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When you are moving to Alexandria, Virginia, you will need a reliable company to help you with the process. There is a lot of work to do here – from planning out the logistics, packing up your items to transporting them to Alexandria. Furthermore, when you are moving, getting a storage unit is a must. You might need it to pack up your items or to keep them safe while you settle down. This is why getting the most secure storage Alexandria VA is a must! And when you need safe and secure storage, you need Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV! We are always happy to help you – all you need to do is just pick up your phone and call us today!

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Welcome to Alexandria, Virginia!

Get the finest moving services and the best storage Alexandria VA

Moving means having to deal with a lot of stress. In order to cope with all of this stress, you need a fine moving and storage company. With Zippy Shell, all your moving problems will be solved. We have been working in the Alexandria area for quite some time, so we have a lot of moving experience. Whether you are looking to remove the clutter in your home, packing help, or just moving, we will be there for you. Storage units Alexandria VA are made to contain many types of items of various shapes, sizes, quantities, and most importantly, materials. From antique items to casual furniture, we will find a place for everything you need. You deserve to feel secure in your choices and to have peace of mind knowing that your items are safely stored.  There isn’t a better place to store your items than in storage Alexandria VA!

What sets our storage units apart from others?

However, our self-storage units are something to brag about! They are durable and secure, and there is much more that makes them unique. We stand apart from other storage companies in Alexandria and our units offer even more:

  • Even though they are portable, we keep them indoors in our climate-controlled facility. This way, all your temperature-sensitive items will be safe from any harm, and you can rest at ease;
  • When we get our units to your door, you can feel free to park them without a permit. They are street-legal and easy to use;
  • Also, you should not worry about us damaging your driveway! Our containers have a weatherproof shell with rubber wheels to keep even the environment safe;
  • We will also deliver them right to your front step on the same day you contact us! The same applies to the pickup, so you can plan your relocation and storage easily and efficiently;
  • Of course, if you need it, then make sure you ask for our workers! They are highly professional and will be happy to load and unload your storage unit. Our storage units in Alexandria VA are of utmost quality and they will exceed your expectations!
storage alexandria va
If you’re looking for the perfect place where your items will be preserved, don’t look further than Storage Alexandria VA!

What sort of storage units do we offer?

Whether you’re moving locally or to another state, you will benefit greatly from the quality storage unit. Rent a storage unit to make your move considerably easier while giving you space and freedom to conduct the move without the spatial restrictions. We offer a plethora of storage options – this means that no matter what your situation is – we have an appropriate storage solution. Whether you need the last-minute storage space or you want to rent the space long-term, you can count on us to help you find the best fitting unit. 

Storage Alexandria VA

You can always count on us, regardless of your needs. We offer storage spaces of various features and sizes so we can offer just the space you need. If you have any questions regarding those storage types, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help you choose the best option for your needs, and tell you more about the payment plans that we provide. 

How do our self-storage units work?

So you might be asking how actually this all works. We have been talking about our storage services for a while now. We mentioned delivering them to your door and taking them away – but let’s make it even more clear. What we have are portable storage units that you can get right here in Alexandria! They are highly reliable yet easy to use, so they make a perfect choice for all moving and storage needs!

entrance into the yard
We will deposit a safe storage unit right on your driveway!

Storage units in Alexandria can also be placed right on your driveway for more convenient accessibility!

All you need to do is call us. Then, our delivery system brings a safe storage unit and delivers it to your driveway. This makes it amazingly easy to pack up a unit. You will not need to pack things in your car and drive them to the facility, and then do the same thing when unloading a unit. This saves you a lot of valuable time and resources. Best of all, you can pack up your unit at your own tempo by only taking a few easy steps. You will have three days to load the unit after we deliver it to you. And as we mentioned – if you need help, call us!

We come for the unit and take it to our safe facility. We keep it there as long as you need, and then we deliver it to your new Alexandria home – or the same one. So, whether you are moving or just renovating your home, you can use our services with ease! And whatever you are doing, you can focus on those tasks instead of worrying about your furniture. Meanwhile, all your stuff will be safe and sound!

Storage Alexandria in VA also offers climate-controlled storage

Our main goal is to provide you with safe storage spaces of various features, so you can store a wide variety of items in the city of Alexandria. With our climate-controlled space, you can now store sensitive, antique items. They require exact temperature and humidity conditions that can be perfectly set in our climate-controlled storage spaces. Keep in mind that this type of storage space is perfect for storing any type of item long-term. The constant conditions prevent the item deterioration and prolong their lifespan. When your items are in the safe and capable hands of our workers, and the relentlessly controlled climate, they are set out on a path to success. When you come to get them, even if months after, they will be in the perfect state that you left them in – that’s how storage units Alexandria VA will affect your items. If you’re looking for a storage company that delivers results time and time again – don’t look further than Zippy Shell Moving and Storage!

We also offer reliable moving services in Alexandria!

But it is not only safe storage Alexandria VA that we offer! Instead, we can also give you a hand with our moving services Northern VA, too! There is much that we can help you with. If you are moving within Alexandria, and need to work the logistics, we are the ones for you! And if you are moving to Alexandria from somewhere else in DMV, we can take care of it all! We can help you relocate both homes and offices, and you can bet that we offer the best services there are!

professional movers
Let us become a part of your moving experience – and make your Alexandria move easy!

Your Alexandria move will be easy with storage Units Alexandria VA!

We also have a variety of special moving services that you can use. All military personnel can use our military services, while families with elders can request reliable senior moving services. And as we mentioned, we can also help you pack for the move – both by offering packing help or amazing moving supplies.

Call us and make us a part of your Alexandria move or storage!

As you can see, there is no better storage in Alexandria than what we offer! We are here to solve all your moving and storage needs – whatever you need to move to Alexandria! We will make this process easy and stress-free, and make it fast as well! Your items will be stored in a space that will keep their features intact, so you can enjoy them properly once you get them out of the storage. That can be done only with the safe and regulated storage spaces that we offer in our storage Alexandria VA units. If you are looking for professionals of the highest degree, then there is no argument – pick up your phone and call us today!


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