how you can get your own Zippy Shell portable storage unit in your driveway or in front of your office building!

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